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Empire magazine


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Empire magazine

  1. 1. Empire magazine Here is an example of a horror filmmagazine, Fangoria, front cover, I am going to analyse theimportant features of the magazine that would appeal to the target audience.
  2. 2. MastheadThis masthead is very strong and would appeal to the audience because of the coloursand effects used. It has fire coming off it and is an orange/red colour matching theimage and the mood of the cover. The writing is very bold and clear but is behind theimage, suggesting that the character in the image is very dominant and more importantthan the text. Also, because ‘Empire magazine’ is well known, it wouldn’t matter thatthe text is behind the image as the audience would still be able to recognise the fontand style and know what they are reading. The bright colours on the writing and thefire coming off it contrast very well with the black background making it even moreclear and bright so the audience would be able to notice this cover standing out fromany other and be drawn to it.
  3. 3. ImageThis is the only image present on this magazine cover, I think that if other images wereon the front cover it would take away the attention from this very strong and appealingimages. The character in the image looks very dominant and aggressive which wouldappeal to horror film viewers. The character on this image is bright red so the audiencewould be able to notice it on top of the bright, appealing writing on the masthead. Thecharacter on the front looks as though he is the antagonist in the horror film and helooks as though he would be very threatening which would appeal to an audience thatenjoy very scary and intense horror films. The character is very stereotypical for anantagonist as he is a big chunky man, the audience would see this image and want tofind out more about this character and the film he stars in.
  4. 4. Sell linesThese sell lines include names of famous actors such as‘Natalie Portman’ and ‘Scarlett Johansson’ which wouldappeal to an audience if they like these actors and areinterested in films they have previously starred in. These selllines are written mainly in white, bold, capital letters whichcontrast with the black background so the audience can see itmore clearly. They also use language such as ‘blood’ and‘hobbit’ which are features of a horror movie that wouldappeal to the intended audience. This writing at the bottom of the magazine cover would attract the audience as it states the name of the film the character on the front stars in. It also says ‘First look!’ in a gold box which would make the audience feel important and excited as they are getting a first look at something new and fresh. This section of the cover also includes a rhetorical question which interests a reader and makes them want to find out more.