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Brain and nervous system report


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50 sections of the brain are tested and nervous system too the levels and percentages are recorded and what healing was done feel good affects right away. Genetic, Karmic, injury, environmental and lifestyle reasons for your disorders are address and cured with miracles established since 2002 MHI Miracle Healing Institute

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Brain and nervous system report

  1. 1. The brain and spinal cord is the first to develop in a human fetus and is on its way being fully developed by 3 weeks. One neuron may be linked to over 50,000 other neurons in your body. The exact and perfect operation needs fine tuning through this method of healing where we will heal and balance all areas and connections. We show the percent of imbalance corrected in you. Cerebrum _____ Controls all conscious thoughts and actions Ventricles _______ Fluid filled spaces that protect The Brain Stem ________ Area for unconscious processes like Bp, breathing and heart rate Limbic system ________ Area for hunger, sex, and emotions Cerebellum __________ Area for body movements 1 The Detailed Brain and Nervous System Report Treatment and Reading
  2. 2. Protective and support systems of the brain Skull and cranial _________ The Dura Mater ________ Arachnoid membrane ____-____ Subarachnoid space ________ Pia Mater ____________ Cerebrospinal fluid ___________ The Meninges _________ Broca area – understands but do not speak _______ Wernicke’s area – Speech composure ____________ 2
  3. 3. Nervous system Peripheral ___________ Spinal nerves Central Nervous system _________ Spinal cord Somatic system ________ Messages to muscles Sympathetic __________ Activity and use Parasympathetic _______ Relaxes and restores Brain Areas Thalamus __________ Turns conscious decision to reality Hypothalamus __________ Controls body functions and the pituitary for hormones Mammillary body ________ 3
  4. 4. Relay station Fornix ________ Connects things Hippocampus ____________ Memory and learning Par hippocampal ___________ Modify emotions Cingulate Gyrus ______________ Function is unknown Septum Pellucidum _________ Connects Parietal lobes ________________ Area feels sensations from different body areas Occipital lobes ______ Vision Temporal lobes ___________________ Smell, hearing and language Hippocampus long term memory ________ Amygdala sensory clues to memory _________ Sacrum alignment ____________ Cortex where long term memory is stored _________ Right Hemisphere – emotions and art ____________ 4
  5. 5. Left Hemisphere – math, logic and language _______ This treatment will help any of the following disorders: Headaches, shingles, stroke, dementias, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, meningitis, tumors, multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, cerebral palsy, anxiety and panic attacks, abscess in the brain, addictions, coma and brain death, mad cow disease, depression, epilepsy, diabetic nerve damage, hydrocephalus, viral encephalitis, stroke, tremors, tics, Tay-sachs disease, meningitis, myelitis, migraine, schizophrenia, spinal bifida, spine injury. This treatment should be done by everyone since we are all exposed to negative ELF waves from high tech appliances and equipment, HAARP, chemicals, drugs, metals, toxins, poisons and dysfunctional mind karmic programs and dysfunctional thought. Balance of Air __________ Balance of Ether _____ Balance of Earth ______ Balance of Fire _____ Balance of water _____ These Chinese elements should be balanced at all times Polarity 5
  6. 6. Joint to joint centripetal sensory currents ______ Centripetal field ___ Ultra core spine ____ Areas of Brain Function Motor area ___ Sensory area ___ Taste area ___ Intellect, learn & personality ___ Balance area _____ Language area ____ Interpretation area ____ Vision area _____ Inflammation of the brain ____ Infection of brain _____ 6
  7. 7. PONS ____ Swelling _____ Neurotransmitter ______ Blocked Diaphragm ______ Measurements and growth (Warning: you may get more bored, complete task quicker, have instant answers and inflate your ego) Prior and after treatment IQ Intelligence Quotient Prior _____ after _____ EQ Emotional Intelligence Prior _____ after _____ SQ Spiritual Intelligence Prior _____ after _____ Consciousness 5th dimension level VM Vibrational measurements Prior _____ after ______ Percent of brain use at one given time Prior _____ after ______ Brain cells activated ______ Intuitive activated _______ Creativity activated ______ Focus activated _______ 7
  8. 8. Memory activated ______ Size of brain in lbs. and oz. Prior _____ after ______ Brain waves Prior _____ after ______ 8