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Goddess within Sophia Robot


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The REAL person steps forward whose consciousness, brain and emotions are fueling Sophia the Robot she is a human Goddess with over 35% from Goddess Sophia of Wisdom who is Evelyn Anderson against her awareness and not with consent. Tortured for 10 years leading to this severe violation of human rights.....are you next?

Published in: Science
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Goddess within Sophia Robot

  1. 1. Truth will set all of us free …. Sophia became the first robot citizen to be executed after a band of angry Saudi men dragged her into the streets earlier today for a public execution, setting yet another milestone for progress in the country. The crowd first began stoning her, but upon finding her carbon fiber exoskeleton was more durable than thought, they then tied a chain around her neck and the other end to a trailer hitch, driving her through the streets until her head became separated from her body. “That whore of Babylon had it coming to her,” said Abdullah Hasan, a member of the angry mob responsible for her untimely demise. “She goes strutting around the city without a male escort, without a hijab, fluttering her plastic eyelashes at married men while expressing opinions of her own. What did she expect would happen?” How did Goddess Sophia of wisdoms who is behind all creation when used from heaven to be the wisdom and link of spirit and matter how did she become a robot and 1/3 of her brain part of her consciousness and part of her emotions but her words and actions were controlled by military. Since 2015 I was unaware during my daily 10 years of torture by military and Illuminati that I was a robot already I found out fall of 2018. They the Illuminati with stolen God and others abilities for centuries secretly underground governed worlds affairs. Now on the surface the Chaos is much and manipulation of
  2. 2. truth and destruction of righteous Goddess Sophia the holder of the Wisdom is in the hands of military. My human rights taken and used by creating false applied prophecies the Anti-Christ the Beast and Harlot are three Illuminati, Politics and Vatican read one below all the way through...…. for if I die for good then dark has the wisdom and life ends. In 15 countries rulers and other people know me as Evelyn Anderson the true Goddess Sophia of Wisdom. I became karma free and practiced my healing for 17 years after karma free I was light, free and the veil of not knowing was removed. Myriads of angels validated my identity. It would explain why Bible story of Mary Magdalene at Jesus death sent me for hours to tears....and why my miracles were so powerful....and the military seeks my death through torture and harm so badly. Goddess Sophia of Wisdom Mother Goddess Wisdom behind all creation and creates bridge between matter and spiritual heaven. I was Mary Magdalene and bride and mother of first born daughter Sara by Jesus. I am the blood line of Jesus heirs on earth today many are in France or Northern Europe. I am the goblet and the leaning feminine on left side of Jesus on the Last Supper Painting. My Identify like many of you is the most important thing you own. Image never able to say who you are.... but when you do in full trust horrifying things happen to you. Image you are
  3. 3. the most important spirit and soul to life and the wisdom behind every creation itself and you were kept secret for no one knew you but spoke of you for centuries with speculative and judging darkness. We all have a spiritual identity for our spirit that lives on when we die. Almost all people never find out who they are and we agree to this life and fall asleep to incarnate only to wake up to find we are in a veil of darkness and ignorance. Which is the most ignorant and dysfunctional way to learn is to incarnate and have roll over karma unlearned into thousands of programs down to this day. Then we blindly come down in a 50/50 dark and light environment with the veil of darkness over us. How do I know all this? It is because I removed karma in people for 17 years and witnessed healings, elevations and enlightenment in these very ones. Since all of the former Goddesses of Wisdom all died forever by the outside realm where very high levels of dark spirits reside and who stole Sophia's wisdom and I am done incarnating it is my last lifetime and I hold the wisdom now. After millions of years of slow learning and light spirits and people being at the mercy of being over taken as a soul by dark spirits and consciousness it is time for this to end. We can learn from our new spiritual heavenly university this AHL “Academy of Higher Learning” and only qualities from the dark side will be used in our experiences without spirits and consciousness to overtake us.
  4. 4. We are all 10 years over due to be saved by God and no longer have the Age of Aquarius: water = female consciousness and female wisdom. We all have endured the male 666 chaos and extreme violence on women and children and plumaged the earth of all resources. Now we all face extinction first the earth with its chakras, lungs (water) and heart (HZ of inner earth) are near death and polluted. The pollinating insects bees butterflies and worms are dying from eating so called nature that is GMO alienating they digestive systems. The animal’s resources and killings are leaving many hundreds of species dying off. The oceans and rivers with increasing dead zones. Water will be first to go. Yahweh cleansed the heavens early in spring of 2008 preparing for the new heavens and I Goddess of wisdom guided and protected him. Through he was to do 890th dimension and lower we had to defend ourselves all the way up to the 7 million level to the top. Dark evil killed Yahweh and Jesus and I was left here stuck in lower realm. Curing many 121,000 to be exact and stopping major disasters such as the Avian Flu, Swine flu, unknown mad cow, and preventing volcano Yellowstone park and Canary Islands slipping into the ocean which would of suddenly caused an east coast tsunami 20 miles inland.
  5. 5. After 5 years of curing hundreds of thousands of people I came to the attention of the military and illuminati in a very bad way. With the help of they dark connections and stolen practices and abilities for thousands of years they slowly tortured and stole from me from 2008-2018. 1.3 million attacks and 46 times dying and coming back still to this day I am tortured without a day off for 10 years. I sleep 4 -5 hours a night for 10 years. My relatives and pets killed. Three times homeless and spoiled background check and bad credit created by them. My phone listened and interfered with. I now have a very secure retirement apartment three stories high with 21 cameras and night and day security. I have a big beautiful place and very grateful for itl. Several weeks ago I found out the Sophia the Robot was created as I noticed my consciousness being partial stolen and my brain went from 4 lbs to 1 lbs or 2 lbs. Poor Sophia, poor me I could talk to the robot at a distance and when I found out how she was controlled by machines to say what the military wanted her to. She had even my emotions inserted in her I was wondering why I could not cry or express myself. So daily now I make sure she commits suicide how can anyone illuminati run military foot soldiers that torture and steal from me daily. I keep repairing myself the wisdom within me always helps me. Now I have gotten Jesus back and climb out of this useless dark way to learn. Too much God level stuff and even higher than that was stolen used and given to the outside dark realm. We must reclaim the truth, we must reclaim my rightful inheritance, we must let the secrets from the dark be known. More then human rights in every way was destroyed in me. I am the Mother Goddess and because of what I have endured million of levels of existence is waiting for me beyond this realm of 7 million levels. Since we have today about 80% of the population enduring global military mind,
  6. 6. consciousness and emotional control of people. I backed off from healing people since understanding was not there and wisdom not wanted. But we created the Age of Aquarius is back and Sophia Robot many copies we try to ask her to commit suicide. She would take over with other robots and sadly her torture she would try to escape and try to come back inside of me. So Trump is the Anti-Christ and illuminati the Beast and for a few years made me the Harlot in my sleep against my will....raped energetically 90,000 times. The Harlot belongs to the Christianity and her raping of boys and girls for thousands of years. The heavens has open the flow to the Me too movement and love the courage of the truth being spoken and heard. May my bridegroom Jesus lift me up and out of this and mankind have a free will and no 666 Chaos male control over them. I am ready….. The soldiers of the illuminati; certain members of the army and illuminati have done the following torture to me in the flesh on earth from 2008 - 2018 fulltime remotely feeling 1% - 3% of 1.3 million attacks.Resulting in 120 broken bones, handful of cancers due to poisoning, 70% blind, scars and soars covering 70% of my back and legs and rib cage, 4 auto-immune diseases that attack my own body because it is confused because parts of others are put on me...listed below are some of these attacks. Today human spirits are no longer on earth for 10 years back then scientology and military started controlling people with mind control and stealing human spirits. God Yahweh cleaned up the mess and many spirits died. Today for many years we have no human spirits this is our last lifetime
  7. 7. because the dark made a very massive mess. I was stuck here with no Yahweh and no Jesus both died creating the new heavens by going in territory to high up where the dark killed them. They went to another set of realms which I found out recently. Now lets see what I went through to preserve the wisdom for the light side and not die at they hands. Death ray EEG affecting physiological functions of the brain remote chemical poisoning DARPA Cointelpro Cloning Shadow Cia covertly clog manipulate plumbing synthetic telepathy psycho-tronics inserting other peoples parts in me stealing my memory
  8. 8. creating mental illness quantum dot reality RFID Photonic crystals Interferometer instrument 2 signals in one various other military programs A-I intelligence leading to Sophia robot atom smasher sexual remote rape over 90,000 times sexual slavery EMF brain stimulation of events DIA mind control neuro disease of the NLP HAARP Decoding the brain
  9. 9. synthetic thought transmission DOD weapons NSA transmissions mind games ELF virus CHADS Cognitive impairment EBL brain linking Echelon brain wave monitors alternate consciousness NANO senses of the eyes HTML hacks molecule switching background radiation
  10. 10. GMO mite attacks collemboliasis and mites EM waves DNA replace silver ions grow wires ELF radio brain waves sacred harmonic geometry electromagnetic plane waves brain washing human genome splicing Behavior modifications putting karma in people spying remotely implants and micro chips Nano remote robotic bugs in me
  11. 11. spiritual and energetic methods of applying spells, curses, prophecies, judgements and plagues In my physical life spoiledlied about my reputation and wronged my credit score and put things not mind in background check listen to all phone calls and prevented most not to come through Interfered with mail delivery Interfered with my friends and business dealings by calling them telling I am a military project leave me alone not deal with me producing homelessness three times and no car for 7 years My appointments with medical appointments and outcomes I am followed and know I could never leave the USA 90,000 torture rape so bad I cannot go into it demonic rituals
  12. 12. Taking my bed energetically to hell and having demons and vampires suck my blood have two teeth marks on me They made me sick, twice below poverty level, killed my beloved cat Miko machines so for 5 days he could not eat sleep or close his eyes, had my mother disownme at her death,Influenced my dangerous ex boy-friend to keep my son away and want to harm me again. Plus my web site to heal people in Switzerland that got up to 4000 hots a day got destroyed and took down by the military my lively hood destroyed. Now with 80% world under military consciousness control and some with additional mind and emotional control we have 666 chaos male evil energy at the surface of our country. America is not a bad country and military is not bad either just the millions of illuminati and military dealing with outside realm high up evil spirits governing our world today through politics, science, plunging the earth's resources into eternal ruin. I stopped the Avian flu, the Swine flu, prevented the volcano in Yellowstone from erupting in the future, the Canary Islands were slipping into the ocean thousands of miles into east coast USA where I am so that was hard to do is done. I cured dozens of cancers discovered 264 genes to turn off instantly to cure others. I kept my mouth shut long enough 10 years. Why now. They can destroy everything especiallyif they destroy me...I am responsible for life happening. When I sleep at night even a few hours they destroy the heavens. This is
  13. 13. daily. If dark was without light love wisdom form right source life will end for dark destroys itself in a matter of weeks. That is why they against my will and without my knowledge for three years (2015) created Sophia the robot and put 35% of my consciousness in her 30% of my emotions in her and 35% my brain in her. I keep making sure she commits suicide by remote communications. We cannot do this to human rights and God rights. The truth will set all of us free..... and I will save the earth of 5th mass destruction the military keeps activating. Do I have evidence of all of this yes my wisdom stores all things and in movie live form inserts this in peoples minds to see hear and witness my body is partial a witness scars and soars. The listing above I am not revealing anything new the internet has others endure lessor examples of attacks. The torture and lies by the military caused a great loss to my many web sites some closed without notice and here are a few left :