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Stay Safe From Cyber Attacks - Infogrphic

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Stay Safe From Cyber Attacks - Infogrphic

  1. 1. Shopping sites are among the top malware infected sites 61% of malicious sites are regular websites that have been compromised 59% 1+ MILLION of malware is mobile and almost 1/3 is aimed at stealing info people are victims of cybercrime every day, that’s 12 People Social Media Per ransomware and phishing schemes Second. using social media is a growing threat KNOWLEDGE IS PROTECTION! 5 Best Practices to Stay Safe Online: SUBJ: WINNER!!! Look for an HTTPS and/or padlock in your browser address bar before submitting personal information on a website. When the browser address bar is lit up green, the identity of that website has been strictly validated. If an offer in an online ad or an email sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You may be tempted to click, but you’d be wise to junk them instead. “Cooldude” is not an acceptable password. Pay attention to the passwords for your email, social networking, and online banking accounts. Keep them as unique as you can: • At least 8 characters • Random mixture of characters Look for a trust mark, such as the (the Check Mark) Norton Secured Seal. It proves that the website is legitimate, and not a spoofed website. upper and lower case, numbers, punctuation and symbols • No words found in dictionary • Never use the same password twice • Change your password every 6 months Cooldude Coo1Dud& Sources: Norton Cybercrime Report, Symantec Internet Security Threat Report Copyright © 2013 Symantec Corporation FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT: Norton Cybercrime Report