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The Apocalypse and 100 other Secrets of God


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This is a non-religionist manuscript of researched beliefs and secrets that many have believed and lived by for centuries. New Age, spiritual, environmental and deep meaningful life subjects. The answers are shocking and amazing.

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The Apocalypse and 100 other Secrets of God

  1. 1. The Apocalypse and 100 other Secrets of God by Evelyn Anderson By Evelyn Anderson
  2. 2. Knowledge gives power, protection and accountability. Are you ready to shed the veil of ignorance? · Are we in the middle of Silent Armageddon? · What mystic meanings do sacred numbers have? · How does energy influence humanity? · What changes has the Bible had since 300 A.D? · What are the Octaves of Learning? · What is the meaning of the Mayan Calendar and 2012? · What are the Spiritual Faculties? · Who is Jesus in this lifetime? · What will happen to our beloved earth? · What is in the Master Plan of God? · Why karma and when will it end? · What is your soul consciousness level? · Know your SQ, Spiritual Intelligence! · What inspired writings never made it into the Bible? · How does God view your beliefs? · What formula creates everlasting life and perfected health? Read the 101 most intriguing, buried and mystifying secrets of God. The answers may leave you in shock The source of this revelation is the female consciousness, the soul mate of Jesus and Queen of God’s Kingdom, Goddess Sophia.
  3. 3. Truthhas always presented itself in metaphors, stories, visions, illustrations and now after the fallen angels in Noah’s day brought secrets from heaven these truths have filled our earth in divided sects and beliefs. Sophia shifted and dowsed with God, her spirit and the angels to reveal what truths are pure among our many belief systems. The truth may surprise everyone. A God of Secrets If there were no secrets, the truth would not set us free… John 8:32; “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” Ephesians 1:9; “In that he made known to us the sacred secret of his will. It is according to his good pleasure which he purposed in himself” Colossians 1:26; “The sacred secret that was hidden from the past systems of things and from the past generations but now it has been made manifest to his holy ones” Revelation 10:7; “But in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to blow his trumpet the sacred secret of God according to the good news which he declared to his own slaves the prophets is indeed brought to a finish”. Righteous Prophet Enoch Chapter LI in verse 3 “What are these things, which in secret I behold?” Verse 5 “Wait but a short time, and thou shall understand, and every secret thing shall be revealed to thee…”
  4. 4. Table of Contents 1) Secrets about Satan the Devil 2) Secrets about God’s Wife 3) Secrets on the Beginning of God 4) Secrets of Creating other Races 5) Secrets of Silent Armageddon 6) Secrets of Mary Magdalene 7) Secrets of the Goddess Sophia 8) Secrets of the Bible Changes after 300 AD 9) Secrets of the Modern Day Church 10) Secrets of God’s Kingdom 11) Secrets of Energy Influences Humankind 12) Secrets of Crystals 13) Secrets of Universal Laws 14) Secrets of the Incarnation Process 15) Secrets of Life in Between Life Times 16) Secrets of the Sacred Numbers 17) Secrets of why God Needs to Start Over 18) Secrets of the Wisdom of Sophia 19) Secrets of the Book of Enoch 20) Secrets of God’s Personality 21) Secrets of Being a God 22) Secrets of Atlantis and Lemuria Page7 Pag245e Of G 23) Secrets of Soul Integration and Re-Creation 24) Secrets of the Chakras 25) Secrets on what is SIR? 26) Secrets on the Kundalini 27) Secrets about the Healing Circle 28) Secrets about our own Potential 29) Secrets on how we learn 30) Secrets on the Octaves of Learning 31) Secrets about the Personal Healing Plan 32) Secrets of the Polar Shift 33) Secrets of our Biggest Disease 34) Secrets about Hell 35) Secrets of the Archetypes 36) Secrets of the Mayan Calendar and 2012 37) Secrets of the Healing Properties of Water 38) Secrets of the Healing Properties of Light 39) Secrets of the Healing of the Earth 40) Secrets of the Meaning of Trees 41) Secrets about Walk-ins 42) Secrets of DNA 43) Secrets of the Apostle’s Qualities 44) Secrets on the Spiritual Helpers 45) Secrets on the affects of the Aura 46) Secrets about Negative Influences 47) Secrets of the Five Elements 48) Secrets about the Different Karmic Programs 49) Secrets about Karmic Blocks 50) Secrets about the Thrones 51) Secrets about Jesus 52) Secrets about who Jesus was 53) Secrets on the Dying process 54) Secrets of the Higher Realms 55) Secrets of God’s Woman and her Seed
  5. 5. 56) Secrets concerning the Earth 57) Secrets on the Apocalypse 58) Secrets about the Female Consciousness 59) Secrets on God’s Master Plan 60) Secrets about the Book of Revelation 61) Secrets about the Illusionary Realms Page8 Pag245e Of H 62) Secrets on Karmic Programs before Creation 63) Secrets on the Planetary Grid 64) Secrets about Spirit Beings and if they Sleep 65) Secrets if Spirit Beings have Personal Names 66) Secrets of the Bovis Energy 67) Secrets of the Pyramids 68) Secrets of the Temple of Solomon 69) Secrets concerning our Amazing Body 70) Secrets about Karma 71) Secrets about the Star of David 72) Secrets of the Holy Spirit 73) Secrets about Ashtar 74) Secrets on how S.I.R Works 75) Secrets about the Spiritual Healing Patterns 76) Secrets about the Galactic Underworld 77) Secrets of the Levels of Soul Consciousness 78) Secrets of the Light Workers 79) Secrets about the Tower of Babel 80) Secrets about Angelic Powers 81) Secrets of Energy Therapies 82) Secrets on EQ Emotional Intelligence 83) Secrets on SQ Spiritual Intelligence 84) Secrets on the Patterns of Creation and Life 85) Secrets on God’s Personal Name 86) Secrets on how Jesus Rule the World 87) Secrets on what Inspired Books never made it in into the Bible 88) Secrets of Darkness and Knowledge 89) Secrets about the Amazing Human Energy System 90) Secrets on TOC, the Theory of Everything 91) Secrets, do all Faiths Lead to God? 92) Secrets on the Origin of the Human Spirit 93) Secrets on the New Heavens 94) Secrets of the New Earth 95) Secrets of the Soul Consciousness Bodies 96) Secrets on God’s View of our Beliefs 97) Secrets about the Alien Race 98) Secrets of the Power behind Jesus and Sophia 99) Secrets about the Woman’s Seed 100) Secrets about the 47 page S.I.R Healing Report
  6. 6. Secret 14 • Secrets of Lifetimes In-between • After we die and return to heaven, our spirit enters the 11th dimension where a chamber called: the “Adjustment Chamber” is, for the purpose to help us adjust to higher vibrations. Then in the 15th dimension, we are receiving a new spirit body. Next, we go to the 19th dimension called “Bardo” to rest just like a vacation, a place for relaxation. We stay there for 60 days and then come before the throne of God to see what we learned from our past life and if we need further lifetimes. When your spirit was resting in the 19th dimension that is when the higher council reviewed your recent lifetime of karma. • If you commit suicide more times then God wishes to accept he may end your wish or the higher council to incarnate again or at least as often as before.
  7. 7. Secret 16 • Secret of why God Needs to Start Over • The perfected first couple Adam and Eve had the blueprint to live forever within the genes, DNA encoded, and through a simple seven-step process we could once again be made perfect and live- forever. However, because of the subconscious and preprogramming of other species that have interbred with humanity almost all have lost the ability to live forever within their cellular membranes. So survival live through the end is impossible for almost all beings on earth. Even thou the Bible promises a great crowd would walk through the end. • How have we compromised and altered the human matrix? • Aliens existed before human spirits so do not think that for one minute we are alone. We are in the densest lowest vibrational energy so we learn from only seeing, touching and through others.
  8. 8. The third dimension with four DNA strands activated at birth and only 3%-5% brain use and capacity with thousands of karmic blocks and programs has produced a human with very limited ability to learn from the dark or the light. Therefore, Indigos and Crystal beings very similar to humans was brought to us by God for the purpose to advance the human race. Well, the dark energy beings or evil aliens from other areas incarnated into bodies here at birth and have interbred with us for over 60 years we have several generations of mixed breeds. Below notice the graph of subconscious items, events and actions that lead to imperfect the human race. For years, we were used experimented on in secret and abducted and mostly interbred. They are done with us so notice the clever way to rid the earth of perfected human matrix: What is being done? · ELF waves harm energy system humans · HAARP harm energy earth/people/objects · Genetic foods only affects human matrix 100% · Chem.-trails toxic poisoning of our bodies · Brain washing through media · Vaccinations and implants control and harm · Cell phones destructive to brain cells and fertility · Pre-mature births and cesareans births weakens species · Cloned animals matrix compromised · Chemo-therapy good and bad kills immune · Obesity 70% of all USA citizens · Genetic disease rapid increase · Early-unexplained death · Life force and Chi energies are rapid decreasing · Medical mistakes and treatment kill more then disease · Animal to human disease increase · Insect to human disease increase · Migration disease from poor countries cross barriers · Infertility increase · Birth weight decrease · Birth deaths and malformations · Mental and emotional illness increase
  9. 9. Secret 29 • Secret on how we Learn • Practice makes perfect and we learn through example just as children do. Memory plays an important part in learning and retaining is another story. Retaining is a very small percent of our capability. • In the womb, the fetus brain cells grow 250,000 each day. It takes about 3 years to re-grow brain cells but with S.I.R healing, it takes less then an hour to grow back cells for the brain. There are three memory stores one is sensory, long term and short-term memory. The following brain areas are used in learning: • · Prefrontal cortex – short term memory · Putamen – learned skills and procedures · Amygdala – unconscious emotional memories · Hippocampus – spatial memories · Temporal lobe – learned facts
  10. 10. Secret 32 • Secret of the Polar Shift • What is the immense cataclysm that is going to torment the earth in the near future? It is presently assumed by most people and the general scientific world at large, that the rotation of the Earth is stable; however, as expounded in my previous works on this subject, this is not the case. The historical exploration of cosmology in previous books is founded on the translation of hieroglyphs, cracking of codes, unveiling of the magnetic reversal of the sun, study of old maps, decoding of astronomical clues, geological research, and the discovery of the most exciting archaeological find in modern times. Egypt and the Mayans had the answers to the polar sift and its meanings. • 1. With clock-like regularity, sudden reversals and pole shifts are natural to the Earth. The result is worldwide destruction, and is supported by paleo-magnetic evidence and early manuscripts. 2. The reversal of the poles is attributed to the harmonic cycle of the magnetic
  11. 11. fields of the sun. 3. Polar reversal is calculated precisely because of the sunspot cycle theory or the magnetic field theory, which the Maya and the Old Egyptians were privy to. These secrets are contained in the Labyrinth of Hawara, a huge complex consisting of three thousand rooms. In short, the scenario is as follows: a solid central core rotates in the center of the earth. It is surrounded by a liquid iron-like layer, on top of which the earth's crust is continuously drifting. This whole structure therefore appears to be a huge rotating dynamo. In addition, the liquid layer rotates in the electrostatic field of the sun, recharging itself. However, this is not at all efficient: more electrical potential is lost than gained. Just like a battery that is almost empty, it is difficult to recharge and it becomes exhausted more easily and quickly. This is the situation with the "battery" of the magnetic field of the earth... Unknown Sunspot Cycle Theory Gives the Answer The answers to these questions are alarming and devastating. All my deciphering points to a complex and ingenious science. Let me explain. When you, as a scientist, stumble upon results that the present astronomers do not know, you have, without doubt, stumbled upon something terribly important. Everybody will have to admit it, and that is exactly what I have done: I discovered an echo of a long-lost technological terminology, a majestic building with immensely sophisticated keys. Many numbers were discovered to be based on the sunspot cycle. A theory that is irrefutably correct and not known by our physicists! It cannot be more alarming!
  12. 12. Secret 35 • Secret of the Archetypes • When archetypes are blocked or in conflict, we can experience pain and confusion. We have Archetypes carry over like karma from past lives that we lived and need them removed. Here is a list and meaning of the common twenty archetypes: · Inner child: means the urge to play and create. · Adult: means the desire to communicate and nurture as a parental figure. • 1. Critical parent: means to call forth error and criticize. • 2. Paternal: means paternal with extra security and influences our standing in society. • 3. Maternal: Means more inner security involving family and domestic issues • 4. Group instinct: means the urge to affiliate with others as with friends. • 5. Inquirer: means the urge to acquire knowledge • 6. Creator: means the urge to create good at all levels • 7. Producer: means the urge to acquire and produce. This influences finances. • 8. Perfectionist: means the urge toward purity
  13. 13. 9. Dreamer: means the desire to dream and communicate with spirit 10. Guide: means the urge for direction and meaning in life 11. Mentor: means the urge to be open and receptive 12. Feminine: means the urge and desire to be loved 13. Masculine: means the urge to assert and express talent 14. Merger: means the urge to merge with others. 15. Suppressed child, masculine/feminine: block at soul level 16. Healer: The desire to be whole and self-healing 17. Mystic: means urge to transcendence and spiritual activation
  14. 14. Secret 36 • Secret of the Mayan Calendar • They believe a higher earth consciousness and shift will occur and that we are puppets in the cosmic plan. The Mayans and Aztecs describe a universe of 13 heavens and 9 underworlds. The information of the Calendar was handed down to the Mayans from last few Atlanteans that fled there. The concept of the Mayan Calendar is correct and so are the prophecies. The Mayans believe in after life and rebirth thus birth, death, afterlife and sacrifice. According to my answers dowsing with God, the Mayans are 65% dark alien and the Atlanteans were 100% light Children of the Law of ONE. The Mayans added the names of their gods to the calendar. • The predictions of the Mayans speak about the increased tension between West and East. • This 260-day sacred calendar will once again be used in the thousand-year rule of Jesus and Sophia. She will create the new one based on the polar shift and its changes for the earth in which the 260 day calendar had a 13 count repeated 20 times. Each day has its own spiritual energy. The 13-day count can be likened to an overtone with music. The tone is based on the frequency of 144,000 times higher then the basic tone of the great cycle. 144,000 times 13 equals the great cycle.
  15. 15. Here is the time line of the heavens: Heavens 13-God - fruition - 1617 AD -2011 AD Heavens 12 - dawn - flower -1223 AD - 1617 AD Heavens 11 - birth - flower -829 AD - 1223 AD Heavens 10 - Dark - Bud - 434 AD - 829 AD Heavens 9 - light - Bud - 40 AD - 434 AD Heavens 8 - rain - Proliferation - 355 BCE - 40 AD Heavens 7 - sustenance - proliferation - 749 BCE - 355 BCE Heavens 6 - death - sprout - 1144 BCE - 749 BCE Heavens 5 - love - sprout - 1538 BCE - 1144 BCE Heavens 4 - sun - germination - 1932 BCE Heavens 3 - water - germination - 2326 BCE Heavens 2 - earth - sow - 2721 BCE Heavens 1 - fire - sow - 3114 BCE The calendar only goes to 2012 and stops. God has informed me that Sophia will be changing the calendar and humanity will be using it once again under God’s rule. The decision to create a new calendar is based on the fact we have a new heavens. The latest updates on Mayan Events is that it was cancelled we are now in a non-era not Pisces or Aquarius.
  16. 16. Secret 38 • Secret of the Power of Light • In the beginning after God created all things, he says, and then there was light and everything was good. It is the wisdom contained within the zero factor of space and an empty void of silent darkness that becomes manifests with light this spiritual divine energy. • Light penetrating ones eyes creates a powerful action within our eyes. This light travels to the pituitary and pineal thus regulating all spiritual and glandular reactions within the body. Sunlight is also vital for the manufacturing of Vitamin D in the body through the skin. The most powerful and responsible angel Archangel Michael is the ruler of the sun. The sun is symbolic of Yang male energy helping the seed grows on earth. The earth is the mother and sun is the male. Light can be harvested and directed into crystals and create stored energy for future use.
  17. 17. Secret 70 • Secrets about Karma • Your spirit has an age and it started its life many thousands of years ago. If you are an ancient soul, you may have had as many as 100,000+ universal lifetimes and maybe even over 900+ lifetimes on earth. In turn, you may have 350 accumulated karma to over 20,000 programs. Therefore, with each lifetime, you create karma and those unlearned issues, blocks, challenges and programs are carried over to your next lifetime because it is here on earth it was to be learned. So since the beginning of time, this was the only way spirits with issues and learning lessons were to learn thus be redeemed by God and advance from lower human spirit to angelic and beyond. The goal was sainthood, which is like a retirement level of pure bliss in heaven. Some beings need to remain angels and other spirits were raised to levels of responsibility that includes creating other planets and beings. The way to go up in levels is to learn and then clear more karma. So this is when "Soul Integration and Re-Creation" healing comes into play. What happens is, Master Eva researches with her many higher self-members or even God himself programs that come up that you need to clear.
  18. 18. Why are we allowed to clear all karma now? This is the new age of water (wisdom) verse age of fish, male, Jesus era and water or female consciousness vessel of wisdom Sophia is now upon us thus enlightenment and wisdom is key to have everlasting life and perfection under God's Kingdom. Jesus is the key ruler in God's Kingdom but now it is balanced with the female energy. I have been channeled that Jesus come to earth as a grown man about 3 1/2 years ago and is preparing for the Kingdom and meeting up with Sophia who also is in the flesh on earth ( she used to be Mary Magdalene in Bible times). To prepare people for this new age of enlightenment and purity and perfection amidst destruction and a rebuilding of the earth and all resources we need a quick way to release the past dark karma. Those who are promised to be resurrected will have the karma erased and will only remember whom their are in this last lifetime but detailed memories and dark karma instantly erased. Now a current great crowd, thousands and thousands of people will walk through the coming destruction alive and those are the ones that need all karma cleared. Who are these people? Those who still have their spirits alive and intact. For God has already cleansed part of the spirit realm including human spirits that are so evil they have no hope. God finds no joy in this work for as the Bible says he wishes all to attain to life. Nevertheless, after 2000 years of allowing people to govern themselves history has proven their true heart condition. Here, as well as others. I can tell you from personal experience with over 2500 healings on others in over five years that this work is short of unbelievable and amazing. I not only research, record and have God release dark karma but I also do miracle healing. I research and have God repair defective genes, damaged DNA, organ conditions, stuffed negative emotions released, attachments like spells and extra soul returned to the right and perfect place, and balance people's personality’s extremes.
  19. 19. Karma clearing removes blocks so now money comes your way easily, you find your soul mate, fall in love, save your marriage, children are more behaved, health problem due to karma heal instantly, and now you also after just one session can learn and do what I do. You can heal yourself and others, do predictions, see angels and feel the presence of God in your life. This was a gradual five years as my levels were raised to the highest level as Goddess Sophia a human body with unlimited mind and a spirit with God consciousness and status. Sophia has incarnated thousands of times to learn human suffering and issues so her healing can better benefit troubled humanity. Both Jesus and Sophia at same level will join in marriage to empower the righteous Kingdom to benefit humanity forever never to be bothered by dark energy again. For intimacy with our spirits within our bodies will exit the crown travel and heal the world. What has Jesus been currently doing for 3 1/2 years on earth? He is learning to be human again while his spirit elevates in heaven because of the Sophia's energy. He is preparing to meet with me and travel to areas of safety. In these areas, the headquarters of God's Kingdom will be set up. This includes a royal marriage ceremony, purchasing farms, water supplies, homes and spas to heal and feed the world that will survive.
  20. 20. Secret 41 • Secrets of Walk-ins • Before 2005, walk-ins were common and served no good purpose. They hinder, harm and cause manipulation. Only God beings not angels remove walk-ins, below is the process to remove walk-ins using dowsing and God. • Begin by cleansing and clearing your pendulum of all blocks and interferences. Ask are there any Spells, on your pendulum or any hidden spells, hexes or curses on your ability to use the pendulum. Any trouble getting correct answers can be because the walk-in is bad or Alien a combination. Walk-ins can also be known as • Transfer Students. Transfer students may have made some form of agreement in Another Lifetime to exchange Spirits or souls and enter your body. Some transfer students, such as Good Aliens; can be helpful, bring new technology or teach you new things. Bad Walk-ins usually frighten your Spirit or part of your Spirit away. The can also scare away any angels you have in or around you protecting you. Bad Walk-ins like to harm or hurt you and others. In most cases with bad Walk-ins, it is very difficult to access your High Self or any Higher Level accurately.
  21. 21. Secret 42 • Secrets of DNA • The four triple configurations represent the four sacred letters of God's personal name YHWH “Yahweh", as well as the four living creatures that stand before the throne who are full of eyes used for evolving all forms of creation. Four represents the key grids within the human anatomical structure, the heart contains four chambers, within the brain, and the medulla oblongata is the pyramidal structure that connects posterior with the spinal cord as a pyramidal headpiece. The four triple configurations also represent how each codon is a triplet code derived from the four distinct bases in DNA-RNA. All SIR clients have exactly four DNA activated at birth. • The combination of all grids shows how the word is combined to take on form. The word descends in an envelope of light, which is vibrated long enough to allow its vibration to spiral into different coding of light. Just as the 64 keys of Enoch came out of a fiery scroll, so also the 64 structures of DNA- RNA
  22. 22. biosynthesized came out of a polarization of divine light, which in form from the divine thought forms expressed in our contemporary program of divine creation. When spirit manifest in the 3-D, the first physical entity it became was DNA. DNA is the link to God and the key to perfect heath because after using SIR and activating all known DNA in your body then you have reached divine perfection and everlasting life. DNA, Gene and Body Water DNA is tested to see how many strands are activated before each session and then afterwards. The average person at birth is 4 -9 DNA strands activated. When DNA activation occurs and makes a copy of itself it unzips to expose its nucleotide bases. Through the mechanism of obligatory base pairing, coordinating by the enzyme DNA polymerase, the new DNA nucleotides bind to the exposed bases. This forms a new “Other half” to each other half of the original molecule. DNA consist of two polynucleotide strands, a sugar called deoxyribose and a base pair of Adenine-thymine and Guanine-cytosine. DNA is activated in the millions along with genes in the millions. We activate all junk strands and then at a certain level we reach eternal life. Heat is required to activate at this degree so the body may feel hot for hours or even days only for the first session. In turn, the energy and heat makes one very thirsty. We recommend one consume 8-10 glasses of pure water during and after the session from now on. All light bodies need more water and less dense matter. The average person is 70% water in the body so we measure the before and after level. Damaged DNA strands are spiritually removed and repaired. Thereafter when clearing hundreds of karmic programs and blocks the DNA can then be activated in the hundreds.
  23. 23. Secret 44 • Secrets about Spiritual Helpers • During our 2000 earthly years of karmic learning and redemption, God provided a variety of helpers. Here is a list: • · Holy Spirit – heart of God to help us grow and feel love of God · Forces of Light – group of beings at God consciousness level or higher heal instruct and protect · High Council – very advance souls on special assignment · Council of Seven – serves as counselors direct under God serving earth/planets · Masters – teachers, counsels and guides karmic beings · Angels of light – lower level angels to guide and protect · Guardian angels – each person has one or more directly involved with that person on earth · Infinite counsel – Below the I AM soul consciousness level and infinite in number· Higher self – contained within us and around us free to travel and serve our spirit • Currently all these are gone to heaven as we prepare the new earth for changes
  24. 24. Secret 45 • Secret on what Affects the Aura • Our aura varies in size by ½ mile to many miles circular around us. Our aura can, when standing near another person, absorb or share impurities. Daily your aura must be cleansed. Here are some things found wrong with auras: • · Entities or ghosts · Psychic wounds · Alien implants · Negative elementals · Astral entities · Parasites · Imprints · Other implants · Etheric mucus · Etheric damage · Gray fields · Irritations, leaks and spots · Negative thinking· Negative emotions · Soul fragments · Spirit fragments · Physical illness · Core of fear · Core of anger
  25. 25. Secret 59 • Secret on God’s Master Plan • God promised he would make all things new; for his words are faithful and true! Jesus is writing a new inspired book for God’s New Order. The three books will total 860 pages. Here are some of the inspired words given to me by God himself this day July 30 2006. • Some of God’s Laws within the new books are: · Laws on humans getting along and co-existing · Laws on how to treat and use the land and animals • · Laws on God, Jesus, Sophia • · Laws about the earth • · Laws about the universe and galaxies • · Laws on children and family life
  26. 26. Let all those who have an ear hear what Yahweh has to say Let not those who think they can direct they own steps stand let each person dwell in they own homes built by they own hands and help those who cannot help themselves. Each one will reap what he sows Where your desire is your heart is also Without the heart they is no motivation To know wisdom is to know God Three qualities that are the most important are Divine wisdom, unconditional love and obedience. For the word of God can both create and destroy His word can save and enlightened Let anyone who thinks he can stand beware that he can fall For ego is the false sense of self Ego is a wall, a disillusionment it is not the true self-confidence that comes from within. A fence walls those away while thinking one is protecting oneself. Fear is not real if it is of the unknown. How can you fear what you do not know! Fear hides the truth and keeps even the most earnest away Truth is far higher then our dimension can have for a veil exist Jesus died for that veil to clear he taught us unconditional love and devotion along with wisdom and understanding. Fear is based on ignorance the opposite of Jesus wisdom. Sex is sacred act of those who marry, enlightens, and is spiritual practice as well as physical enjoyment. Similar principals to Feng Shui will be used so all elements are in balance within our environment. Dark energy is foolishness with God. When global destruction happens by God in the past it was because every inclination of humankind heart was bad. Similar to today according to God is standard. Instead of one deluge mankind will be allow to prove they hearts before him with they actions of war bloodshed and hatred with no protection. Those who are resurrected are both good and evil but have a clean slate as far as karma goes. For now, we have all people with up to 10,000's of karmic programs.
  27. 27. Secret 84 • Secrets on the Patterns of Creation and Life • Pattern 1 – Step Heavenly Subtle Stairway – Aries – Fire • It is the way of systematic process of self-preservation at a subtle level. • Pattern 2 – Step “Substance” • Earthly Dense Stairway – Taurus – Earth • It represents the systematic maintenance of substance. Substance is a dense preserving type of approach. • Pattern 3 – Choice Point • Binary Code/Branching system – Gemini – Air • Making choice relates to duality. It is also about distribution of information or energy. This can be seen in the human body through the branching system of the lungs and blood or in the tree branches. The distribution or branching of energy represents alchemical change.
  28. 28. Pattern 4 – Spiral Open/Closed Vortex – Cancer – Water The vortex creates energy flow. It is a generator as symbolized as a spiral galaxy, generating everything – stars, planets, everything living. There are two type of vortex. The closed vortex has two points at each end and a circle in the center. As for the open vortex, it has the point in the center, with open circles at each end. The movement of this generating force is connected with Golden Mean Spiral, which acts as a kind of arc between Prime Source and living beings. Pattern 5 – Radial Radial Plant – Leo – Fire Its function is broadcasting and maintenance of codes. In the phenomenal world, this can be seen as a star distinguished by its radiance. Flowers mirror the energy of Leo. In the radial form, they may be in diverse color, but there is meaning to the color. Pattern 6 – Loop Knot/Torus/Doughnut/Cycle– Virgo – Earth The energy of Virgo turns inside out or around. It could be a knot as liken to the Celtic designs. It loops inside out and it has to do with the transformation of substance or cycles, like turning of day to night, or the turning of the seasons. The knot is the cycle. It relates to the food chain and digestion. We will evolve to a point eventually eat very little at all. The more lightly we eat, the higher our consciousness and this is the direction to go in. Therefore, Virgo energy has to do with the purification of substance into body or consciousness.
  29. 29. Pattern 7 – Straight Vertical Line Column – Libra – Air This has to do with balance and strength. One must be centered to hold whatever is being created. The spine or the trunk of a tree symbolized balance and strength that holds creation. The column can be visualized for aligning or creating a connection between Heaven and Earth (Light and Dark). It creates connection between things. Pattern 8 – Wave Sound & Sea wave – Scorpio – Water The Scorpio energy creates energy flow. A matrix distributes or transmits energy flow. It penetrates deep. Waves are the means by which Nature transmit the codes. The Dragon, as well as waves of all kinds symbolizes Scorpio. Pattern 9 – Nesting Level Nesting Patterns – Sagittarius – Fire Sagittarius energy represents nesting: one from within another. In fractals, it is the principle of recursive ness. In a way, it is the most allied with transforming codes. The transformation actually takes the energy to another level. It is the returning of wisdom and life to the source, but it is a “stepping up” of the energy. All of the forms have to do with changing energy. It is also about taking or restoring of energy to a higher level. Pattern 10 – Circle Sphere – Capricorn – Earth It is like the circle that encases things, like the skull or the skin. It is protective, making a barrier that holds shapes and Creation. It holds life force in the physical matrix.
  30. 30. Pattern 11 – Grid Circle/Triangle/Square/Cubic – Aquarius – Air Aquarius energy is any type of grid. It is the shape or grid-work or focus to which things attach. The interconnecting force gives us our commonality. For instance, most of us have five fingers, not six. This “five” is a function of nature. It is found throughout space and within all phenomena. All things are created through the grid. All planets, auric fields and Universes are created and permeated by the grid. There are also consciousness grids. Pattern 12 – Transformation Chaos – Pisces – Water Pisces is transformation. There is real chaos in this form. It is unpredictable. It is an ending energy form symbolized by death, diffusion and decay. Darkness, confusion and destructiveness are synonymous with this form. For example, terrorists cannot be stopped, bringing confusion and chaos. Pisces brings an end to order when things become too controlled, too fixed. Everything that ends in death is an illusion. The earth is a school and learning grounds. The only thing real is light, spirit, and love, which all comes from God. Death is an illusion because it can only kill the body the spirit, which is real, goes back to God. Spirits learn before the throne of God and with the higher council members. Of course, most people believe in only what they see thus locked into the illusion of not knowing. Now in our lifetime God will wipe out all illusions by granting life everlasting in perfection. Now the body will be perfected and last forever. The thousand-year paradise promised ends in about thousand years and gradually during that time people will raise body and all to higher dimensional planets. These many new planets discovered by scientist lately will be the 5th (earth), 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and finally the last one the twelve dimension.
  31. 31. Secret 63 • Secret of the Planetary Grid • 1) It is known as magnetosphere and is the one that maintains us in our gravitational field around the Sun, it is intimately linked to our star, and its energy is feminine. The one maintains gravity and has been quite amply studied by science. It has the shape of a doughnut or torrid, it is of a magnetic nature as its name tells, and its size and form vary with the solar radiation. Its poles North and South are like two great cones, we may recognize the cone in the North with the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis. This grid is connected to the magnetic axis of the Earth. Lately there have been a lot of talking about it because the variations of its axis might eventually produce what the scientists call magnetic Chaos, and others, change of dimension. Because of its feminine nature is a grid associated with emotions, therefore one of the consequences of its instability is also the emotional chaos. In the last years and due to its variations because of solar explosions and other internal changes of our sun we have lived an erratic swings of its axis to which many attribute the changes and polarization we have been living through.
  32. 32. 2. TELLURIC GRID It is a grid linked to the collective unconscious, it is also of feminine nature, and it is an emotional reflection. At the physical level, a lattice of lines extends on geological faults on one-side and geopathic zones on the other. These lines are irregular and are generated by two very powerful planetary forces. The first force, the telluric, which is responsible of the adjustments of the Earth's crust, its energies are immense and are released by the geological faults, the subterranean water currents and magma, it is like the circulatory system of Gaia, its vital force. The other force is the geo-pathic lines that form a lattice with the telluric ones, these are the ones being created by the accumulation of disharmonic energy, let us say, they are like the wrinkles and the experience of the Earth. These lines form in places where there have been conflicts, wars, slaughter, death and pain, they are the footprint of these facts that leave a sort of imprinted energetic pattern that makes those energies happen repeatedly in those same places, are like the scars on the earth. In antiquity, this grid was known. It was avoided to found cities or construct Today the new science of Geo- biology seeks consciously to heal these terrestrial marks and to change those disharmonic energies. 3. ELECTRIC GRID OR TECHNOSPHERE It is formed by lines created by our civilization with the use of electricity, of high voltage, microwaves, television and radio waves. The name of Hartman was also given to this grid, after the last name of the German physicians that took the task of measuring it, to know its influence over their patients with illnesses such as cancer. Physically it is an electric lattice formed by lines of 8.25 inches (21 cm.) wide approximately, that create rectangles from 2 to 2.5 meters (6.56 ft. to 8.2 ft.), this one prolongs vertically arriving in some places to great heights where it feeds off the relaying antennas of microwaves and the high voltage towers.
  33. 33. This grid is as if a reservoir where all the human-created electric energies are poured into and it has been determined that its points of intersection might be damaging to health if we stay over them for long periods. An enormous amount of energy flows through an artificial electric grid. It is of masculine character. 4. GRID OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS Last we have the crystalline grid of the planet or ascension grid, this one is the geometric grid of which we said before was mentioned by Plato. The grid of Christ consciousness is of a bipolar nature, combines the feminine and masculine energies, integrates emotions and information, light and love. Physically an energetic structure surrounds our planet reflecting and amplifying the ascension of our levels of consciousness. It is a crystalline matrix of light, formed by a dodecahedron and icosahedrons, one inside the other creating a great polyhedron converted into a sphere. It can be visualized as a geodesic sphere formed by pentagons and triangles, glimmering as a faceted diamond. It is the crystalline seed of the new consciousness of the terrestrial star. The grid of consciousness is anchored to the Earth at two axes. Great amount of energy flows from the North axis to the outside and enters again at the South and extends by 90 Km. above the terrestrial surface. It is a lattice of lines the ley lines; at the points of intersection of them are created energy vortexes that in turn coincide with so-called power places. It is a fractal grid, let us say, it repeats infinitely to itself and it is of a holographic nature, let us say, any fragment however minute contains the whole. Ancients also knew this grid and it is why many of the monuments, religious sanctuaries and places of peregrination coincided with its lines.
  34. 34. Called the Christ consciousness because it is an aspect of the collective consciousness that recognizes itself as a one only being, it carries the potential of the Christ principle of unity. It is in that grid where is imprinted all the necessary information to experiment the Christ consciousness. The Solar Grid and Golden Sun Discs During the recent Solstice cycle, a very important celestial alignment occurred, which many people feel, propelled a spontaneous mass evolution of consciousness. This auspicious alignment is considered the turning point of our planet's movement away from dualistic patterning while heralding in a new dimension of true oneness consciousness. To support this quantum leap of consciousness frequency, a new grid structure of cosmic proportion is now available to us, which assists in the mass transfiguration of the human form into the new Divine-Human blueprint. This new grid, referred to as the Solar Grid, anchors amplified levels of Divine Love frequency and its universal hologram to the earth plane. Through the cosmic rays, the Solar Grid works in synergy through the lens of the planetary Crystalline Grid from which we are unifying efforts. Due to the extremely high frequencies transmitted by the cosmic Solar Grid, the Crystalline Grid acts as a stepped-down transformer for this solar energy. As part of the Solar Grid, spiraling Golden Sun Discs, serve as the portals and regulators of this highly activating solar energy to the earth plane. The Solar Grid connects all of the Golden Sun Discs that exist around the world. These discs hold the Great Central Sun codes to help bring us all back into our original state of multidimensional purity and harmonic Love.
  35. 35. The Golden Sun Discs can be viewed as "medallions of the sun" which connect us back to the Great Central Sun, or, Source energy. They are likened to a cosmic computer that receives Light information directly from Universal Mind. They help create direct alignment to Source and cause great shifts in consciousness. Some of us are most familiar with the great Golden Sun Disc within Lake Titicaca in Peru/Bolivia, which has remained active for many thousands of years. Many more throughout the world are now activating and will all be linked through this newly accessible cosmic Solar Grid and the planetary Crystalline Grid. There is direct correlation to the Golden Sun Discs with our own heart centers. These discs, through the Solar Grid, help to activate our own "golden sun disc" to enable the full expansion and radiation of our heart into a gateway of universal, unconditional love. Both the Solar Grid and the Golden Sun Discs will assist the Earth and her humanity in total alignment, through zero point centeredness, to the Great Central Sun. These discs are very powerful activation features and part of the higher dimensional technology now arriving for our New Earth creation. It is that these discs will be integral supporting features for the emerging cities of light and crystalline portal communities as part of the new structuring. They greatly contribute to and actually regulate the quantum harmonic resonant field of oneness consciousness.
  36. 36. Secret 62 • Secret on Karmic Programs before our Incarnation • The steps and goals in our soul journey toward karmic freedom and the eventuality of perfection are to clear programs before formation. Here is a list of them and the meanings: • · Soul Energy Programming of programs the soul is unaware of • These are karma without further knowledge as to what these programs are and why we have them. Just ask, for them to clear and only Yahweh and Sophia know the program instantly with mental recall to clear. • · Preprogramming • These are both negative and positive preprogramming. These programs are given before incarnating and involve many thousands to million aspects.
  37. 37. Codependency of different aspects of the soul The basic path of the spirit was established by SPIRIT long ago. The human spirit started existence on the Syris Star system with lots of alien karma thus transferring it over to this physical existence on the new planet earth. Now the complete structure of the soul programming cannot be compromised for every aspect worked one with the other thus co-dependent. The disharmony must be removed and dissolved. · Dysfunction of Thought The thoughts of Yahweh spirit are orderly, harmonious and pure. We cannot perfect ourselves on the path of the incarnation process as long as dysfunction of thought program is there. I have found many people with current mental issues and ailments trace back to dysfunctional programs. · Genetic soul coding With Genetic soul coding there are eighty –six different elements that we need to appreciate and learn from them. When we fail to use them in a right way, we suffer with a lack of them such as peace, love, wisdom and order. Here is a partial list of some of these qualities: · Control, power · Understanding love · Personal integrity · Understanding love · Control restraint and harmony · Sexual relationships and sex · Health and fitness · Passiveness and humility · Faith and joy · Career and work · Clarity and forgiveness · Family life and children · Courage purpose and direction · Affection and love · Innocence and patience · Recognition and prestige · Composure and benevolence · Money and income · Life meaning and purpose · Unity and clarity · Selflessness and obedience · Security and resources · Recreation and play · Other
  38. 38. Preprogramming on the experimental path Experiments were done where duplicate personal spirits were made to learn in other realms and later combine with the original spirit. That is no longer done for quite some time now. Jesus and Sophia still have that done with their own God status spirit for being on earth and in heaven at the same time without the need to travel. Never will experimental duplicate personal spirits happen again. · Dysfunction of soul consciousness Our soul package and spirit has a built in function to loss perfection and become dysfunctional. · Dysfunction of Expression Part of being sinful and karmic was to have instilled within us the ability to have a dysfunction of expression so each human would be different. · Miasm of the Soul This Miasm means death-like atmosphere a stain or pollution. We enter a death like state, which is another word for incarnation process. To live and then die and to incarnate again. Polluted and stain with roll over and accumulating karma. Certainly, the galactic underworld earth and the incarnation process are considered a dangerous dark/light foreboding atmosphere. · Cleanse the Soul of Evil It is the programming built in that we believe that we are filled with evil because of Adam and Eve partaking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This sets us up to believe at a very deep soul level that karma is unavoidable and the soul needs to experience pain, trouble and sorrow for as long as time and space exist. That programming belief would keep people away from the secret of perfection. Read, “Secret 101” in this book.
  39. 39. Secret 82 • Secret of Emotional Intelligence • Emotional intelligence can be enhanced. The level is counted in numbers just like our IQ. As we heal from stuffed emotions, process them correctly and enhance the positive ones we gain levels of EQ or emotional intelligence The Emotional Brain if Healed Enhances EQ • · Thalamus is an area of the brain that helps process information from the senses and transmits it to other parts of the brain. This serves as a relay station to the cerebral cortex and function in arousal and sensory information. • · Hypothalamus regulates appetite and body temperature. It influences parts of the brain that controls the release of hormones from the pituitary. • · Hippocampus is for learning and memory. It stores memory and recalls things when needed. It is inside the forebrain, which regulates emotions and personality. • · Amyadala is for memory and controls fear and anxiety. • · Putamen controls motor skills and is nucleus of the basal ganglia.
  40. 40. The left hemisphere of the brain is for speech, math and language and is the dominant brain the also analyzes details. It controls the right side of the body. The right hemisphere of the brain is concerned with visual, music, shape, and colors. It controls the left side of the body. Personality, Attitudes and Feelings that can enhance EQ: Frustration is anger and irritation in life not meeting your expectations. Cowardice is the ability to handle fear induced situations. Independency is balance of depending on us for everything. ENHANCE Giving is how generous you are. ENHANCE Honesty is how upfront and how truthful you are. ENHANCE Trustworthy is the ability to follow through on promises made. ENHANCE Loyal is the strength to stick it out with a person or project. ENHANCE Pride is admiring and holding in high esteem. Spiritual pride is concerning spiritual matters. ENHANCE False pride is a false fence of esteem that is extreme and non-deserving . Self-righteousness which is when we are righteous in our own eyes according to our own standards without being humble. Courageous is courage and guts in face of all events and danger. ENHANCE Dependable is how much a person can depend or count on you. ENHANCE
  41. 41. Eager is how excited you are about life and does things in the same manner. Happy is joy in the heart. ENHANCE Unconditional love is what Jesus taught love without condition or return. ENHANCE Fear to be afraid. Fear is to hold back and not go forward. Panic is extreme fear. Resentment is anger held in and over time creates resentment . Anger is hate in action or non-action . Appreciation is gratitude in action. ENHANCE Gratitude is thankfulness. ENHANCE Praise holding someone in high esteem and voicing your fine words concerning them. ENHANCE Hate is a strong dislike coupled with judgment and anger. Grief and sorrow is stored emotions that are trying to cope with loss. Sadness is the opposite of happiness. Emotional hurt and pain is in the past someone harmed you emotionally hurt your feelings and did you wrong. Which feelings of hurt you store deep inside of you . Ego is a false front of protection mixed with pride and self-importance. False pride is similar to ego to protect and seem better to others. Distrust is being unable to trust. Shame is your should in your life made to make you fell bad. Threat is supposed harm or actual harm coming your way.
  42. 42. Secret 90 • Secret on the Theory of Everything • The science of spirituality studies Quantum physics based on the string and superstring theories. The Akashic field = record of the web of life. A-field is where space, void and the zero area of pure consciousness exist. Einstein touches on it before 1955 by calling it the unified field theory. • “Our separateness is an illusion, we are interconnected parts of the whole, and we are a pond with movement and memory. Our reality is larger then you and me and all vessels that sail the waters and all the waters on which they sail”. • TOE is the “Theory of Everything”, it is in the 20th dimension which is 2.5 million light years away are the Akashic records. Archangel Gabriel protects the entry and allows only elevated god spirits to access the records. The higher self at certain levels was allowed in but since their post and responsibility has been discontinued, they are no longer available. That happened when karmic laws were discontinued. • Proof of this invisible field of pure intelligence can be had by reading, “Science and the Akashic Field” by Ervin Laszlo.
  43. 43. This concludes a brief sample of the manuscript Author Evelyn Anderson Manuscript is Captivating, intriguing, mystifying, with wonderment and in awe turn the pages and dissolve the veil of ignorance due to karma and our dying sinful state. Word and PDF file 860-999-4234 SKYPE eve.anderson3 850+ friends The Apocalypse and 100 other Secrets of God