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Question 3 powerpoint

  1. 1. Question 3: What kind of mediainstitution might distribute your media product and why? Eve Kingston
  2. 2. The production process Think of ideas for your magazine and When producing a successful media product, you doing some initial research and notes on your thoughts must go through the 5 stages. •Thinking of ideas such as genre, who will read theGo on the internet and look in shops to magazine, what it will look like and who theresearch similar products that are out audience will bethere now and what products are popularnow •Looking for similar products, checking who their target audience is and how successful they are Create a flat plan of what your magazine •Creating flat plans so you can have a visual will look like to sample ideas and see what would look effective understanding of what you want your product to look like •Creating your product using the suitable program Create your product at the correct size •Distributing your product in a certain way depending on who your target audience Your product would be distributed in a range of shops to a large commercial is, commercial or independent audience
  3. 3. PublishingMy target audience will be young people, mainly teenagers who have an interest ingood music. They will also read magazines such as ‘Q’ and NME. The music includedin my magazine is mainly indie and rock so it wouldn’t interest people who are intomainstream music. My magazine would be distributed commercially to a wideaudience and would be advertised in current magazines and in shops such asWHSmith and other newsagents. The reason my product would be published inthese places is due to the wide target audience that it has and the amount ofpeople that would take an interest in it.
  4. 4. Who would distribute?• Bauer Media group publish Kerrang! Magazine along with their TV channel and radio. Due to this amount of media distributing their products then they are able to build up a large target audience. They are also able to produce products that appeal to their reader because the publisher knows who their reader is and knows that they will be into.• My media product is quite similar to Kerrang! It uses a similar color scheme using colors such as red, black and white and it also includes some similar artists and styles of models that would appeal to the target audience. I think that due to the way this magazine appeals to so many people and is clearly a popular music magazine and is distributed well, mine could be too.• Bauer’s tactics into specializing in their target audience would help me create my product and benefit my magazine as it could increase the size of the audience for my magazine and it would appeal to more people and ensure the sales were better and my magazine was popular.
  5. 5. Advertising my productExisting magazines such as Q and Kerrang! Are advertised through music TVchannels and other magazines, they would perhaps have a page in anothermagazine advertising the magazine and what is in it. They may also be advertisedon the radio or on the internet such as on a banner at the top of websites, or onsocial network sites such as Facebook or Twitter, they could also be shared onthese sites via posting on peoples walls or groups.As a lot of young people go on Facebook and it is one of the most popular ways ofadvertising, also it would be free so a lot of young people would see it. But as mymagazine is not mainstream, it would be more difficult to advertise as it wouldprobably not go on the radio or big TV channels as it is not owned by a big label.
  6. 6. Distributing my productWhen my product is complete I could distribute it in the most popular places suchas shops like WHSmiths, Tesco and Asda. These are shops that a lot of people go inon a regular basis and would notice my magazine when choosing what magazinethey are going to pick up off the shelf. The features of my magazine that appeal tothe target audience would attract the reader and make them want to buy theproduct when in the shop.