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Executive summery of businesses for sale


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WOW 14 businesses to choose from entertaining offers at no starting point...860-937-5989 retiring

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Executive summery of businesses for sale

  1. 1. Executive Summery of 14 Opportunities for sale Let’s Get Started…
  2. 2. 12 businesses for sale Since 2002 to 2015 we have created business at varies stages of operation. Three at idea stages million dollar ventures tested and true. Then we have start-ups in beginning stages four of them. We have several businesses tested and true for 14 years. Training and consultation first 45 days after purchase will be honored and conducted long distance by SKYPE and email plus phone. So take a journey through billions of dollars of ideas and setups waiting for you to put your stamp on it. The domain is decided by you and paid by me to you the buyer after purchase.
  3. 3. Executive Bliss Will do well in all locations of the world Busy CEO’s need help with domestic help from estate management to organized skills and projects. Start-up in beginning stages includes training.
  4. 4. My instant Fitness Instant Fitness Fitness Training Instant Fitness programs to take home
  5. 5. 2015-2020 futuristic gadgets and more Futuristic Discoveries
  6. 6. Cultural Gourmet Cooking Club CGCC Cultural Gourmet Cooking Club - Global CGCC m Exclusive membership to the CGCC is a gateway into another world. WE are a Global Club called The Cultural Gourmet Cooking Club . International party planning International celebrity and food lover parties and dinners, cooking classes, events and meetings. Newsletter and membership.
  7. 7. Non-profit genius idea of training homeless cream of the crop to own businesses while preparing to live in vacant properties made into apartments Hopeless to Hopeful
  8. 8. Wedding Planner for pet weddings Pet Weddings Ordain ship training and consultation first 45 days Imagine preforming ceremonies for pet owners and doing the wedding planning.
  9. 9. 12 Different countries of sandwiches, soups and dessert. A Café for any part of the world 12 Wonders of the World
  10. 10. Your business is dormant or near failure you call us. We jump start your goals and help put you back on track. The Business Doctor is In Who are we - The Business Doctor we.html The Business Doctor: The Doctor is In: Home; Services;
  11. 11. New exciting High Tech game of life “Second Chances” Taking Second chances is planning stages as of January 2015 Imagine a game that can change your life Imagine a high tech game that can change your life and it is in your hands. 3 D and Avatar people with your face and events.
  12. 12. Short films on “SHOTS of GENIUS” a media production company. 2-3 minute short films on marvels of health and life. 360 IQ Productions Planning stages and seeking media production experts now
  13. 13. 14 years in 64 countries 13 million hits and tens of thousands healed includes four web sites and gifted healer. Includes E- books and course book. Miracle Healing Institute Genetic discoveries and healing the impossible in Africa
  14. 14. Magazine for the New Age Awakenings First magazine articles and planning stages completed Monthly magazine with marketing plan
  15. 15. The Perfected Diet International and Domestic Books rights buy them here
  16. 16. Four unique wonderful creations Manuscripts Manuscripts: 1) Crimes of the Heart he says I love you so why does it Hurt? 2) 600 Most Amazing APPs 3) Silent Armageddon and 100 other Secrets of God 4) Decadent Chocolate a Global Obsession
  17. 17. Muse and Business Genius Will consider individual sales of web sites 860-937-5989 SKYPE eve.anderson3 USA I have been in business over 40 years I have had modeling agencies, health consulting, fitness training, cleaning businesses, authored four books, developed training and courses. My Swiss web site got 4000 hits a day. Now semi-retired and publishing my book, “Decadent Chocolates, a Global Obsession.” I have inspired and made successful those in the humanitarian efforts, the arts, music, entertainment fields, writings, healing field, and high tech fields. I have protected ideas for locating and enhancing water to increase production of produce. Creating water that heals and enhances the health and longevity of consumers. Consultation, inspiration and business ideas and plans are just a phone call away 860-937-5989 Media, networking package with each business sold Invest a few thousand dollars and make millions