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600 most amazing apps PDF


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600 most amazing APPs are researched and reported on including 100 best APPS for colleges. WE seek a publisher. See how to make your own APPS and which ones are the hottest ones on the market.

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600 most amazing apps PDF

  1. 1. 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Eva Anderson Po Box 463 Enfield CT 06083 Word Doc double spaced 44366 words 452 pages 600+ APPS 353 pictures and icons Index not done yet Cover ideas on last page 600 MOST AMAZING APPS
  2. 2. 2 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Introduction Recently the current Apps revolution began and in today’s world we can boast an amazing apps supply numbering tens of billions strong. We can seem over whelmed in a vast sea of endless apps. Some apps have been impressively creative while others enormously practical. Who of us have the time to sort through all of these? We spent 3690 hours to compile this book to make your life easier, is that not what apps should do to begin with? Do you need help producing your first real App for business? Did you know that you could spend as little as $100 to start producing an App to over $10,000? This well informed book will help you know the market. Perhaps you wish to have the latest popular one of a kind App on your phone or computer. Perhaps you are in business and wish for your corporation to be APP user savvy. Find out how to safeguard your apps from the most common threats. No matter what reason you may have this book was written just for you. The market place includes Smartphones and Google’s Android market and has as of January 2012 surpassed 400,000 active Android apps: with an estimated 100,000 active publishers. Approximately two-thirds of the inventory in the Android Market can be obtained for free. This sample information just bogs the brain. So many are globally created and used each and every day that it is impossible to finger that out. Let’s take a wild and wonderful tour, fastened your seatbelts and enjoy the ride into the information highway of APPs!
  3. 3. 3 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Table of Contents Introduction_____________________________________________________________________________________________2 How to make Apps__________________________________________________________________________________________________18 Future of Apps__________________________________________________________________________________________________27 Winetasting Apps__________________________________________________________________________________________________29 10 Most Expensive Apps__________________________________________________________________________________________________32 A-Z Brain Teaser Apps__________________________________________________________________________________________________41 Golf Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________100 Parent and Teen Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________135 Business Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________167 Security Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________195 Popular Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________197 Open Source Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________243 Game Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________252 Travel Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________258 Education Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________266
  4. 4. 4 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Entertainment Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________272 Tool Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________275 Media and Video Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________287 Communication Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________298 Finance Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________303 Utility Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________305 Shopping Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________306 Book and Reference Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________308 Health and Fitness Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________313 Photography Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________316 Cooking Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 320 Social and Dating Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________363 Transactions made easy Apps_________________________________________________________________________________________________384 Microsoft essential Apps _________________________________________________________________________________392
  5. 5. 5 600 MOST AMAZING APPS As the popularity of the smart phone rises, so does the popularity of smart phone applications. Anyone with coding and programming knowledge can make smart phone apps for any platform, from games and entertainment apps to those designed for educational or productivity purposes. Creating a smart phone app may require registration depending on the platform you choose, as well as software and SDK (software development kit) downloads, for you to code, develop and test your application. Have a question Read more: Instructions 1 Choose a platform for your app, such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile. While many apps are available through more than one platform, if you've never made a smart phone app before, it's wise to start with one platform and move on to others How to make an iPhone App and Sell It
  6. 6. 6 600 MOST AMAZING APPS once you have been successful. The best platform for you is the one you are most comfortable with, such as the type of smart phone you use most frequently. 2 Browse your platform's app store for ideas on applications. If you already have an idea for an app, check out the competition. Most app stores are divided into categories such as "Games" or "Lifestyle." Find and download a few apps that appear similar to yours, then take notes on how yours will stand apart and what else it will offer customers. Create Apps For A New Generation Students Devs Build Yours Today! 3 Register to be an app developer with Apple or BlackBerry for the iPhone or BlackBerry platforms, both of which are free. If you are interested in Android or Windows Mobile, there is no registration required. See Resources for these platforms' online development centers. 4
  7. 7. 7 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Download the guides and tutorials available on the online development centers to read specific instructions on how to get started on your platform. Your platform will also have specific instructions on tools and software you will need. In each case, you will need to own the type of smart phone you are developing to test your app, as well as the latest version of your platform's SDK. 5 Test your app frequently throughout the creation process to check for bugs and other issues. After you submit your app to your platform, you can make changes and updates in future versions, but customers can rate and review your app on the app store immediately, so the first version should be as solid as possible.
  8. 8. 8 600 MOST AMAZING APPS . Things You'll Need How to make iPhone Apps
  9. 9. 9 600 MOST AMAZING APPS  To develop iPhone and iPod touch applications with SDK you must have an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X Leopard or later. o 1 The first thing you will need to do to make iPhone Apps is to join the iPhone Developer Program. This program will provide you with the tools necessary to create an iPhone app, test it, and get your app into the iPhone store. There is a Standard Program for $99 and an Enterprise Program for $299. The Standard Program is for people that are developing free and commercial applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. These applications will be distributed through the iTunes App Store. The Enterprise Program is for businesses with at least 500 employees and will be creating applications for use with their business to be used on the iPhone and iPod Touch. o 2 The next thing you will need to do to make iPhone Apps is to develop your application. Using the iPhone SDK you can create your application with ease. There are resources like videos and sample codes to help you create your perfect application. There are also technical documents and how to’s that will help you through the whole process.
  10. 10. 10 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Some of the development tools include xCode which is the development environment. This will help you manage and debug your application. There is also a source editor to help you out along the way. Other tools include the iPhone Simulator to run test and debug your application and Interface builder to help you design a user friendly interface with an easy drag and drop feature.  Leading VM Backup Setup in Minutes. Easy to Use. Enterprise Features at Great Price! Once you have your application built you can test it on your iPhone or iPod touch to see exactly what your potential customers will see. Test in real time using the xCode application to help you debug the program and test through the 3G connection on your iPhone to see the true experience of your new and exciting app. o 4
  11. 11. 11 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Now you will need to distribute your iPhone apps. With iPhone SDK you get to pick the price of your new app, you get 70% of the sales revenue it creates through monthly checks. There is no charge for free apps and no credit card, hosting, or marketing fees to worry about either! Millions of APPS globally have about 175+ different topics from Games to Travel, and from money to organizing. The least expensive APP to create is $100 and can go over $10,000 each. Many Apps offered from companies are free but boring or limited. Some of the most expensive can be crazy good. Here is the most expensive APPs for sale. How many topics do APPS have? The Future of Apps
  12. 12. 12 600 MOST AMAZING APPS The future innovation and advances already exist. Currently Facebook has facial recognition software that automatically tags people that it identifies in uploaded pictures. Emotiv Systems neuroheadset ($299) can read a user’s brain waves, letting users control and manipulate virtual objects as well as physical objects with mere thoughts. What can this possible do? One simple app, a smartphone owner could tell a self-stabilizing robot to patrol using facial recognition. Then bot could detect and report friends, unknown people or objects. Bots could transmit information to another user link then to a social network and be used in location based complex games. Future app AR Drone Drone Ace allows you to take pictures from the AR.Drone with a simple button push in a style similar to the iPhone camera app. The media bar in Drone Ace makes it simple. Just tap the camera icon. Why wait for FreeFlight 2.0 when you can have their “Revolutionary” features now?
  13. 13. 13 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Drone Ace is leading the way with Simple Mode. Apparently Parrot, the manufacturer of the AR.Drone likes our Simple Mode and has implemented it in their upcoming AR.FreeFlight app as “Absolute mode”. Using the media bar, it is easy to switch between the AR.Drone cameras. The up and down arrows is all it takes to switch between the four camera modes: Front, Bottom, Front with Picture in Picture Bottom, or Bottom with Picture in Picture Front. Drone Ace has an optional Roll and Yaw mixing not found in any other app. It allows you to fly like a pro and make coordinated turns. The controls should fit the user. The user shouldn’t have to fit the controls. Drone Ace provides an adjustable “toe-in” setting that lets the user find what is comfortable for them. Drone Ace has more control methods than any other app. In addition to the standard Accelerometer methods of control, Drone Ace offers: Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3, Mode 4, and Accelerometer Swapped.
  14. 14. 14 600 MOST AMAZING APPS All these modes can be combined with combined Roll and Yaw and/or elevation inversion. All those combinations can now be combine with our exclusive “Simple Mode” In any combination above, on the iPad, you can now turn on Fling Mode for use with the Ten-One Fling joysticks. This means Drone Ace now has a total of 96 possible control style combinations. This ensures you can find a way that you like to fly. T h e F u t u r e o f A p p s According to Forrester Research, innovation in the world of mobile apps is increasing massively. It is expected to be a $38 billion market by 2015. Although we’ve been lead to believe there’s app for almost everything, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Business opportunities associated with apps are just at an infancy. From one end of the spectrum with hyper-personalized, hyper-local and hyper-social apps right through to the enterprise market which alone is well on the way to spending $17 billion deploying apps, the overall market and number of use-cases are booming. Today’s smartphones literally are a blank slate, and we haven’t even begun to see what can be achieved. A smartphone is like a PC in your pocket.
  15. 15. 15 600 MOST AMAZING APPS The average smartphone user checks Facebook 14 times a day and spends approximately half an hour a day on Facebook (Source: A recent study commissioned by a company in Menlo Park, California). By 2015, it is estimated that mobile Internet usage will surpass desktop usage. Considering the countless ways that people now use smartphones, some have compared the smartphone to a Swiss Army Knife. Since mid-April of 2013, an underdog apps company has been paving an untrodden frontier that will soon be rolling out a newfangled breed of apps, only this time, with an innovative spin. These applications will include gaming apps, social media apps, and more. Clearly, the company intends to become the head honcho in the application industry, as stated in their promotional materials. A recent company newsletter states that their goal is to reach one million users before June 15, 2013, which will be a record. Article Source:
  16. 16. 16 600 MOST AMAZING APPS #1 Wine App for iPhone & iPad Your wine shop companion, Approach Guides’ wine app for iPhone and iPad gives you all the information you need — detailed profiles of regions, appellations, grape varieties, and vintages — to pick a great wine every time. Wine Tasting
  17. 17. 17 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Food Pairings Wonder what wine will pair perfectly with your meal? AG Wine gives you basic food pairing information to help you choose the perfect match.
  18. 18. 18 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Choose by Style In the mood for a big, bold red or a light, crisp white? AG Wine makes suggestions based on your preferences. Wine Regions The backbone of AG Wine's structure. Get region-by-region descriptions that offer advice and strategy for choosing the best offerings. Grapes & Appellations The heart and soul of AG Wine. Here you will find detailed, country-specific profiles of grape varieties and appellations. The unique qualities of place (terroir) are highlighted.
  19. 19. 19 600 MOST AMAZING APPS IPhone apps generate a lot of buzz in this Apple world of ours, whether they’re useful, entertaining, offensive or just plain expensive. Below is a list of the ten most expensive iPhone apps. Are they useful? In some cases, that’s debatable. After all, the most expensive iPhone app in the App Store’s brief history was little more than a screen saver—that is, before Apple pulled it following user complaints. Nursing Constellation Plus (Skyscape) – $179.99 Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps
  20. 20. 20 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Another medical app, Nursing Constellation Plus is intended for use by, er, nurses. Big surprise, that. The app has a variety of reference tools, including a drug dosing calculation tool, medical dictionary and a book of diagnostic tests. ROSIE Home Automation (Savant Systems LLC) – $199.99 Finally, something really freak in’ cool—ROSIE Home Automation turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control for ROSIE-enabled lighting, security, audio/video and other systems. iDcrm (Numenes) – $199.99 This app is intended to sync with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and provide all of the same functionality. It also has the ability to work offline. Lexi-Dental Complete (Lexi-Comp) – $299.99
  21. 21. 21 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Much like Nursing Constellation Plus, Lexi-Dental Complete is a library of reference material—except for dentists. As such, their promotional image is GROSS. A slightly less expensive version, Lexi-Dental Select, is also available. Mobile Cam Viewer (mobiDEOS, Inc.) – $349.99 Mobile Cam Viewer allows monitoring and control of NVR, DVR or Video Server surveillance systems. Of course, seeing as this is an app for the security conscious, access to the systems is encrypted. PDR Quote (Labra PTY LTD.) – $349.99 Used to generate quotes for PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) and other automobile repairs, PDR Quote contains a database of over 900 automobile makes and models and allows prices to be customized and adjusted for tax codes. MATG (MyAccountsToGo) – $449.99
  22. 22. 22 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Two varieties of this app are available—SAP BusinessOne and Dynamics GP. Both allow access to their respective financial management systems and may be synced via secure FTP, HTTP or HTTPS. iRa Pro (Lextech Labs) – $899.99 Intended for security professionals who need to maintain unlimited mobility, iRa Pro allows users to monitor IP-based surveillance equipment. Much like Mobile Cam Viewer, above, this expensive iPhone app interfaces with a video management server to provide that extra sense of security that comes from knowing that you can always check in on whatever it is you’re protecting. 50 billionth download Say the Same Thing App Agence France-Presse May 16, 2013 What do you think? Brandon Ashmore of Mentor, Ohio downloaded word game Say the Same Thing from Apple's App Store and in the process, set a new record and won a $10,000 gift voucher.
  23. 23. 23 600 MOST AMAZING APPS The milestone was passed on Wednesday at 2pm PT and on Thursday, Apple officially confirmed both the achievement and the details of the lucky winner. However, as well as Ashmore, who is now $10,000 richer -- at least in apps terms -- the 50 people who downloaded apps immediately after the milestone was achieved will also be receiving $500 app gift cards. It has taken Apple only 14 months to go from 25 billion to 50 billion downloaded apps, and the company is quick to stress that the totals do not include updates or re-installs, just unique apps. That works out at 800 app downloads a second, every second. No one, not even Steve Jobs could have predicted the impact that apps would have on modern, connected life. They have become such a part of the fabric of smartphone, tablet and, to a lesser extent, desktop use, that it's easy to forget that when the iPhone first launched in 2007, it was without apps. The App Store didn't open its virtual doors until July 2008 and when it did, iPhone and iPod touch users had a mere 500 apps to choose from. Today, that number has swollen to over 850,000. The 50 billionth app downloaded, Say The Same Thing is described by its developers, Space Inch as "a totally new kind of word game," the object of which is to guess a word that connects two other words. The latest statistics provided by Apple show that the most popular paid-for app of all time is Angry Birds, while the most popular free app in the history of the store is Facebook.
  24. 24. 24 600 MOST AMAZING APPS 50 billionth download
  25. 25. 25 600 MOST AMAZING APPS
  26. 26. 26 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Apple Apps for IPhone Time Out Free: This clever app gently reminds you that the body isn't made to be sitting at a computer all day so the app can be set to remind you to take a break and MOVE. The Perfect Diet: This is a diet app that helps you control your weight. This app manages the number of calories you consume as well as manages your activities of daily living to find out how many calories you are burning. Yummy Soup: This fun app is a recipe organization and sharing program. If you are looking to share or find delicious recipes, this app is for you. Unfortunately, I see a few entries that aren't all that healthy; however, this app can give you good ideas and in turn, the health-conscious cooker in you can make the recipe more nutritious. Sports and Fitness Department
  27. 27. 27 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Daily Abs Workout: I'd take a pass on this app. Health and Fitness consumers (and especially readers) are too educated these days to sell a 5 minute daily abs workout. We aren't going to get far by doing ONLY a 5 minute ab routine every day. You get what you pay for. I'd rather see a more well-rounded routine rather than pay for this $.99 app. If you are looking for convenient ways to improve your health by use of your computer, I'd recommend the Mac App store Health and Fitness Category.
  28. 28. 28 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Enjoy hours of intriguing, fun, cool, weird, strange, entertaining and awesome brain teasers in this app. You will find challenging riddles to solve, fun math tricks to ponder, and tricky word plays to quiz your friends! This app is entirely FREE! So be sure to check it out! App Features: ✓ Save your favorite brain teasers! ✓ Share your favorite brain teasers via Email! ✓ SMS your favorite brain teasers! ✓ Post your favorite brain teasers directly to Facebook! Brain Teasers A-Z Brain Teasers by ITunes By Michael Quach
  29. 29. 29 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Plane Finder HD Plane Finder AR blends the data from our Plane Finder virtual radar apps with the Augmented Reality capabilities of the iPhone to show you what is flying overhead. The app is fun to use and is very dynamic. It will work in all areas for which we have coverage. Please check our web map at or ask a question via to make sure we cover your area. We are adding feeds all of the time so it's always worth checking back in regularly. Plane Finder AR works by picking up ADS-B plane feeds used by all commercial planes to transmit their name, position, destination and lots more. Check out our Plane Finder and Plane Finder HD apps for an amazing radar like view of the air traffic across the world. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad  $2.99  Category: Navigation  Updated: Oct 11, 2011  Version: 2.01  Size: 1.2 MB  Seller: pinkfroot limited  © pinkfroot limited 2010 Rated 4+
  30. 30. 30 600 MOST AMAZING APPS FEATURES - Visual Acuity Test - Astigmatism Test - Duo chrome Test - Color Test - Far field vision test - Optician Finder - Eye Quiz - Eye Advice and facts - iPhone / iPod / iPad support Vision Test This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad  Seller: 3 SIDED CUBE DESIGN LTD  © 2011 3 SIDED CUBE Rated 4+
  31. 31. 31 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Description Groovy Beats is a fun way to create beautiful music when you have time to kill. Waiting in line? On the train? These are perfect times for trying out your creative genius! Use a range of instruments, tap out a pattern and listen how they sound together. It is like having an orchestra of your own to experiment with. The idea is based on some original research on how music can be “seen” and how children can use patterns to make music. But the effect is amazing on both adults and children! It is a great way to introduce children to use their creativity in music, it teaches the fun of experimenting and at the same time helps with their visualization skills development – since effectively they are thinking of the effect of the pattern they are creating. It is equally fun for adults to play with it and find their hidden talent with music. And to bring your genius to people the app comes with the ability to share with the world. There is a space to see what other people are creating, like them and follow them. Or you can just share with your friends on Facebook. Features: - 10 instruments to select from (including chords) - Unlimited number of use of the instruments in different tunes - Solo/Mute to play and perfect tune by tune - Unlimited play by ability to extend the board - Volume control for each tune and instrument Groovy Beats
  32. 32. 32 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Dentify Normally, when you convert a video file to the format used by iOS devices such as the iPad, iPod, iPhone or AppleTV, all the information about the video is missing! The only thing you see is the name of the file where the title of the video should be! Enter iDentify! iDentify looks at the name of files as they are added to it. Based on the name of the file, iDentify determines wether it is a TV Show or movie based on common naming conventions. From the file name, a lot of information can be gleaned, such as movie title, show name, season number, episode number, year of release, and imdb code. iDentify can then automatically look on The TVDB, The Movie DB, and tagChimp to gather more information about the title, such as description, rating, chapter names and more! iDentify also inspects the file and can automatically turn on the HD flag on the movie when the resolution of the file goes above a set minimum! iDentify not finding info about your video? Fixing it is easy! Simply edit the movie title or show name to match that found on, or (respectively) and click rescan! Want to change the tags of multiple files in one fell swoop? No problem! Add the files to iDentify, select all the ones you want to edit from the list, and click edit. All changes you make are now applied to all selected files! When you are done, just click "Process Files" to write the new information to your files, and when iDentify is done, you are ready to add your videos to iTunes! This is the full (registered) version of iDentify. It includes features like automatic file renaming, auto add to iTunes, the ability to automatically process files when they are added and more
  33. 33. 33 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Wonders of the Universe by Brian Cox Description Take a mind-blowing 3D tour of the Universe with Professor Brian Cox as your guide. The official Wonders app by arrangement with the BBC. AWARDED APPSTORE BEST OF 2012 US AND UK ★ Now for iPhone and iPad 1 - with added features: cause the supernova explosion of Betelgeuse! Land on the surfaces of Mars, the Moon, Io and Enceledus! ★ Journey up from the smallest particles, past the moons and planets of the Solar System, out through the Oort Cloud to the Milky Way, past our Local Stars and out to distant galaxies before arriving, finally, at the edge of the known Universe. On the way you will encounter the likes of seething Red Giants, beautiful Nebulae, pulsing Neutron stars and confront a daunting vision of a Black Hole sucking down a hapless star, all rendered in spectacular 3D. Professor Brian Cox provides mind-expanding insight in over 200 interactive articles pinned to the stars, planets, galaxies and other wonders modelled in extraordinary 3D, written in his accessible style and accompanied by two and a half hours of video from the BBC TV series Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe. The app also includes hundreds of infographics and images of space objects supplied by astronomy experts, NASA and other space researchers. • Explore the entire Universe in 7 interlinked scales from sub-atomic to the edge of the known Universe, or take Brian's tours • Two-and-a-half hours of BBC video from the Wonders TV series (requires wifi) • 50+ spectacular 3D models of planets, moons, galaxies and nebulae to discover • Over 200 interactive articles by Brian telling the story of the Universe • Hundreds of beautiful images from around the cosmos • High resolution graphics optimised for the new iPad
  34. 34. 34 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Description "Am I Fat?" is a app which calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)& tells you the number with which BMI category you are in. Then app tells you are what you should do according to your category. Using Your BMI Number , Your age & Gender app calculates your Body Fat Percentage (BFP) with compare to the others in your age category & tells you whether you are fat than them or normal. Then app tells you again what you should do according to your BFP. App has simple tips about daily weight loss activities and food consuming behavior for you. App shows you what health problems you will face by being an overweight or underweight person. Am I Fat?
  35. 35. 35 600 MOST AMAZING APPS News Whip News Whip Free What’s it about? News aggregator NewsWhip finds the most interesting and important news of the day by scanning what “billions” of people find important through social networks. What’s cool? NewsWhip is the ultimate means of crowd- sourcing. The app scans through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, grabbing the popular stories that have been shared heavily among the huge numbers of users there. In that way, NewsWhip can get you stories that are popular and heavily shared, keeping you up on what’s happening. You can filter the news feed in a number of ways, as well as see what’s trending among users in 10 different countries. Who’s it for? News junkies, give NewsWhip a try for a new way to find out the news stories that have gone viral. What’s it like? For another way of getting hold of important stories from around the world, try BBC News or Pulse News.
  36. 36. 36 600 MOST AMAZING APPS 360 Panorama Our computer vision doctors performed a vision check-up and calibration for the new cameras on the iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad mini, and iPad (4th generation). Perfect 360-360 vision!
  37. 37. 37 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Spy Glass Description $3.99 Spyglass is a powerful toolkit essential for every outdoorsman. Augmented reality navigator and a compass for the off-road. Packed with many useful tools: a hi-tech viewfinder, milspec compass, gyrocompass, maps, tactical GPS, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, gyro horizon, sniper's rangefinder, coordinate converter, sextant, inclinometer, angular calculator and zoom camera. Save, find, track and share your position, multiple waypoints, bearings, Sun, Moon and stars, all in real time. EVERY HARDWARE SENSOR IN USE Turn your device into an advanced milspec gadget employing every sensor — GPS, digital compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, camera and more.
  38. 38. 38 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Appy Gamer Free Appy Gamer delivers all the games news you will ever need in a sleek and fully customisable app. Never before has such a comprehensive set of games news sources been assembled into such a handy little package. It doesn’t matter what your platform of choice is, or which games push your buttons – Appy Gamer has got your craving for gaming news covered. Appy Gamer lets you become your own news editor. Build your own gaming news channels and be alerted - in real time - on the stuff that interests you the most. Whether you want to know about PS3 or Xbox, FPS or RPG, Nintendo or PC, World of Warcraft or Diablo, this app is perfect for you. Follow the platforms and games you care about and get the latest reviews straight away so you are always the first to know what’s hot and what’s not. Appy Gamer explores and organises hundreds of articles into a cleverly laid-out user interface from over 25 leading games news sources, including CVG, Eurogamer, Slide To Play, T3, Edge, PC Gamer and much more... Full articles, photos and videos are delivered directly to your device so you never miss a thing. Set custom alerts so you are always up to date when a new story about your favourite game breaks.
  39. 39. 39 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Free With Wolfram|Alpha on your Android™ mobile device, you get the answers you're looking for on a broad range of topics. Discover new facts, gain insight, compute almost anything, and share what you find with your friends. Wolfram Alpha
  40. 40. 40 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Air Video Description $2.99 Enjoy your entire video collection everywhere! * Get more of your video library on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Air Video is a great solution to watch your AVI, DivX, MKV and other videos. ★ Video Streaming ★ Don't synchronize your videos, watch them over air! Suddenly the capacity of your devices is infinite! ★ Live Conversion ★ Air Video supports almost all video formats and performs the conversion "on-the-fly". No waiting for files to convert, they are done in real time as you watch! ★ One Touch Offline Conversion ★ If you want to store your video inside the device instead of streaming it, Air Video will convert it for you to iPhone friendly format. Forget the hassle with conversion settings, just one tap and the video conversion is on.
  41. 41. 41 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Real Racing HD - 6 car grid. Unlock 48 cars in 4 classes and 12 unique tracks set in city, forest and desert environments. $2.99 - 6 game modes including massive career mode with 76 events. - Touch or tilt to steer, manual or automatic acceleration and braking. - In-car cockpit view or external camera. - *NEW* up to 4-person online multiplayer through Game Center (3G or Wi-Fi). - Local multiplayer supporting up to 6 players (over Wi-Fi). - Earn more than a dozen all-new achievements. View achievements and leaderboards in the Game Center app (on iOS 4.1 devices). Online content requires an internet connection. - Watch video replays and easily upload to YouTube.
  42. 42. 42 600 MOST AMAZING APPS The Guardian Eyewitness $2.99 Created by the same team that developed the Guardian iPhone app and the Guardian iPad edition, the app offers: • Rolling access to the latest 100 images from our award-winning photography series - free • Custom designed interface built specifically to take advantage of the iPad • 'Pro tips' written by our award-winning photography team to offer technical insights • Photographic EXIF data, when available • View collections as a slideshow and thumbnails • Ability to save photos as favourites and share them via email, Twitter and Facebook • Pixel-perfect retina display images for new iPads • Optional auto-renewable subscription for extra daily photographs Free access to our original, award-winning Eyewitness photography series, which appears in full colour in the center spread of the Guardian newspaper each day
  43. 43. 43 600 MOST AMAZING APPS News Rack Description £2.99 *** NEW: Now also available for Mac OS X *** NewsRack is a full-featured RSS reader for iPhone and iPad with an intuitive interface. Skim over the latest headlines on a beautiful rack of newspapers (only iPhone/iPod touch) or use the powerful classic interface to read and organize feeds. Features: - Synchronization with Google Reader (optional) - Download of embedded images for offline viewing - Organization of feeds in categories (synced with Google Reader) - Integrated mini browser to read the original website of a news item - Sharing via Email, Twitter, Instapaper, Facebook, ReadItLater and Delicious. - Gorgeous slideshow mode (only on iPad) More information and a demo video are available on
  44. 44. 44 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Description Get the best reading experience available on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch: • Shop in the Kindle Store by visiting Amazon for the largest selection of books people want to read: over 1,500,000* books. Choose from over 650,000 titles for £3.99 or less and 300,000 Kindle-exclusive titles that you won’t find anywhere else, including books by bestselling authors such as Phil Rickman. • Enjoy popular magazines and newspapers, such as The Economist, The Spectator, The Guardian and The Daily Mail, with high-resolution colour images.* • E-mail PDFs & other documents to your new Send-to-Kindle e-mail address and we deliver them to your device. The documents are archived automatically in the Amazon Cloud and available for re-downloading on your iOS or supported Kindle devices. You can also read PDFs from Mail, Safari, or by transferring them from iTunes. • Get free book samples – read the first chapter for free before you decide to buy. • Customise your reading experience by choosing the margin size, background colour, font size, and either portrait or landscape format. • Instant dictionary word lookup. Press and hold a word to view the definition. Use the Google and Wikipedia links to get more information. • Search inside the book to find a character, topic or section you want to revisit. • Simply tap on either side of the screen or swipe to turn pages. • You can also read your Kindle books on your Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, PC, Mac, Android-based device, and Windows Phone 7-based device. Our Whispersync technology syncs your last page read, notes, bookmarks and highlights across devices, so you can pick up where you left off. • Accessibility features make it easier for blind and visually impaired customers to navigate their Kindle libraries, read & interact with books, and more. Enable VoiceOver in your device settings to begin. Kindle
  45. 45. 45 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Description Free It’s easier than ever to enjoy this groundbreaking monthly on your iPad. Subscribe to the iPad edition of WIRED or, if you’re already a print subscriber in the US or Canada, download the WIRED app to access the tablet version for free. In the May issue of WIRED, we devote every page to a celebration of our 20th anniversary: an encyclopedic look at the WIRED world, from Angry Bird to ZeuS crimeware. Twenty years ago, in his very first editor’s letter, Louis Rossetto wrote, “There are a lot of magazines about technology. WIRED is not one of them. WIRED is about the most powerful people on the planet today: the Digital Generation.” Exactly two decades later, the time has come to reflect on this generation of leaders, thinkers, and makers. These people, their companies, and their ideas have transformed the future we live in today. They have made progress—and WIRED—possible. Don’t miss “Titans,” a photo essay of the champions of innovation by renowned portraitist Platon; the Internet meme quiz; Biz Stone on faking it; and more! It’s the WIRED vision of how technology is shaping the future, and it features content not available in the print magazine. Want more? You can download back issues of WIRED starting from June 2010. Wired Magazine
  46. 46. 46 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Description $5.99 Mondo Solitaire is the ultimate Solitaire experience for your iPad. With over 100 games and over 200 different combinations of gameplay, you're sure to find your favorites, such as Klondike and FreeCell, plus many new games to discover, from Angkor Wat to Xerces. Mondo Solitaire's beautiful, crisp graphics let you easily identify your cards and assess your current move. Clever tools like the magnifying glass and the paper clip help you intuitively manage your game. A familiar library search lets you sort and select all of your games -- by name, style, favorites, and even popularity. The categorized interface makes it really easy to find the exact game you want to play. Mondo Solitaire is a true casual game you can play whenever and wherever, yet dismiss quickly to surf the web or send messages. When finished, simply tap on the game application's icon and head right back into the action! If you want just the top 5 Solitaire games from Mondo Solitaire, check out our "Mondo Top 5 Solitaire for iPad" game! Mondo Solitaire
  47. 47. 47 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Epicurious Description Free You can use the Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List app on either the iPhone or the iPad. Whether you launch the app from an iPhone or iPad, you get the same robust feature set, customized for the device you're currently using. One App, Two Devices, Loads of Features: —BROWSE our most popular featured recipe collections, from Weeknight Dinners to Cool Cocktails. Your device will be automatically updated with all our latest recipes. —SEARCH food or drink recipes by keyword, or swipe through icons on the Search screen to filter by what's in your fridge, what's healthy, what's in season, what holidays are coming up, and more. —SAVE recipes to your personal Favorites list. —SHOP on the go by saving recipes to your Shopping List. At the store, check off items as you shop. —NEW! SHARE recipes and shopping lists with friends via e- mail, Facebook, Twitter, and more. —COOK with help from your iPad or iPhone: Both apps offer cooking-friendly views that make it easy to follow a recipe step by step.
  48. 48. 48 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Good Reader ANNOTATE! Annotation is a feature long sought after by users who want to add their own mark-ups to PDFs, especially those collaborating as a team on shared documents. The types of annotations that can be created and edited in GoodReader include typewriter text boxes, popup comments ("sticky notes"), text highlights, freehand drawings, lines, arrows, rectangles, ovals, cloudy shapes, text underlines, strikeouts, text insertion marks. *MANAGE FILES! GoodReader lets you create folders, move, copy and rename your files; zip, email, unzip and unrar them; plus send your files to other apps. *TRANSFER FILES! Within moments of downloading GoodReader, you’ll be transferring files in a number of ways: directly from your computer over a USB cable or WiFi connection, from the Internet or from email attachments. It also easily integrates with Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, and other WebDAV, AFP, SMB, FTP and SFTP servers. *SYNC YOUR FILES AND FOLDERS! The amazing Auto Sync feature will work with Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync,, and any other WebDAV, AFP, SMB, FTP or SFTP server *PDF HYPERLINKS! The PDF hyperlink feature allows you to quickly jump back and forth within the document. Tapping a link quickly whisks you across a huge PDF book in an instant, and the “Go Back” button will take you back to the page you came from. *MORE VIEWING AREA! With no bars or buttons blocking the text, you’ll experience true full-screen reading. Do your document’s pictures split in halves across two pages? That’s not a problem with GoodReader – one of the only apps to offer a special double-page mode for viewing the entire spread! And if large page margins are annoying, get rid of them with GoodReader’s special PDF crop tool! *ZOOM! You can even use the 50x zoom, giving you a better view without distorting the image. Perfect for PDF maps and drawings. $4.99 TEXT SEARCH! If you know what you’re looking for, the Text Search feature helps you find your way to the exact info you want in any PDF or TXT file. TONS OF OTHER FEATURES! We keep surprising our existing
  49. 49. 49 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Business IPhone is ready for work. Manage projects, track stocks, monitor finances, and more with these 9-5 apps. Education Keep up with your studies using intelligent education apps like King of Math and Stack the States.
  50. 50. 50 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Entertainment Kick back and enjoy the show. Or find countless other ways to entertain yourself. These apps offer hours of viewing pleasure.
  51. 51. 51 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Family & Kids Turn every night into family night with interactive apps that are fun for the whole house. Finance Create budgets, pay bills, and more with financial apps that take everything into account.
  52. 52. 52 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Food & Drink Hungry? Thirsty? A little of both? Learn new recipes, drinks, and the secrets behind what makes a great meal. Games The world’s best phone is also the world’s best portable gaming device. From first-person shooters to strategy, iPhone knows how to have a good time.
  53. 53. 53 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Health & Fitness When you need a little motivation, let apps like Nike+ FuelBand, Couch-to-5K, and more help you drop pounds and tone muscles. Lifestyle
  54. 54. 54 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Find the perfect recipe for Friday night. Or see what surf conditions are like on Saturday. Whatever your passion, there’s an app for you. Music Discover new music or make some of your own with apps like Pandora Radio, Shazam, and djay for iPhone.
  55. 55. 55 600 MOST AMAZING APPS News Stay current on breaking news and weather with apps like NPR News, Yahoo!, and more. Photo & Video Take a photo, shoot a video, show it off, share it. With apps for photos and video, you’re always ready to capture the moment, at a moment’s notice.
  56. 56. 56 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Productivity Your hands will be anything but idle with these productivity apps that help you get organized and get things done. Social Networking Stay connected to the rest of the world with apps like Pinterest, Twitter, and more. You’ll be in the know, no matter what.
  57. 57. 57 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Sports Whatever your sport, there’s an app or two that can get you closer to the game and even help you improve your own. IMovie
  58. 58. 58 600 MOST AMAZING APPS You can shoot 1080p HD movies from your iPhone. And with iMovie, you can turn that footage into a thrilling trailer or mini feature film. Edit, add Hollywood-style themes, and fine-tune your soundtrack. No matter where you are, you’re always in the director’s chair. IPhoto It’s everything you love about viewing, editing, and sharing photos — but with the power and simplicity of Multi-Touch. You can quickly organize and compare photos. Brush adjustments onto an image with your finger. Apply professional-quality effects in a single tap. And create beautiful photo journals to share with family and friends.
  59. 59. 59 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Garageband $4.99 GarageBand lets you play a collection of highly expressive Touch and Smart Instruments that sound just like their real counterparts — but let you do things you never could on a real instrument. You can record, mix, and share your songs, too. GarageBand turns your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — so you can make music anywhere you go. Use Multi-Touch gestures to play pianos, organs, guitars, drums, and basses. They sound and play like their counterparts, but let you do things you could never do on a real instrument. Enjoy a range of Smart Instruments that make you sound like a pro — even if you’ve never played a note before. Plug an electric guitar into your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and play through classic amps and stompbox effects. Gather your friends to play and record like a real band with Jam Session.* Use the built-in microphone or a guitar to record or capture any performance. Then mix up to eight tracks to create a song you can share in email or send directly to Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud.
  60. 60. 60 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Play your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch like a musical instrument • Play dozens of musical instruments on the innovative Multi-Touch keyboard • Tap out beats with acoustic and electronic drum kits • Recreate legendary guitar rigs with 9 amps and 10 stompbox effects • Record your voice using the built-in microphone, and apply fun sound effects • Use the Sampler to create an instrument from sounds you record, then play them on a keyboard Sound like a virtuoso with Smart Instruments • Conduct an entire string orchestra with just one finger using Smart Strings • Tap chords to instantly create keyboard grooves with the Smart Keyboard • Strum chords on acoustic and electric Smart Guitars, or trigger fingerpicking patterns for popular chords • Groove with a variety of Smart Basses, using upright, electric, and synth sounds • Create and use custom chords for any Smart Instrument • Drag drum instruments onto a grid to create your own beats with Smart Drums Start a Jam Session with your friends
  61. 61. 61 600 MOST AMAZING APPS • Use your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to play or record live over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with up to three of your friends* • Tempo, key, time signature, and chords automatically sync to the bandleader • Jam with any Touch Instrument or live instruments like electric guitar or voice • Tap Record at any time to capture your band’s best moments • The bandleader automatically collects everyone's recordings so they can be mixed as a song and shared Create a song anywhere you go • Arrange and mix your song with up to eight tracks using Touch Instruments, audio recordings, and loops • Use the Note Editor to adjust or fine-tune any Touch Instrument recording •Trim and place musical regions exactly where you want them to play •Use the Mixer to fine-tune each track’s volume —solo or mute any track or adjust pan, reverb, and echo •Choose from over 250 professionally prerecorded loops as a backing band to your song •Combine recordings to free up additional tracks using Track Merge Share your songs • Keep your GarageBand songs up to date across all your iOS devices with iCloud*
  62. 62. 62 600 MOST AMAZING APPS • Create custom ringtones and alerts for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch** • Share your songs directly to Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud • Email songs right from GarageBand (AAC) • Export your song and add it to the iTunes library on your Mac or PC (AAC or AIFF uncompressed) • Send a multitrack project to your Mac and open it in GarageBand or Logic Pro to continue refining your song • Send GarageBand songs directly to iMovie for iOS to add a custom soundtrack for your video * Jam Session and iCloud are available on iPhone 4 or later, 4th generation iPod touch, and all iPad models. Keynote $9.99
  63. 63. 63 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Keynote is the most powerful presentation app ever designed for a mobile device. Built from the ground up for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, it makes creating a world-class presentation — complete with animated charts and transitions — as simple as touching and tapping. Highlight your data with stunning 3D bar, line, area, and pie charts, animated with new 3D chart builds such as Crane, Grow, Radial, and Rotate. Use full-screen view to present right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Or use video mirroring to present on an HDTV, and preview your slides and notes on your device using the Presenter Display. The Retina display on the new iPad makes everything you do in Keynote even more brilliant. Keynote works with iCloud, so your presentations stay up to date on all your devices — automatically. Get started quickly • Choose from 12 Apple-designed themes including Gradient, Showroom, and Portfolio • Design your presentation using your choice of slide masters, animations, fonts, and style options • Use iCloud to start editing your presentation right where you left off on another device • View and edit Keynote ’09 or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations; easily import files from Mail, the web, a WebDAV service, or your Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing • Drag Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to from your PC to have them automatically appear on your devices
  64. 64. 64 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Format and animate your slides • Arrange the objects on your slides simply by dragging them to the slide canvas • Create sophisticated animations using Magic Move, which automatically animates objects across consecutive slides • Animate objects on slides with more than 20 builds • Choose from over 20 professional-quality slide transitions, including Anagram, Page Flip, Mosaic, and Twist • Use predefined text styles or choose text options to personalize your slides • Quickly add your photos and videos from the Photos app using the Media Browser • Organize your data with beautiful charts and tables • Create and view impressive 3D bar, line, area, and pie charts, complete with 3D chart animation • Skim through your presentation, add new slides, and reorder slides with the slide navigator • Use advanced presentation controls including autoplay, looped, and viewer-guided slideshows • Keynote automatically saves your presentations as you make changes • Use the undo feature to go back through your previous changes — even the next time you open your presentation Present and share • Use video mirroring to display any presentation on an external display or projector; navigate slides, view presenter notes, and
  65. 65. 65 600 MOST AMAZING APPS use the laser pointer while presenting from your iOS device; stream wirelessly using AirPlay and Apple TV, or use an adapter (sold separately) • Use ‘Open in Another App’ to copy presentations to apps such as Dropbox • Copy presentations to a WebDAV service or directly to your Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing • Print your presentations on a wireless printer on your network using AirPrint • Share your work by exporting it as a Keynote ’09, Microsoft PowerPoint, or PDF file and sending it via Mail Pages $19.99 Pages ’09 is both a streamlined word processor and an easy-to-use page layout application. It allows you to be a writer one minute and a designer the next, always with a perfect document in the works.
  66. 66. 66 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Pages starts with an enhanced Template Chooser that lets you skim through more than 180 Apple-designed templates. You can easily create stunning documents, ranging from a simple letter to a professionally polished resume to a newsletter and more. Or start with a blank page and create your own design on a free-form canvas. Everything you create in Pages looks stunning on the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. And with iCloud built right in on OS X Mountain Lion, the documents you create are kept up to date across all your devices. Whatever you write, Pages puts powerful tools at your fingertips. So you can create beautiful, media-rich documents in minutes. Streamlined word processor • Simple interface that lets you launch and start typing in seconds • Paragraph and character styles • Automatic list formatting • Flexible structure for creating any type of document with section, layout, and page breaks • Table of contents Advanced writing tools
  67. 67. 67 600 MOST AMAZING APPS • Full-screen view • Outline mode • Seamless integration with MathType 6 and EndNote X4* • Change tracking • Mail merge with Contacts or Numbers • Spell checker and proofreader • Search view • Page Navigator • Word processing utilities including word count and automatic page numbering Great-looking documents in minutes • Over 180 Apple-designed templates • Advanced Template Chooser • iLife Media Browser for quick access to iLife photos, movies, and music • Powerful graphics tools including Instant Alpha, masking, and photo adjustments • Tables with headers, cell formatting, and calculations
  68. 68. 68 600 MOST AMAZING APPS • 2D and 3D charts Typography features including smart quotes, ligatures, and automatic scaling Powerful page layout • Free-form graphics canvas • Control over text flow with linked text boxes • Text wrapping Compatibility and sharing • Import and export Microsoft Word documents • Send as a Pages, Word, or PDF file directly to email • Import AppleWorks word processing documents • Export PDF and ePub files • Import and export RTF documents • Import a wide range of media types including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, EPS, PDF, AIFF, MP3, AAC, and MOV
  69. 69. 69 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Numbers Numbers is the most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed for a mobile device. Built from the ground up for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, it lets you make compelling spreadsheets in minutes — with tables, charts, photos, and graphics — using just your fingers. Choose from over 250 easy-to-use functions. Enter data and explore results with sliders, steppers, pop-ups, and intelligent keyboards. Numbers works with iCloud, so your spreadsheets stay up to date across all your devices — automatically. And the Retina display on the new iPad makes everything you do in Numbers even more brilliant. Get started quickly • Choose from 16 Apple-designed templates including Budget, Travel Planner, and Running Log • View and edit Numbers ‘09, Microsoft Excel, and CSV files; easily import files from Mail, the web, a WebDAV service, or your Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing
  70. 70. 70 600 MOST AMAZING APPS • Use iCloud to start editing your spreadsheet right where you left off on another device • Drag Excel, or CSV files to on your PC to have them automatically appear on your devices Edit and format data • Organize your data with great-looking tables and charts • Use an intelligent keyboard designed to enter numbers, dates, text, durations, or formulas • Assemble formulas with over 250 functions, including built-in help • Create a form from any table with headers to quickly enter data on the go • Use sliders, steppers, and pop-ups to easily enter data and explore results • Quickly add photos and videos from the Photos app using the Media Browser • Automatically save your spreadsheets as you make changes • Use the undo feature to go back through your previous changes — even the next time you open your spreadsheet Share your work • Share your work by exporting it as a Numbers ’09, Microsoft Excel, or PDF file and sending it via Mail • Use ‘Open in Another App’ to copy spreadsheets to apps such as Dropbox
  71. 71. 71 600 MOST AMAZING APPS • Copy spreadsheets to a WebDAV service or directly to your Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing • Print your spreadsheets on a wireless printer on your network using AirPrint • Adjust how a sheet prints across multiple pages in Print Preview; you can also use Auto Fit Podcasts Podcasts is probably the least functional or stable app released by Apple, so much so that one wonders why it wasn’t held back for further polishing— even if that meant it would be released with iOS 6. The interface is attractive, if a bit over-designed in places—the “top stations” section is extremely slow to scroll through and the playback interface that resembles an old school tape deck is unnecessary. Podcasts’s best feature is that its iTunes-like interface for adding podcasts to the app is easy to use and simplifies the task of finding new podcasts. The app will import your iTunes subscriptions, but does not sync subscriptions between iOS devices. Podcasts also brings long requested support for streaming podcasts. Podcasts’s flaws are not so major
  72. 72. 72 600 MOST AMAZING APPS that they couldn’t be overlooked, except for the app’s alarming instability and tendency to crash (it even crashed upon opening a few times). Until Apple improves the app’s stability, anyone serious about listening to podcasts would be better served by spending the few dollars to purchase one of the other apps in this Guide. I found my Iphone If you misplace your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, the Find My iPhone app will let you use another iOS device to find it and protect your data. Simply install this free app on another iOS device, open it, and sign in with your Apple ID. Find My iPhone will help you locate your missing device on a map, play a sound, display a message, remotely lock your device, or erase all the data on it.
  73. 73. 73 600 MOST AMAZING APPS If the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you want to locate is running iOS 6, Find My iPhone also includes Lost Mode. Lost Mode locks your missing device with a 4-digit passcode and can display a contact phone number right on the lock screen. And while in Lost Mode, your device will keep track of where it has been and display its recent location history when you check in with the Find My iPhone app.

Please note that Find My iPhone must be enabled in the iCloud settings on your device for you to locate it with this app.

Locate your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac on a map 
Display a custom message on the screen

 Play a sound for two minutes at full volume (even if your device is set to silent)

 Remotely lock your device

 Remotely wipe your device to erase your personal data Lost Mode (iOS 6 or later) Driving directions to device location (iOS 6 or later) Battery charge indicator Supported languages: English, Japanese, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian,
  74. 74. 74 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Swedish, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Catalan, Hungarian, Vietnamese

Requires iOS 5 or later and an iCloud account. You can create a free iCloud account on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
 Internet connection is required. To be located, your iPad with Wi-Fi, iPod touch, or Mac must be connected via a registered Wi-Fi network. Your Mac must also be awake. Remote Remote is designed to be in perfect sync with the new iTunes. It is simpler, easier, and gives you new ways to browse your library and see upcoming songs with Up Next. With just a few taps on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you can add new songs to hear them next from iTunes on a Mac or PC, or an Apple TV. Choose playlists, songs, and albums as if you were in front of
  75. 75. 75 600 MOST AMAZING APPS your computer or Apple TV. Or play them from iCloud with iTunes Match on Apple TV. Change a song, pick a playlist, or browse your entire library from anywhere in your home. Control your Apple TV with the flick of your finger or use the keyboard to quickly tap out a title instead of clicking letters on the Apple TV screen. Features • Control iTunes and Apple TV from anywhere in your home • A simplified look with new ways to browse your library • See upcoming songs with Up Next • See all songs in an album with Expanded view on an iPad • Add new songs to hear them next and then automatically continue where you left off • Browse, listen to, and control your iTunes Match library on Apple TV • Pause, rewind, fast-forward, shuffle, and adjust the volume from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch • View album, movie, and TV show artwork • Create and update iTunes playlists, including Genius playlists • Search your entire iTunes library
  76. 76. 76 600 MOST AMAZING APPS • Control iTunes to send music to AirPlay speakers • Control the volume on each speaker independently • Use simple gestures to control Apple TV • Enter text with the keyboard • Control shared libraries on iTunes and the new Apple TV
  77. 77. 77 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Adobe Lightroom on the iPad via Air Display. Air Display Air Display Let’s be honest, quite a few of us just aren’t ready to part with our laptops and desktops as our primary photo editing devices. You demand the most out of your software to showcase your hard work, and Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom applications still reign supreme. So how does the iPad fit into all this? As a touch-screen enabled external monitor, of course! Look no further than Air Display as your go-to solution. Air Display on the iPad works beautifully as a reference screen and dashboard for the most demanding of desktop creative applications. One thing I love to do is to use Lightroom 4.0 on my new iPad while editing photos in Photoshop on my Macbook Pro. If you’re working with both a new iPad and OSX Lion, you also have the option to enable HiDPI mode which is considered Apple’s solution to delivering OSX content at Retina-like resolutions. Price: $9.99 Developer: Avatron Software Inc.
  78. 78. 78 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Price: Free ($7.99 optional IAP) Developer: FiftyThree Paper is perfect for planning shoots. As the App Store’s #1 Top Free App, Paper by FiftyThree has proven to be quite an impressive and well-optimized app that focuses on a minimalistic and lag-free approach to your typical feature-rich creativity apps. Paper is absolutely perfect for a photographer to sketch out storyboards and concept illustrations when planning photoshoots. Of all the note-taking and illustration apps I’ve ever used, Paper is second only to Procreate when providing the most natural handwriting experiences I’ve ever had on a tablet. Even with its limited and missing features as well as in-app purchases totalling to $8 to have all 6 tools, I find Paper to be worth every penny simply based on the overall experience alone. Paper by FiftyThree
  79. 79. 79 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Process by Aleric Cole Process also comes with great effects presets. Considered by many as Adobe Lightroom for mobile devices, Process offers a great set of tools in a well thought out UI for fine- tuning and editing photos. Though iPhoto is great for managing multiple photos and making a few minor tweaks to them, Process excels in deeper, non- destructive, image editing with hardware-accelerated processing for instant results. Whether you want to make quick adjustments or want to create more advanced layered effects and filters, Process gives you every tool to make it happen, outputting all your work at full resolution. Price: $2.99 Developer: Alaric Cole
  80. 80. 80 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Percolator by TinRocket Percolator turns Planetary's galaxy into something more! Some might dismiss Percolator as a novelty app only capable of taking your photos and applying cutesy circular effects on them, but I’ve found Percolator to be quite awesome at creating truly interesting results after spending enough time with it. You won’t find any fancy curves adjustments, layers, and professional tools here. Percolator does one thing, and one thing only, and it does it really well. The interface is minimal and gives you just enough without getting in your way. Spend some time playing with the different effects and settings on one image and see just how many interesting results you can get. Who knows, maybe you’ll even produce something good enough to print and frame! Price: $1.99 Developer: Tinrocket, LLC
  81. 81. 81 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Randomized, high-quality filters at the tap of a button. Before I happily jumped into the Instagram bandwagon, I fell in love with a vintage filter app called Plastic Bullet. Sure, you’ll certainly have no difficulty finding truckloads of photo filter apps on the App Store, but very few actually deliver quality vintage filters like Plastic Bullet does.What’s so great about Plastic Bullet? Randomized, BELIEVABLE, filters. You will never have the same result no matter how many times you have it generate new filters for you. The heart-shaped “favorites” button will become your new best friend here, allowing you to save any creation you want at up to 3000×3000 pixels!It will always be a fun surprise seeing what new effects Plastic Bullet will come up with next. If you’re more into much older looking vintage filters (think 1940′s), pick this one up. Price: $2.99 Developer: Red Giant Software Red Giant
  82. 82. 82 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Create holographic text with Holo Paint. Have you ever thought about creating fun pseudo-holographic photo effects with long-exposure photography? Neither have I. That’s until I discovered Holo-Paint, of course.The way it works is you start off customizing settings in Holo-Paint which allow you to create your own 2D or 3D “holographic” text. It then gives you pertinent information regarding what settings you need to have on your camera. Finally, you jump in front of your camera, iPad in hand, and Holo-Paint gives you audible cues you need to follow so your timing is spot-on as it generates the light patterns that your camera captures as you slowly paint with (the iPad’s) light in however fashion you like. It takes a while to get used to, but the end result is usually always worth it. Price: $4.99 Developer: Garry Somerville Holo Paint
  83. 83. 83 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Adobe Nav Using the iPad as a customizable control panel for Photoshop! Adobe Nav was released in 2011 in a trio of companion apps along with Adobe Eazel and Color Lava. It works as a control panel that connects to the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop and lets you customize the panel layout to your liking. You can also browse and reorder up to 200 open images in Photoshop, which I found incredibly useful. Anyone that has tried to manage multiple images in Photoshop alone will quickly find value in this single feature the more they use Adobe Nav. Price: $1.99 Developer: Adobe Systems Inc.
  84. 84. 84 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Blurb Blurb Mobile's community consists of very talented visual storytellers. Blurb, most popular for their online book creation and distribution service, now has an app that functions mainly as a social media service allowing you to present your photography in “stories” which you arrange yourself within the app. You also have the option to add audio clips to your stories should you ever feel the need to add that extra depth to them. The quality of stories that others have uploaded is quite impressive. The community seems to be made up of serious enthusiasts that understand the value in visual narrative. If you’re looking for an alternative to popular social networks like Instagram, be sure to check Out Blurb Mobile! Price: Free Developer: Blurb Inc.
  85. 85. 85 600 MOST AMAZING APPS 500px Some of the best images on the web can be found on 500px. 500px is a wonderful photo sharing social network for professional and serious photographers. As a big fan of Flickr I have found 500px to be very similar, only with a much higher standard of quality in the images that they feature. In it, you’ll find countless sources of inspiration, no matter what kind of photography you’re into. Price: Free Developer: 500px
  86. 86. 86 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Create fun time-lapse and stop motion videos with iMotion HD! iMotion HD is one of many stop-motion camera apps in the App Store. With features like remote triggering, onion skin, intervalometer controls, and manual focus, it offers a balance of great UI design and functionality. Full export features are unlocked with a $1.99 in-app purchase, but the app is free otherwise. If you’ve never made yourself a stop-motion video before, this is a wonderful app to start with. With no limits to the size of the movies you want to make, iMotion HD is guaranteed to be a fun experience for many. Price: Free ($1.99 IAP) Developer: Fingerlab Fingerlab
  87. 87. 87 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Adrenaline Golf Top Ten Apps for Golf Adrenaline Golf Adrenaline Golf raises the classic question of value vs. price. From a graphics and variety standpoint, it might be the best on this list, with 72 courses in three different game modes beautifully designed to retain a semblance of "real" golf play in fantasy realms. But at $5.99, it is also the most expensive game on this list, which will immediately draw criticism from avid gamers if there are any discrepancies. But if money is no matter to you, or you've tried all the rest, Adrenaline Golf is a nice addition to your favorite golf game apps.
  88. 88. 88 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Real Golf 2011 Real Golf 2011 ($4.99) The Real Golf series has been a consistent player in golf game apps since its inception. Offering an alternative to the Tiger Woods titles, Real Golf 2011 comes complete with PGA Tour professionals and courses, and for that it should garner interest from fans of "real" golf and gamers alike. But graphics aside, the gameplay proves why it's hard to compete with EA Sports. Average at best and downright clunky at worst, this is definitely a game for those who have advanced portable devices if they don't want too many stalls (and maybe why they never created a 2012 version). Still, the PGA wouldn't license their likenesses to just anyone, and after Tiger Woods PGA Tour, this is the next best real golf simulator available.
  89. 89. 89 600 MOST AMAZING APPS 8. Flick Golf Extreme ($.99) Flick Golf Extreme is the exact same game as Flick Golf, just with different and -- as you might have guessed -- extreme new settings. Aside from the theme of the game, which adds a new dimension to the original in the way of cool backdrops (vs. boring old nature), Full Fat Productions have added a Five Ball mode that offers a shortened version of play (normal rounds use nine balls), but little else has changed. In fact, I feel "Extreme" should simply be an add-on to the original. That said, if you want them both, you'll have to buy them both, making them two separate games at a relatively cheap $.99. For that, Flick Golf Extreme makes the list, but I'm giving this one an extreme asterisk. Flick Golf Extreme Flick Golf Extreme ($.99) Flick Golf Extreme is the exact same game as Flick Golf, just with different and -- as you might have guessed -- extreme new settings. Aside from the theme of the game, which adds a new dimension to the original in the way of cool backdrops (vs. boring old nature), Full Fat Productions have added a Five Ball mode that offers a shortened version of play (normal rounds use nine balls), but little else has changed. In fact, I feel "Extreme" should simply be an add-on to the original. That said, if you want them both, you'll have to buy them both, making them two separate games at a relatively cheap $.99. For that, Flick Golf Extreme makes the list, but I'm giving this one an extreme asterisk.
  90. 90. 90 600 MOST AMAZING APPS BubbaGolf BubbaGolf ($.99) BubbaGolf is considered an "arcade game", which means it is filled with a series of distance and accuracy challenges -- essentially a skills game for your mobile device. This in itself makes it a fun, and enjoyable play, especially when sifting through the multitudes of near-identical golf and min-golf games. Where BubbaGolf falls behind is in its limitations. The graphics lack detail, which can be confusing and leave you wondering what target you're trying to hit, while the gameplay is very similar to the "practice mode" found in the Tiger Woods franchise. Still, a good concept that should see some improvements as Bubba's marketability grows.
  91. 91. 91 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Worms Crazy Golf Worms Crazy Golf ($.99) Maybe I like this game because Earthworm Jim was a childhood favorite of mine, and like that old Sega Genesis classic, fantasy and cephalopod violence play a main role in Worms Crazy Golf. With ridiculous hazards (like an old woman who smacks your ball) and gear to help you in precarious situations (magnets, jet packs), this plays more like an obstacle course than an actual game of golf, but it's both fun and addicting. The crazy animation and left-to-right gameplay (vs. head-on 3D) actually enhances the theme of a worm who is playing golf, and with four 18-hole courses as well as challenge maps, you won't tire of it too quickly.
  92. 92. 92 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Super Stickman Golf Super Stickman Golf ($.99) I'm ranking Super Stickman Golf in my top five, although I can see why some might be turned off by it's 8-bit, 2-D graphics. Essentially, this is the Angry Birds of golf, with a very addictive, simple gameplay that rewards distance control, pitch and accuracy. The challenges play like brain teasers with each "hole" offering different route options and obstacles to avoid. Super Stickman Golf is less a golf game, and more a maze that can easily be enjoyed by anyone, of just about any age. Even the free version will prove impossible to put down.
  93. 93. 93 600 MOST AMAZING APPS . Flick Golf Flick Golf ($.99) What Tiger Woods is to the realist, Flick Golf is to the surrealist? The mobile world's no. 1 golf game app offers a "quick fix" for golf game junkies. As the name implies, you simply flick your ball at a series of targets, with the ability to spin and direct it while in flight (and even once it hits the ground). The ease of gameplay and a wide array of challenges, along with the gratification of being able to hit multiple holes-in-one, makes this a fun, addictive--and very time consuming--game to play. And with additional versions and add-ons available for .99 cents, you'll find yourself grabbing for your phone or iPad whenever you have those few precious minutes to kill
  94. 94. 94 600 MOST AMAZING APPS 3 D Mini Golf Challenge 3D Mini Golf Challenge (FREE)'s 3D Mini Golf Challenge is the game I ended up playing the most throughout this very scientific study. First and foremost, it's simple, enjoyable, and addictive to play. Secondly, it's free! In my opinion, the best game apps should offer an extended free version, and in this case, the free version is a complete game (you pay for additional versions and boards). In total, the free version offers six levels and 28 boards, which means a lot of bang for no buck. Each level is a series of challenges you must pass to open up the next stage, and with each board, the challenges get a little tougher, eventually ending with "master" and "expert" levels. A mini golf game was going to be my "aside" to this list, but 3D Mini Golf Challenge is enjoyable at all golf- interest levels. Plus you have nothing to lose by trying it out.
  95. 95. 95 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Let’s Golf . Let's Golf 3 (FREE) The Let's Golf franchise is a throwback to the Super Mario Golf days. In fact, the gameplay (tapping to start your swing / to select your power / and again at impact) is remarkably similar to the classic Nintendo title, and like Mario, it stays true to the game of golf despite dropping you into a fantastical array of courses and settings with incredibly detailed and fun animation. Of the animated golf game apps I tested, Let's Golf 3 is the only one that can compete with Tiger Woods on a realistic gameplay level. And with the ability to download and play an extended free version, create personalized avatars, and even challenge your friends remotely, I'd rank Let's Golf 3 as the second best golf-game option, and No. 1 for kids.
  96. 96. 96 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 ($4.99) Say what you will about Tiger Woods the golfer, Tiger Woods the video game is still head and shoulders above all competition. Of course, having the funds to license the best course layouts makes it tough to match for any true golf fan, while the graphics and realistic gameplay, along with the different game modes and built-in challenges, makes EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 a bargain even at $4.99 ($.99 for iPhone). The only possible downside to the Tiger Woods franchise is that it's geared towards the sophisticated golfer, which may turn off those who don't care about teeing it up at St. Andrews, or those who prefer a more "animated" feel. And with only seven courses, you'll find yourself wanting to play a wider array of options (also like in real life). But in short, this is the golf game app all others are judged by.
  97. 97. 97 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Apple Apps for IPhone Time Out Free: This clever app gently reminds you that the body isn't made to be sitting at a computer all day so the app can be set to remind you to take a break and MOVE. The Perfect Diet: This is a diet app that helps you control your weight. This app manages the number of calories you consume as well as manages your activities of daily living to find out how many calories you are burning. Yummy Soup: This fun app is a recipe organization and sharing program. If you are looking to share or find delicious recipes, this app is for you. Unfortunately, I see a few entries that aren't all that healthy; however, this app can give you good ideas and in turn, the health-conscious cooker in you can make the recipe more nutritious. Sports and Fitness Apps
  98. 98. 98 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Daily Abs Workout: I'd take a pass on this app. Health and Fitness consumers (and especially readers) are too educated these days to sell a 5 minute daily abs workout. We aren't going to get far by doing ONLY a 5 minute ab routine every day. You get what you pay for. I'd rather see a more well-rounded routine rather than pay for this $.99 app. If you are looking for convenient ways to improve your health by use of your computer, I'd recommend the Mac App store Health and Fitness Category.
  99. 99. 99 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Planetaruim Description $2.99 Visit all of the major bodies that make up our solar system and the 88 International Astronomical Union Constellation, tumble the camera around, zoom in for a close-up or far out to see the larger picture. Speed up or slow down time to see how the planets move, or even run time backwards. The display reacts smoothly with beatuifully rendered graphics that you navigate using intuitive and familiar multi-touch controls. As you watch the motions of the planets and moons, learn what makes each one unique and get a feeling for the immense distances between them. Popup facts are displayed right in the main view and you can bring up more detailed information— including links to the original Wikipedia articles—at the tap of a button. Alternatively you can turn off all the user interface elements and just play with the celestial spheres in their element. All eight planets are represented along with the Sun, Pluto—the most famous dwarf planet—and the most significant planetary moons including our own.
  100. 100. 100 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Description OpenOffice Document Reader lets you view all sorts of Office documents without paying one red cent. It won't work for everyone and is loaded down with ads, but it's still near the top as far as Office readers go. OpenOffice Document Reader is just a reader app, so you won't be able to edit any of the files it works with. OpenOffice Document Reader displays text and HTML just fine. If it doesn't work with your file, it briefly displays it on a cloud server so you can read it. The reader slides animated ads into all of the files you try to read with it. Instead of searching your folders for documents for you to look at, it makes you manually find them. It can grab documents from Dropbox and share them to social media, which is a welcome addition to reader apps. If you don't need an app that actually lets you edit documents, this one is just fine. It's as good as reader apps get, really. Since it doesn't slam you with ads at every corner, OpenOffice Document Reader is much easier to stomach than many other reader apps found on the Google Play store. Free Read more: OpenOffice Document Reader - CNET Document-Reader/3000-2064_4- 75612935.html#ixzz2U8Phwumn Open Office Document Reader
  101. 101. 101 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Cozi is a free app and website that helps you manage the chaos of family life with a shared calendar, shopping lists, to do lists and more. Cozi helps you keep track of everything from school schedules to sports activities, grocery lists, meals and chores — all in one place accessible by every member of the family and from any computer or mobile device. Available in iTunes App Store Available in Google Play Available in Amazon App store Available in Nook Store Appy Award Winner - Best Family/Parenting App Rated 4.5 stars in iTunes and Google Play Cozi Family Organizer
  102. 102. 102 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Dark Sky Dark Sky is a new kind of weather app. It uses state-of- the-art weather forecasting to predict when it will rain or snow — down to the minute — at your exact location, and presents it to you alongside the most beautiful radar visualizations you’ve ever seen. YOUR WEATHER, DOWN TO THE MINUTE Using GPS, Dark Sky is able to create forecasts for your precise location. And because Dark Sky focuses on the next hour, we are able to give you minute-to-minute predictions. STUNNING RADAR ANIMATIONS The same technology that powers Dark Sky’s predictions also allows us to make the world’s first perfectly smooth radar animation. Other apps show you a chunky slideshow that makes it nearly impossible to tell how storms are moving. But Dark Sky’s beautiful radar animation lets you see the actual path of the storm: how it moved in the past, and where it’s going in the future. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Dark Sky can send you an alert before it starts raining at your exact location. Even if you haven't opened the app in days, Dark Sky will know when you're in the path of a storm
  103. 103. 103 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Günlük Burçlar Günlük Burçlar uygulaması ile artık burcunuz günlük olarak cebinizde. Her an istediğiniz yerden... Free Life style global Apps for IPhone and IPad
  104. 104. 104 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Aviva Tv Bienvenidos a Nuestra Aplicacion de Aviva Network Donde Podras Accesar a Nuestra Programacion de Radio y... Free Càritas App Amb l'App de Càritas ens ajudes a ajudar als més necessitats. Descarrega't l'aplicació més solidària! Free Wallpaper #1 Wallpaper #1 - The only app available with thousands of high definition wallpapers for you to download for...
  105. 105. 105 600 MOST AMAZING APPS $1.99 GraceNC Ashland Grace Church of the Nazarene is proud to release a App that helps everyone stay connected within... Free Beautified Beautified lets you book beauty from your fingertips! As featured in: Vogue, Allure, Women's Health,... Free
  106. 106. 106 600 MOST AMAZING APPS New Life Fellowship Welcome to the New Life Fellowship App! - Stay up to date with New Life Fellowship - View Recent Photos -... Free Olapromo Toutes les promos tout près de vous, dans votre poche !!! Profitez de réduction à côté de chez vous... Free
  107. 107. 107 600 MOST AMAZING APPS DSS App The official DSS app let's you stay closer and connected with Dera Sacha Sauda. It brings you daily... Free Dealio Stop throwing away your money! Dealio helps you buy from Amazon at just the right time to get the lowest... Free
  108. 108. 108 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Peek-AR Peek Augmented Reality is a mobile app that allows you to view 3D furniture in your own space, using a... Free iRemoteControl iRemoteControl is one of the easiest and most elegant remote control systems to use in your Home or... Free
  109. 109. 109 600 MOST AMAZING APPS HotBrighton Hot Brighton - A guide to Brighton by locals. Full of Brighton's best pubs, bars, nightclubs,... $0.99 Flirdi app Mida öelda poisile/tüdrukule, kui tahad temaga.. tutvuda/vestlust arendada/lõpuni minna. Free
  110. 110. 110 600 MOST AMAZING APPS iFeria Cordoba APP dedicada a la Feria de Nuestra Señora de La Salud de Córdoba, que se celebrará desde el 25 de Mayo... Free Aperion Bail Welcome to the official app for Aperion Bail Bonding. We are a family owned bail bonding business in... Free
  111. 111. 111 600 MOST AMAZING APPS A Fast Bail This is the official app for A Fast Bail Bonding. We write all bonds for the state of Missouri. Some of... Free Affinity Group Bail Bonds This is the official app for Affinity Group Inc. Our bonding agency is in North Carolina, we are flexible... Free
  112. 112. 112 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Development Outreach The Development Outreach app is all about the community work of Development Outreach, Inc., a... Free Budget Buddy Lite An easy app to track your expences day by day. Built in graph to keep an eye on your budget. Useful for... Free
  113. 113. 113 600 MOST AMAZING APPS With thousands of apps available, the iPhone can keep your kids entertained for hours on end. Some of the best kid’s apps have an educational component that can help them learn the alphabet or count to 10, so they'll get something out of it as well. These apps are designed for kids in preschool or kindergarten, and most are perfect for entertaining bored children in a waiting room or airport. Jacob's Shapes Little Hiccup 2010 Jacob's Shapes (US$1.99) is a cute kid’s app that helps children learn shapes and objects. The well-designed interface is easy to use, even for young kids, and there is plenty of variety in the 20+ puzzles. Kids are prompted to slide each item into the appropriate cut-out shape on the puzzle; once correctly placed, the app speaks the shape's name. APPS for Kids
  114. 114. 114 600 MOST AMAZING APPS PreK-8 Homeschool Program Proven Results and Free Support. Learn About Calvert Homeschooling. Free Cell Phone Tracking 1) Enter Any Phone Number Free 2) Get Location Now - Try Today! iPhone 5 on AT&T® Talk and surf at the same time on iPhone 5. Shop Now. Free Shipping. 2. Mixamajig
  115. 115. 115 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Lucky Radish, Inc. Mixamajig ($0.99) doesn't have an educational component, but it is an excellent app for entertaining kids -- not to mention adults -- while in the car or doctor's waiting room. The goal of the app is to create characters, named Kooks, using over 200 different body parts. The app includes everything from aliens, robots, cowboys, and more. Kids will also get a kick out of uploading their own picture and creating a Kook with their face. We evaluate Mixamajig in more depth in our full app review. 3. Wheels on the Bus Duck Duck Moose
  116. 116. 116 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Wheels on the Bus ($0.99) is one of the most popular iPhone apps for kids. Designed for younger children in preschool or kindergarten, Wheels on the Bus is an interactive book set to the classic children's song. Children can read along with the lyrics or listen to the song in several different languages, including German, French, or Spanish. To keep things entertaining, kids can tap the screen to open the doors, make the wheels move, or even record their own singing. 4. Cookie Doodle Shoe the Goose, LLC There's no real educational component to the Cookie Doodle app ($0.99), but it will keep your young kids entertained for hours. The aim of the app is just like it sounds -- to create your own cookies. Choose from 21 different types of dough (including gingerbread, oatmeal, or red velvet) and then have fun rolling out your dough and cutting it into one of 137 designs. There's also 25 frostings to choose from, as well as other fun stuff like sprinkles, candy hearts, and jelly beans. With so many combinations, the Cookie Doodle app provides hours of enjoyment for young kids (it's also kind of addicting for adults too).
  117. 117. 117 600 MOST AMAZING APPS 5. Peekaboo Barn Night & Day Studios, Inc. There's no better kids' app for learning the names of animals or the sounds they make than Peekaboo Barn ($1.99). The graphics are super cute, and the app includes written and verbal cues in both English and Spanish. Kids can tap on the screen to view a new animal, or guess the name of the animal just by hearing the sound it makes. New animals are added occasionally, and the latest update includes a mouse, chicken, and rabbit. 6. Park Math Duck Duck Moose
  118. 118. 118 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Park Math ($1.99) is a new kids app from the developers of Wheels on the Bus, reviewed above. It introduces preschool math concepts, including basic addition and subtraction, for kids ages 1 through 6. Kids can also learn how to count to 20 (or up to 50 in level 2). The graphics and music are great -- the Park Math app includes popular nursery rhymes like "This Old Man" and "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush." 7. Kids Song Machine Genera Interactive Kids Song Machine ($1.99) is a good iPhone app for entertaining your preschool-aged kids in waiting rooms or airports. Like many kids apps, Song Machine includes a number of nursery rhymes such as "Old McDonald", "I'm a Little Tea Pot", and "Row Your Boat". As the songs play, kids can follow along by tapping the screen to unveil the interactive animations displayed as submarines or hot air balloons. The animations don't really correspond to the lyrics of the nursery rhymes, but I doubt your kids will mind.
  119. 119. 119 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Purchase at iTunes 8. Preschool Adventure 3DAL, LLC Although it's best for young kids, Preschool Adventure ($0.99) has a number of basic interactive and educational games. Kids can learn to match colors, count to 10, or learn basic shapes. There's also matching games and a game to learn about animal sounds and noises. Like most kids apps, Preschool Adventure nails it on the cuteness factor, with lots of bright, cleverly drawn characters. Purchase at iTunes Free Trial Timesheet Easily Track Employee Time/Expense. Used by 7,300 Companies Worldwide.
  120. 120. 120 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Catch Your Cheater Spouse 9. Redfish 4 Kids FreshPlanet, Inc. Redfish 4 Kids ($9.99) is another great app for kids that features an educational component. It's pricey, however, and only available for the iPad, but the Redfish app includes more than 50 exercises that cover everything from basic counting to colors and shapes. Jigsaw puzzles are also included, in addition to an on-screen piano and other fun games. The app is designed for kids ages 2 to 7 (iPad 10. Letter Writer Oceans
  121. 121. 121 600 MOST AMAZING APPS Barking Dog Interactive Shazam is one of the coolest apps that listens to music and can tell you not only what song is playing but other information about the artist like tour dates, YouTube video links, MySpace page, bio and more. Love music but don’t want to sync your music library, Pandora Radio offers free streaming music, playing songs and artists similar to your own taste in music. Since most teens love ringtones, Ringdroid allows them to edit and create free ringtones from MP3′s they already have on their on their Android phone. So no more running up the cell bill angering parents when they can do it free on the phone! Also customize the phone’s background with free wallpapers from Flikie Wallpapers HD app. Android Apps for Teens
  122. 122. 122 600 MOST AMAZING APPS OTTER helps teens that drive curb the habit of texting and driving as it sends an auto-responder to the person to text you notifying them you received their text but you’re driving and will respond after. Many students use the auto-responder feature when the need concentration “blackout” periods to study. WaveSecure Mobile Security is great for protecting their smartphone investment as it allows you to find a lost or stolen phone by tracking it by GPS online, plus backup text, call log and contacts. Catch the Rock Band craze now for the phone or form a live band with friends over a Bluetooth-enabled wireless connection. We are seeing more and more parents and teens hooking up to the Mac juice. For parents and teens with iPhones, this post is for you: The Best iPhone Apps for Teens and Parents: 1) Angry Birds IPhone Apps for Teens
  123. 123. 123 600 MOST AMAZING APPS We could not have a post on best iPhone apps without a mention of Angry Birds–one of the most popular and addictive apps. Love this, the best way for parents and kids to check-in. Instead of just saying “come back by curfew” you can say “come back by curfew and send me your iCurfew location at 9.” This way teens can go onto iCurfew and send their parents their location wherever they are. It is also great for pick-up location. If your child needs you to come and get them, instead of them having to figure out directions, they just send you their location directly. 3) Grocery IQ App $0.99 My mom was always forgetting things at the supermarket so it literally felt like we had to go everyday, or when we started driving we were always picking up “a few eggs” or “a thing of milk” and of course, when you run out and you already have your cereal poured…end. of. the. world. This app really helps. 4) The Good Guide FREE This is awesome because it helps you find safe, healthy and green product while shopping in almost any category. For eco- conscious teens and parents who want to be a good role model, the Good Guide is great.
  124. 124. 124 600 MOST AMAZING APPS 5) Sit Or Squat Need a bathroom, like now? This app helps you know the closest, cleanest and public restrooms near you. iWonder $14.99 Worried about your kids browsing the web on their phones? This is a great way to extend parental control software. 7) TextPlus FREE If you are like me, or most teens I know, you text message all the time. Textplus is free, yes free unlimited text messaging. Gold. 8) Teen Tracker $4.99 This is a little iffy, but I wanted to put it out there. If you want to know where your teen is (a little more invasive than Zhiing) this will track them using GPS and monitor their speed, location and route. 9) iTopic $0.99
  125. 125. 125 600 MOST AMAZING APPS I love this application! If you run out of conversation with your friends or your teens, this has a list of thousands of great questions and conversation starters at a single tap. 10) SAT Test Prep $1.99 There are a lot of great SAT prep iPhone apps, this one is by Watermelon Express and is pretty cheap. They have ones for math and vocab and is a great way to test your kid in the car. This is such an easy way to prep iStudiez is a sophisticated student planner that lists all of a student’s classes. After dialing in the classes, plug in the number of assignment. TripIt Hottest Travel Apps…