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7 Most Unique Web sites for Sale


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I have 42 years business experience and have operated 9 companies in a success way. Many of my starter-up web sites and training is now available for sale. See how inventive one can get. Those not listed and businesses I have had include Hot SHOTS Promotions INC a model and talent agency and Natures Findings a natural jewelry and plant hanger business when I was 17 years old still in high school. Now I teach homeless to become entrepreneurs in my first non-profit organization at H to H.

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7 Most Unique Web sites for Sale

  1. 1. 7 Unique Web Sites Ready to go Sites Inc. CREATED BY EVELYN ANDERSON
  2. 2. Free Monthly Dinner parties at home, discounted events, cooking classes, trips and travel ***Carry your membership card globally and attend home parties of cultural and famous members in France, New York, Canada and Switzerland. Membership Intimate groups at rotated homes of like members sharing a good meal and wine plus much laughter. That is only part of the picture when you join the IGCC. On a monthly bases we have meetings and newsletters in seven different languages where we plan a month in advance; dinner party themes like Bali Island Night, Indian feast or maybe Cape Cod ocean picnic. Then monthly we plan events like Paradise Art Festival In North Hampton Mass in spring and fall or perhaps Museum tours in Springfield with large display of Dr. Seuss statures. Then we have book night with dessert and wine for single mixes. WE also have Newport Jazz festival group picnic gatherings. In the USA the cooking classes are attended by published cooks or top chefs and cafe'
  3. 3. Cultural Gourmet Cooking Club CGCC  Most recent creation in spring 2014   Celebrities and regular folks have exclusive  memberships cooking classes  Private dinner parties  Events  Trips  Singles night
  4. 4. We all have a dream We all do not have the patience We all do not have the motivation behind the dream We do not sell products We produce results we stand behind you It is a tall and long uphill battle to lose weight and get more energy plus stay motivated. All you need to do with me is recognize you are worth it and come to me and ask for help I have certification in Nutrition as a trained consultant
  5. 5. Ordained Wedding ceremonies for your beloved pet Mrs. Lynn Anderson is qualified to conduct official weddings that offers this rare but very much in demand service. In USA only 80 people in 300 million do this. Legal wedding ceremonies for pets mostly cats, dogs, horses and even sheep. We provide links and information in getting sources for wedding pet outfits, wedding foods for pets, flowers, decorations and even honeymoon ideas.
  6. 6. 12 Wonders of the World Cafe   This web site and business includes 2 weeks of extensive training
  7. 7. The Business Doctor is In  Here is a list of services we have offered: Making a custom business plan Starting and forming a business Marketing and expansion Stress management Operations and procedures Documents custom made for you High tech media Legal and finance Social networking Support network Hiring and training Events planning Global expansion Cash flow Bottom line profits Business evaluations You are a new business owner or maybe a business that has slowed over time and are in a rut. No, maybe just stressed and non-productive with profits just marginal. The unity, moral and cooperative interpersonal skills and atmosphere at work is suffering. New blood and new solutions without rehiring are needed. We have the answers, resources, and documents to make it happen. You are a women with huge responsibilities and problems like any man would have in business. You yearn for that female business professional solution with a company director that has decades of experience. Allow me to introduce myself, Lynn Anderson, a life coach and business consultant. Our professional PowerPoint presentation will address your questions in a affective and informative way.
  8. 8. Miracle Healing Institute  This is NOT a starter up business it has a long history 13 years and 13 million hits in 64 countries and a healer comes with the business - 90,000+ people cured  plus four other web sites are included  Our Global Healing Mission Our mission is to offer non-invasive, safe, easy, inexpensive, and remotely done health care. Here we test and healed over 264 disorders in over 54 countries for 9 years. We have had 13 million hits and 156,000 free health checkups and over 90,000 healings. All checkups come with the exact time lines and % of cures promised before healing is done. Our mission to give options and choices. We consider invasive cutting and drugging a bit primitive. We here wish to leave clients with healed parts not artificial replaced ones but healed back to a perfected state of operating and functioning. People all over the world suffer also from a cellular and energy level; which is not tested by Doctors. Our Institute turns off up to 264 different genes for illness which jump starts the healing for genetic disorders.
  9. 9. All Web sites for sale  Purchase can be together in a package deal or separate  Any licensing or non-profit status or regulations and registrations are included  IN person or SKYPE training is included  ALL web sites will be re-designed and domain name is purchased after sale  ALL search engines entries will be included  Sales can occur in any country  Contact The director designer and creator of these businesses at 860-999-4234  Or email at or SKYPE me at eve.anderson3  Join us at we have over 900 friends from 16 countries