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Reading and Comprehension worksheet


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Reading and comprehension worksheet. (2 pages)

Published in: Education
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Reading and Comprehension worksheet

  1. 1. SCHOOL _______________________________ Name: _______________ Surname: ________________ Class: _____ Date: __________________________________ Worksheet # _____ This is Alex…Alex Gordon. He is my best friend and I like him very much. He loves animals and he has got lots of pets. Last week he bought another turtle… Right now we are in the Science class… if you could see his face…! He is always taking notes about the animals’ behavior. I think he’s going to be a famous scientist or some kind of a special vet. He is 12 years old and we study in the same class. He always wakes up early in the morning – 7:00 o’clock. He has breakfast and he goes to school. At one o’clock he goes back home and eats lunch with his mother. During the afternoon he does his homework. Around four o’clock he always goes out with his two dogs and they run in the park, they play games and have real fun together. One hour later they go back home and Alex takes a long bath. Alex lives with his parents and his brother Gus. Gus also likes animals, but he prefers the calm ones: turtles and fish. The Gordons love animals… and those animals are so lucky to have them as a family! 1. __________________________ 2.__________________________ 3.__________________________ 4.__________________________ 5.__________________________ 6.__________________________ 1. He hasn’t got many pets. 2. He goes to school in the afternoon. 3. He has breakfast at school. 4. Alex’s is Amanda’s best friend. 5. Alex and Gus don’t like animals. 6. Alex lives with his grandparents.
  2. 2. Answer the following questions about the text. 1. Why has Alex got many pets? ____________________________________________________________ 2. Where are Alex and Amanda at the moment? ____________________________________________________________ 3. Are Amanda and Alex students in the same class? ____________________________________________________________ 4. What time does Alex wake up every day? ____________________________________________________________ 5. Where does he have breakfast? ____________________________________________________________ 6. When does he do his homework? ____________________________________________________________ 7. Where does he take his dogs in the afternoon? ____________________________________________________________ 8. Does Alex live with his grandparents? ____________________________________________________________ 9. Do the Gordons hate animals? ____________________________________________________________ Now, match the words in the columns and write Alex His brother His father His mother His teacher His friends cook speak French drive write behave run fast fluent slow hard careful good 4. ________________________ 5. ________________________ 6. ________________________ 1. Alex runs fast. 2. ________________________ 3. ________________________