Paranormal activity poster


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Paranormal activity poster

  1. 1. Paranormal activity Here I have uploaded a poster advertising the horror film Paranormal Activity. I am going to discuss the elements of this posterthat are important and that would appeal to the target audience.
  2. 2. Film titleThis is the film title for the paranormal activity poster I chose to analyze. Thissuits the horror genre as the colours used are black and red which arestereotypically negative, dark, dull colours used for this genre. Also the font beingfaded and out of focus suits the genre as it has a look of blood and fear. The aimof this title is to scare the audience as the target audience would be people whoare interested in horror films. The language used ‘Paranormal’ would frighten theaudience as they understand that the situations in the film are out of theordinary. This film title is similar to other media products due to the colours usedand the bold, capital writing used. This is good because the audience would beinstantly aware that it is a horror film and be drawn in due to their interest in thegenre.
  3. 3. ImageThis is the image from the paranormal activity film poster. The image is not in colourbut has a blue tint to it. This blue colour is often used in horror movies and is afeature that is common and well-known in horror films. The image isn’t very clearwhich gives it a mysterious feel and worries the audience. The position of thecharacters in the poster is alarming as they look worried and are facing the doorwhich has an unknown shadow on it. These features don’t give too much away to theaudience but make them want to find out more which is the purpose of the image.The frightened expressions on the characters faces would make this image appeal tothe target audience of horror film lovers. The way this image actually shows thelocation and not just a close up image of one character would be a unique sellingpoint of this horror film. The time written in the bottom right hand corner shows theaudience that the image is from a film and that the characters are being watched andfilmed in their own home. The audience would want to know why.
  4. 4. Quotes‘One of the scariest movies of all time’ a quote that would draw the audience in andmake them want to watch the film if they like the horror genre. The use ofintensifiers such as ‘scariest’ would interest the audience and make them wonderwhy and want to find out. ‘Nightmares are guaranteed’ – the word ‘guaranteed’would reassure the audience that the film is up to the standard of their liking. Thesequotes create questions in the audiences minds that can only be answered bywatching the film and finding out more. The quotes don’t give too much away aboutthe characters or the storyline.
  5. 5. Tag linesThese tag lines ‘what happens when you sleep?’ and ‘don’t see it alone’would appeal to audience members that enjoy horror films and like the fearof the unknown. Similar to the quotes at the top of the poster, these tag linesalso create questions in the audiences minds as they will want to know whythey can’t see it alone. The tag line ‘what happens when you sleep?’ willscare the viewer as it is a rhetorical question that will make them think andwant to find out more.