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This work is done by the 10/3rd grade pupils

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  1. 1. Team-Work. THE INTERNET HAS BECOME PART OF US 10-3 form. Emma Kirakossyan Araik Asatryan Shahen Choloyan Karlen Arustamyan
  2. 2. So we are-in the 21st century. Thetechnology has grown up so fast that you canfind yourself talking to your friend in the USAwhen you are in Armenia or in the other endof the World or you can watch a movie thathas come out just the other day. The Internet is all around us andeverybody can access to it very easily. Wemean that the Internet has spread all over theEarth and it has become a very important partof our everyday life. It has changed our lives.But is the Internet a good or a bad thing? Hasit changed us for good or for bad?
  3. 3. Our team has tried to find out and discusssome things connected with the Internet:•the spheres of the usage of the Internet,•the Internet addiction,•the Internet and the teenagers,•how has the Internet changed the society,•its advantages and disadvantages,•and our conclusion(s).
  4. 4. • The spheres of the usage of the I n t e r n e t . The Internet is all around us: athomes, at schools, at offices, at busstops and simply on streets. TheInternet has developed so fast thatcompanies establish co-operationswith the help of the Internet from oneend of the World to the other. The spheres of the usage of theInternet are various. But we’ll try topresent you the main and importantspheres.
  5. 5. Marketing, business, shopping: companies co-operate with each other, businesses grow andpeople shop easily and freely. So the sphere of theeconomy is one of the most important spheresconnected with the Internet.The Internet contributes to companies. It works likethis: the company puts some commercials of itsproducts. People online see those ads and get toknow the new product. It’s a very easy and a veryfast way for companies or businessmen to advertisetheir products or services and to get customers.
  6. 6. Shopping has become a lot more easy than ithad been before the great development of theinternet. Now people can acquire all sorts of thingsthey want just by clicking on a few keys on theircomputers. For example, you want sneakers thatyou can’t find in the place you live. You search forthose sneakers on the Internet and purchase themand in some time you’ll be wearing those sneakers. So the Internet makes shopping easy and insome ways even profitable.
  7. 7. Education: the Interneteffects on studying andeducational researches. Asthe technology hasdeveloped along with theInternet education is widelyconnected with all sorts oftechnologies thus with theInternet. Pupils and studentssearch on the Internet thethings they need and mostlyfind them. This way ofstudying is very fast andcomfortable.
  8. 8. But there are a few thing that are worthworrying about.The health of the pupils: the users of the Internetmust follow the rules of working with it to behealthy.The problem of books: now that everything is in themedia, there’s a danger that books will be forgotten.We must try hard not to get lost in the world oftechnologies and forget the books.Because, anyway, you can’t feel the same when youread A BOOK and AN INET_BOOK. But we’re nottalking about tablets: they’re just like books andthey’re OK.
  9. 9. Culture: the Internet helps to spread new cultural achievements . With the help of social sites singers, songwriters, actors etc share their works and people get to know them. In this way artist get to be famous. And of course the culture of that country grows and develops.And so on…The Internet effects onmany spheres. And it alsoeffects on our lives.
  10. 10. •TheInternetaddiction.( )
  11. 11. OK. So here we are in the century of technologies where theInternet is widely spread and an immense quantity of technologicfacilities are freely available to everybody. When you get acomputer and an Internet access, you start surfing on the internet.Soon you find yourself having chat conversations with your friendson social sites. You get attracted with those things and startspending quite a lot of time in front of the computer.And then you notice that you are spending your day in front of thecomputer and in the Internet. You can’t take yourself off theInternet. Your schedule is in a mess. You forget about everythingand start living with that dead piece of metal and that great web ofabstract. Guess you’ve what is called AN INTERNET ADDICTION.
  12. 12. The Internet addiction can be easily compared with the alcohol addiction or with the drug addiction. People addicted to drugs use drugs toget satisfied. People addicted to alcohol usealcohol to satisfy themselves. Just like this thepeople addicted to the Internet use theInternet to satisfy their needs. All kinds of addictions are like illnesses and so is the addiction to the Internet. The Internet is a good thing only if it’s used right and aptly. So we must use the Internet correctly and appropriately. Everybody can get addicted to the Internet: little children, teenagers, adults…
  13. 13. Children also can be addicted to Internet.It’s a very bad thing and it can effect badly ontheir health and further life. So children mustuse the Internet appropriate and temperate. Parents should be attentive and they should hold control over their children for them not to get addicted to the Internet.
  14. 14. So be attentive andconsistent and don’t getaddicted to that dead piece ofmetal and that great web ofabstract. Nowadays it’s too easy toget addicted to the Internet asit surrounds us everywhere. Funny pictures, huh?! But think that some people have exactly this kind of look…
  15. 15. •”THE INTERNET AND TEENAGERS”.Teenagers… Guess the Internet effects mostly onthis range. The Internet is majorly used by teenagers. They sign up in different social sites and do all sorts of things there: communicate, play games, post various things, play music, make friends and so on. Teenagers use the Internet for education, too. For teenagers the Internet is also a thing
  16. 16. Sure all those things are good and teenagers may use the Internet for such kind of purposes. But as far as we allknow you can find ALLsorts of things in theInternet. We’re talkingabout things likepornography, violence, things that are not good!This is a very big problem. The specialists of theInternet must be consistent to make those thingslocked for teenagers and children! Becauseteenagers grow morally and spiritually at that ageand they are like more to say open for variousthings. Parents also must be attentive and theymust control the access to the Internet.
  17. 17. .
  18. 18. Now that we talked about cyber-generation, lets discuss •how has the Interned changed the society. We live in the era of newtechnologies and the world-wide-webwhere we’re surrounded with thosecyber-materials and wireless connectionsand all sorts of things like those. Nodoubt we’re changing. No doubt theInternet has changed us. But lets find outhow it has changed us.
  19. 19. The Internet haschanged the society bothfor good and for bad. The good change is thateverything is much morecomfortable now: peoplecommunicate fast and easilyeven from one end of the worldto the other, people socializeand share their gains andother people get to estimatethem. The Internet unites theindividuals that have the sameworldview and helps them tomanifest themselves or maybe
  20. 20. The bad changes are probably these:●there are many stalkers,●there are many fake profiles onsocial sites that are dangerous,●there are many deceits,●ETC We must be carefulwhile surfing on theInternet not to gethacked. We must beattentive while sharingour information onsocial sites not to getstalked and cheated.
  21. 21. Social network is a goodthing only when it’s used in a rightway. Users must be attentive totheir privacy settings and not shareprivate information with peoplethey’ve never met. But altogether the socialnetwork is a very good thing and itmakes communication easy andcomfortable.
  22. 22. ●The advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. As the Internet has become a part of us let’s discuss its advantages and disadvantages. We won’t discuss at length.The advantages:●it provides a fast an easy communication,●it makes a lot of things more easy then they were,●it provides spaces for gifted and clever people,etc The main advantages are the quickness, the convenience and the great base.
  23. 23. The disadvantages:●stalking, cheating,hacking etc.,●misinformation,●great risks(especially for theteens),Etc The main disadvantages are the disproportionate allocation and cheating.
  24. 24. . The Internet HASbecome a part of us. Ittouches us every day forgood and for bad. TheInternet is a great power thathas changed the world and isstill changing it. It has it’sadvantages and itsdisadvantages but as it hasbecome a part of us we mustdo our best to make it betterand better and realize thatit’s a great heritage for thenext generation.
  25. 25. There aremillions of sites beingopened each day andmillion users visitmillion sites each day.We have tounderstand whatwe’re doing andwe’ve to try to changeour lives for the best.
  26. 26. The Internet surely So the good effects are:has effected and time-saving, thecontinues to effect on us. development of technologiesThat effects are both that make our everyday lifegood and bad. We’ve easier, in some ways thealready talked about how development of humanthe Internet has changed brain, socialthe society. networking, etc.
  27. 27. The bad effects of the Internet are probably the Internet addiction, the growth of various cheatings, free spaces for adulterators etc.Goodeffects. SoCiAl NetWORkIng…
  28. 28. The most visited and the mostrated sites in the World(this isour opinion).1. Google.com2. Youtube.com3. Facebook.com4. Twitter.com5. Ebay.com6. Amazon.com7. Wikipedia.org8. Live.com(hotmail.com)9. Yahoo.com10.Vkontakte.ru
  29. 29. The most visited and the most ratedsites in Armenia(this is our opinion).1. Odnoklassniki.ru2. Google.com3. Facebook.com4. Youtube.com5. News.am6. Mail.ru7. Vkontakte.ru8. Armeniatv.com9. Tert.am10.Hayland.com
  30. 30. The Internet is a great web in which you canfind very good and very bad things…And you are IN that web. Try not to get lost andget addicted to the very bad things!!!
  31. 31. The Internet has become part of us… BUT WE ARE STRONGER THAN IT!!!!!!       