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Insidious poster

  1. 1. InsidiousHere I have uploaded a poster advertising thehorror film ‘Insidious’ I am going to discuss theelements of this poster that are important and that would appeal to the target audience.
  2. 2. Film titleThis film title is written in a bold font, using red writing on two of the letters, thecolour red representing blood and horror, generally used to signify horror films. Thewriting looks as though it has been scratched, giving it a more scary feel. The titledoesn’t give much away to the audience about the film and doesn’t suggest whatthe storyline is going to be, so the audience therefore want to find out more. Thewriting is in the middle of the page on the poster, showing it’s importance and as it isjust below the eye line of the boy in the image it is very noticeable as the first thingthe audience would notice when looking at the poster would be the facial expressionof the boy in the image.
  3. 3. ImageThis image is very effective as the character looks very dominant and is looking into theviewers eyes as if to intimidate them and show them his status. His eyes look very scaryand his posture is very unsettling as he has got his arms by his side and looks scary. Theimage is very dark and dull which is a feature that is often used in images for horrorfilms as it gives them a more worrying and ‘horror’ feel. In the background of theimage the weather looks very dismal, suiting the theme of the film and fitting in wellwith the genre. Also, the house in the background is very effective and is a verystereotypical setting for the genre.
  4. 4. Tag linesThis tag line is made to be clear as it is just under the film title so after reading the titlethe audience will see this. It is very alarming for the audience as it creates a question intheir head that can only be answered by watching the film and finding out whathappens. Stereotypically horror films include a haunted house but this tag linecontradicts the stereotype which would make the audience want to find out more. This part of the poster at the bottom of the page includes all the information that is less important and not vital for the audience to read. This one section saying ‘MAY 12’ is telling the audience what date the film comes out so it is in bigger, more clear writing for them to see.
  5. 5. To tempt the audienceAt the top of the poster it states that theproducers of the film also made If the audience see that actors they‘Paranormal activity’ and ‘Saw’ this would are interested in star in the film theyappeal to the audience as they are two are more likely to be interested infamous films of the same genre and if they watching it knowing an acting style orenjoyed those films then it would make actor they like are starring in the film.them want to see insidious. This is written The names are written in a bold, redin a bold, clear font using a colour that font using capitalization to make themcontrasts the background, using stand out.capitalization so it stands out.