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13 page healing report english sample


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MHI Miracle healing Institute where science meets spiritual established in 2002 by Evelyn Anderson Director semi retired but still open 13 pages of energy, organs, emotions, karma healing

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13 page healing report english sample

  1. 1. The Miracle Healing Institute The Intuitive Medical Research Institute Soul Integration and Re-Creation Email Date: Full Legal Name: Full Birth Name: Birth Date: Month Day Male Female Phone: Mailing Address: Home Address: E-mail Address: Pet Names & Birth Dates & Type of Pet Payment Card: Account #: Expiration Date: Name on Card: Type of Being Universal Lives Earthly Lives Before S.I.R. After S.I.R. Entities (Body)  Entities (Home)  Pet Entities  Spells (Love)  Spells, Hexes, Vexes, Curses  Programs  Geo-Pathic Energy  1
  2. 2. Extra Souls / Spirits Past  Walk-ins / Transfer Students  Discordant energy God & me  Psychic wounds healed YES Etheric bodies healed YES Nets and cords  CHAKRAS LEFT OFF HERE Before S.I.R. After S.I.R. Crown  ok Third Eye  ok Throat  ok Heart  Ok Solar Plexus  ok Sacral  ok Root  ok Chakra Filters (cleaned and cleared)some damaged yes  ok AURA CLEARING Before S.I.R. After S.I.R. Alien Implants  Negative Elementals  Astral Entities  Parasites  Core of Fear  Imprint Removal  Physical Illness  Etheric Mucus  All layers repaired Etheric Damage  Gray Fields  Irritations, Spots, Leaks in the Aura  Negative Thoughts  Negative Emotions  All Negative Ego Programming  Soul Fragments  Spirit Fragments  2
  3. 3. MERIDIANS LISTED FROM MOST BLOCKED TO LEAST BLOCKED # Before S.I.R. After S.I.R. # Before S.I.R. After S.I.R. Bladder  Heart  Circulation / Sex  Liver  Circulatory Vessel  Small Intestines  Large Intestines  Kidneys  Heart Protector  Spleen  Lung  Governing Vessel  Pericardium  Gallbladder  Conception Vessel  Stomach  Before S.I.R. After S.I.R. Emotionally Healed %  Physically Healed %  Mentally Healed %  Spiritually Healed %  DNA Strands  Genes in the Genome  Dimensions  Heavens Spirit Resides  Human Consciousness  Total Hz of Chakras  Aura Size  Soul Consciousness Level At Birth: Soul Consciousness Level Before Session: Soul Consciousness Level After Session: Filled With Light (# of Times): Filled with Holy Spirit: 3
  4. 4. Angels Status: Colors Needed: Nutrition Needed: Before S.I.R. After S.I.R. Percent of Brain Used:  Percent of Angel on Earth 0  0 IQ, EQ, SQ:  Emotions healed 100% Anger Resentment Fear Frustration Bitterness Hate Ego Unconditional love Sorrow and grief Impatience Self-esteem Discordant energies toward me Discordant energies toward God Depression Anxiety False pride Self-righteousness Emotional pain and hurt Sadness Greed Organs Healed Heart Brain Lungs Small intestines Large intestines Spleen NK and T cells B cells Liver Gall bladder Bladder Ovaries Prostate 4
  5. 5. Uterus Stomach Pancreas Adrenal Pituitary Pineal Hypothalamus parathyroid Thyroid Kidneys Skin Ears Eyesight Cancer Viruses Bad bacteria micro-organisms Parasites Spinal adjustment Cranial sacral work Joints adjusted Fungus Mold/Mildew Yeast Thymus Mad Cow Avian Bird Flu Non malignant tumors Vagina Penis Sex drive Fertility Sexual diseases DNA damage Genes to be turned off for illness Genes that are defective Worms Tendons Cartilage Red Blood cells White blood cells Veins Arteries Blood Blood sugar levels 5
  6. 6. Karma to heal 100% Next session on: Most illness needs 1-4 sessions to recover 100%. We have exact time schedules for Follow-up Instructions from (Eve Anderson) Please drink 9 glasses of water daily from now on that is a gallon or more keep it at 70% water in body for best results Feeling light, free and happier plus a bit tired, thirsty and emotional plus lots of dreams is normal the first time and is less with further sessions. Sleep will be deeper and more dreams releasing. You will need less sleep in the future. Follow the schedule closely and continue to take in lots of water without stress Any questions or problems please call me 1-7 pm at 860-904-6815 . 6
  7. 7. LOVE AND BLESSINGS Eve Anderson Prayers for Infinite Love, Wisdom, Power and Universal Peace As I receive the loving and healing energy, I release all anger and pain from every cell in my body. With each deep breath I inhale, I feel my mind, my heart and my entire body becoming filled with love. Each breath I consciously exhale, I feel blocked negative energy becoming released and dissolved. I now forgive myself and forgive all others who have hurt me. Every time I feel negative emotions rising within me, I hold still and observe them as I allow myself to cry. I tell myself: I AM releasing all these emotions with my tears. I now feel the love that is mine, was mine and forever will be mine.” Goddess Sophia 7
  8. 8. Organism From the divine Love within my being I call forth all energies Which create bridges or open doorways Allowing organisms, entities or energies In any form To enter my energy field And feed on the light of my soul On any level of consciousness, past, present, and future I transmute these energies into the divine expression of creative love and return them to their creative source To be used only as a positive, productive, energy I safely return these organisms, entities or energies To a place in creation which is appropriate for them But will no longer interfere with life forms within the universe of earth I call forth all residues within my being Related to these organisms, entities, and energies Which are present in my energy field On any level of consciousness past, present, and future, as far as the energies extend I transmute them in perfect sequential order Into the divine essence of creative love I command all tissues in my body and aspects of my being to be restored to their divine perfection I call forth my mind, body, and soul To integrate to divine perfection I place this proclamation into perpetual motion On all levels of my being in peace, joy and harmony and so it is. 8
  9. 9. Guidelines For Your Safety And Care Following Your S.I.R. Healing Session Positive Effects Immediately Experienced With Soul Integration and Recreation:  A release and clearing of heavy negative energy attachments is replaced with feelings of peacefulness, lightness, being centered, balanced and loved.  Mentally, you feel more grounded, aware of your abilities to solve problems increase due to a greater understanding, and instant insights appear.  Your intuitive nature increases allowing your psychic gifts to reveal more, as well as more trust and faith in your abilities to connect with GOD, your High Self, Angels and Spirit Guides.  As the ego releases, attitude and negative emotions dissolve and you are able to uplift them with love.  Physically you are able to heal more rapidly and your immune system boosts from a decrease in stress.  Your divine purpose becomes clearer and therefore you develop healthy relationships and career choices.  You are able to truly serve yourself and others by expressing more infinite love, wisdom and power from within. You will personally experience many positive effects after your S.I.R. session. Nonetheless, when an imperfect body detoxifies and experiences deep healing on all levels, such as S.I.R., feelings of discomfort may arise and will vary depending on the individual. The following are symptoms you may experience during your healing journey: 9
  10. 10. 1. DNA requires heat to activate so you may feel feverish or develop hot flashes for several hours or days. 2. Sometimes during organ growth, space needs to be made so small pains such as stretching of the muscles may develop. General Psychic Protection Regiments Say the Prayers for Infinite Love, Wisdom, Power and Universal Peace alone or in conjunction with your own personal prayers. These will release negative energies to the right and perfect place that we can accumulate in a daily basis. I recommend reciting the prayers at least once a day or as needed. Here is a general list of practices for clearing and healing that I recommend to do on a regular basis:  DRINK PLENTY OF WATER for body detoxification and cleansing.  Burn Incense of frankincense and myrrh throughout your entire living space to clear negative energies.  Pyrite stones help me stay grounded and protected when I sleep. I put one stone at each corner of my bed underneath my mattress. It also helps me to carry a pyrite, hematite or some other type of black stone in my pocket throughout the day.  I balance my charkas twice a week with special stones in my Chakra tune up kit.  I use the powerful mantra Yahweh in prayer and meditation.  I check every once in awhile to make sure my aura is sealed from my head to my toes.  I avoid negative emotions and outbursts of anger or fear and pray to God, High Self, Angels, Christ consciousness and Spirit Guides for additional help.  I avoid bars, horror films, mind-altering drugs, alcohol or anything else that can become addictive and that attracts negative or dark energies. 10
  11. 11.  I visualize that white light energy envelopes me like a cocoon. “We are ONE with the Universe, once we acknowledge and accept this, then we can start reaching human perfection and heavenly potential.” - Eve Anderson Claimer: The Energy Centre by Master Eve Anderson has exclusive rights to use the name: Soul Integration and Re-Creation and full rights and use of the previous healing form to be used only in conjunction with Soul Integration and Re-Creation healing. Copyright 2008 Disclaimer: All medical conditions and results should be followed by traditional medical tests and the client’s free choice of healing methods. The previous reference is to be used for educational information. It is not a claim for mitigation of disease, but rather an adjunctive approach, supplying individual health needs that otherwise might be lacking in today’s lifestyle. FREE HEALING FOR THE POOR Recommend three friends to my healing and if they use me then you get a free session, it is my way of saying, Thanks so much for spreading this good news of instant perfect health. Eve Anderson 2008-2018 Proven track record since 2002 “Soul Integration and Re-Creation” healing and enlightenment tools have been taken international by using translated healing reports in Chinese, French, Swedish and many other languages. Eve Anderson (Goddess Sophia) in 2008-2009 has authored six books Read about them more here: 11
  12. 12. Blog Eve Anderson (Sophia) about the deepest most secret unknown mysteries and be amazed with the wisdom contained within the Goddess Sophia blog. Heal and educate yourself with Goddess Sophia amazing power: 13 million page views, 4.5 million hits, over 400 photos, over 40 movies Read in 68 different countries, success cases 100% with 120,000 people from 12 different countries in 16 years. Websites have not been updated for 4 years stay tune 12