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Q\’vive, LLC actionizes innovation strategy. Q\’vive helps clients accelerate the development of new products and technologies, capitalize on their ideas, and overcome technical and organizational challenges. Q\’vive’s services benefit small to mid-size companies, who are committed to growing their business with new products. Q\’vive is from “qui vive”– alert, vigilant – an essential condition for success in every project. We believe in teaming up with our clients to enhance their vision to full 360-degree awareness, so they can stay focused on their mission.

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Q’vive introduction

  1. 1. Q'vive, LLC accelerate development overcome technical challenges get to market quicker Eric van der Meulen, President qvive.biz | 248.231.7452 | [email_address] consulting | interim management | training
  2. 2. what’s in a name We believe in teaming up with our clients to enhance their vision to full 360-degree awareness … so they can stay focused on their mission. Together we make it happen. Q'vive is from "qui vive" – alert vigilant – an essential condition for success in every project. qvive.biz | 248.231.7452 | [email_address] consulting | interim management | training
  3. 3. productive partnership streamlining the intersection of innovation strategy, new product development, and project management qvive.biz | 248.231.7452 | [email_address] consulting | interim management | training
  4. 4. Q'vive, LLC Eric van der Meulen , PMP President & Founder Experienced leader in product and process development, engineering, and r&d, with broad expertise in plastics, innovation strategy, and stage-gate project management.   Credentialed Project Management Professional (PMP) with 15+ years experience in project and program management for large and small companies, and internationally, both as functional leader and as consultant. Holds patents in the area of printing and other aspects of polycarbonate automotive glazing. Received 2006 Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation.
  5. 5. expertise <ul><li>Companies and entrepreneurs who typically seek our expertise have: </li></ul><ul><li>challenges translating customer needs into profitable products that sell </li></ul><ul><li>a poorly defined, inefficient or hard to manage product development process </li></ul><ul><li>an infrastructure that is not conducive to innovative projects </li></ul><ul><li>great ideas but a limited understanding of the development cost and the cost of the end product </li></ul><ul><li>a need to implement a new technology to stay competitive or increase market share </li></ul>
  6. 6. experience <ul><li>Clients benefit from our ability to: </li></ul><ul><li>overcome challenges with inventive problem solving to create a cost effective reality </li></ul><ul><li>build a product development infrastructure to execute multi-generational plans </li></ul><ul><li>implement project management and innovation best practices to deliver results </li></ul><ul><li>utilize activity-based cost management* to make strategic technology and budget decisions </li></ul><ul><li>leverage technology enabling partnerships and alliances to decrease cost and shorten timelines </li></ul>* Activity-Based Costing is used as a diagnostic and predictive tool to determine where to focus development efforts to maximize profitability.
  7. 7. leadership organization & tactics infrastructure realignment stage-gate process systems / process assets tools / techniques strategic planning organization & tactics interim management licensing / partnerships technology / r&d management stage-gate process dashboard innovation strategy translates into portfolio management
  8. 8. leadership – product innovation strategy Tactics Strategic Arenas & Buckets Technology & Product Roadmaps Strategy Strategy Formation Strategy Implementation Project Management Stage-Gate Process Innovation Strategy Business Strategy Pipeline Management Portfolio Management
  9. 9. leadership – product innovation strategy Defines overall direction of the organization Defines objectives and identifies strategic arenas for innovation Operationalizes product innovation & technology strategy with strategic buckets Prioritizes projects to allocate resources Guides, directs and accelerates the new product development effort Manages budgets and milestones of individual projects Strategy Formation Strategy Implementation Project Management Stage-Gate Process Innovation Strategy Business Strategy Pipeline Management Portfolio Management
  10. 10. innovation product / process development design for six sigma stage-gate process inventive problem solving contradiction resolution intellectual property technical systems evolution technology development process development product development material development equipment design performance testing Frost & Sullivan award for technology innovation defroster dispensing
  11. 11. innovation – technology development automotive exterior body panel fixings which control thermal expansion, enabling on-line attachment before E-coat, eliminating a costly secondary painting process inventive problem solving in plastics application development printed in-mold film “E900Grafx” product, offering styling flexibility at very low tooling cost film insert molded graphics for automotive glazing Land Rover Freelander with Noryl GTX fenders and sliding fastener system
  12. 12. execution activity based costing project management industrialization application development plastics joining / decorating activity based cost model summary plastics application development assembly / welding / joining decorating / 3-D printing finishing ultrasonic weld design for connector
  13. 13. execution – project management project management engineering technology / innovation r&d design for six sigma interim management detail of prototype 3-D printer hard coatable 3-D printing ink development logo printer for 1K and 2K molded windows
  14. 14. training & communication training project management fundamentals (4 days) PMP ® certification exam preparation (35 hrs) PMP ® Exam Focus (12 hrs) project management basics (2 days) project management for executives (1 day) workshops & training modules decision making tools for the fuzzy front-end “ stepping stones” from charter to schedule dealing with limitations and uncertainty implementing innovation strategy project leadership and teamwork stage-gate project management strategic project management MS Project / openproj basics training development training / coaching / mentoring team building / facilitation publications / photography fluent in German, Dutch &quot;PMP&quot; is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc. publications: “ GE Plastics Assembly guide” & Feature article on plastics joining in “Mechanical Engineer”
  15. 15. training & communication – materials training materials Project Management Exam Preparation – course handbook Project Management Fundamentals – training manual PM Process Flow™ Poster based on PMBOK ® Guide Fourth Edition – full color 18” x 24” poster more info – full color 36” x 48” laminated poster – full color 84” x 34” retractable banner &quot;PMP&quot; and &quot;PMBOK&quot; are a registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc. PM Primary Formulas™ – reference sheet with all formulas for the PMP ® exam PM Plan'n' Docs™ – reference list with all project management plan documents and project documents PM Terms Defined™ – glossary with definitions that are commonly used in the project charter or 4-block of stage-gate projects project management training retractable banner
  16. 16. patents <ul><li>issued patents </li></ul><ul><li>“ Decorated Two Component Window Assembly and Method of Manufacture” (US 7,681,364), March 23, 2010 </li></ul><ul><li>“ Screen Printing Apparatus” (US 7,182,019), February 27, 2007 </li></ul><ul><li>“ Method of Transferring a Membrane Image to an Article in a Membrane Image Transfer Printing Process” (US 6,964,226), November 15, 2005 </li></ul><ul><li>“ Process and Panel for Providing Fixed Glazing for an Automotive Vehicle” (US 6,309,755), October 30, 2001 </li></ul><ul><li>published applications </li></ul><ul><li>“ Electrical Connections for Plastic Panels Having Conductive Grids” (US 20080280503), filed May 7, 2008 </li></ul><ul><li>“ Mechanical Attachment of Electrical Terminals to Plastic Glazings” (US 20080268672), filed April 28, 2008 </li></ul><ul><li>“ Edge Finishing System” (US 20080159819), filed December 27, 2007 </li></ul><ul><li>“ Functional Layers for Polycarbonate Glazing” (US 20080187725), filed October 10, 2007 </li></ul><ul><li>“ Apparatus and Method for Dispensing Conductive Material with Active Z-axis Control” (US 20070175175), filed December 29, 2005 </li></ul>screen printing patent
  17. 17. recommendations “ During my tenure as Global Technology Manager, I could always count on Eric for straight answers to difficult problems in his own areas as well as outside his function. Always an interdisciplinary technology developer, Eric and his teams demonstrated innovative solutions to real world challenges in development of advanced functionalities for PC glazing. The unique technology his team developed was patented world wide and represented some of the first in a new class of technologies. While an excellent mechanical engineer he never failed to surprise me when he would go outside his expertise and develop new knowledge in such areas as acoustical management or cost-of-ownership analysis.” Ken Foster Ph.D., Global Technology Manager – Engineered Materials, Momentive Performance Materials “ Eric is a creative and forward thinking engineer who brings a positive energy to every project. He has both excellent technical, as well as interpersonal skills. I highly recommend Eric to any company that can make use of his experience.” Philip Peloso, Owner, Progressive Software & Controls “ Eric is a very creative engineer - able to use his technical skills to think out-of-the-box to develop solutions to customer challenges. Eric has demonstrated to combine his analytical ability with an understanding of an application to tailor a technical solution to meet unique customer needs. I recommend Eric for someone seeking an innovative problem solver with good customer interaction.” Stephen Shuler, Glazing Business Segment Leader, Exatec
  18. 18. recommendations “ I had the privilege of working with Eric for 2.5 years. Eric possesses a refreshing dose of common sense to accompany his technical back-ground. He provides a sense of energy to all projects in which he was a participant. He is able to take a leadership role and lead teams effectively.” David Morawski, Global Business Development Manager, Exatec “ I have worked with Eric for over five years; in this time he has exhibited excellent team leadership qualities, with a keen ability to focus a team’s efforts with maximum efficiency to accomplish the task at hand. In addition, he has excellent technical knowledge and has the somewhat rare quality to be able to transfer this knowledge to find innovative solutions. I highly recommend his work and would gladly work with him in the future.” Jon Sargent Ph.D., Commercialization and Business Development Manager, GreenCenter Canada “ Eric led a team of 4 people to develop a new 3D printing technology within 1.5 years from concept to a working prototype. Eric was a highly effective leader that was able to motivate his team and to generate substantial interest from a third party that was instrumental in supplying critical elements of the development. Especially his ability to bridge managerial functions with a true can-do attitude and a passion for technology led a successful completion of the project in time and within budget. Furthermore, he is very focused in his work and balances development needs with a keen sense for cost and profitability. I can highly recommend Eric for any technical engineering leadership/management role.” Dr. Frank Hoefflin, VP R&D, Sika Corporation
  19. 19. recommendations “ Eric is an excellent technology development manager who can merge stretch targets and realistic timelines. It does not take him long to become a recognized expert in various fields (ranging from printing technology and equipment, optical analysis, or the design of presentation materials). Another outstanding quality of Eric is that he speaks out when others don't dare to, thus making sure the more difficult or less pleasant aspects of projects get addressed. I can strongly recommend him when customer focus and accountability in technical development are needed.” Dr. Alex Scholten, Automotive Glazing EMEA Segment Manager, SABIC Innovative Plastics “ I have worked with Eric for almost 10 years. We have completed several high impact engineering projects together where he has been both my customer and I have been his. He is a great Technical Leader that is able to resolve difficult problems with ease. His program management skill set is also excellent enabling the delivery of efficient, cost effective and quality projects. He would be a valuable asset to any organization.” Jeff Wittbrodt, OEM Manager, SABIC Innovative Plastics “ I worked with Eric on several projects. On all occasions Eric impressed me with his in-depth knowledge, his to-the-point communication and his highly efficient way of working. Eric consistently got things done to the full satisfaction of the customers and the project teams he was part of.” Wim Bruijs, Director Application Technology and Design and Engineering, GE Advanced Materials
  20. 20. Q'vive, LLC Q'vive is ready to share your vision and to take on your challenges. What are you waiting for? qvive.biz | 248.231.7452 | [email_address] consulting | interim management | training