Carole Shashaona Capabilities


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Carole Shashaona Capabilities

  1. 1. designs for better health, wealth, and life
  2. 2. Who is Carole Shashona?•  An American lifestyle designer with European roots and trained in the art of Feng Shui•  Recognized as a design innovator for creating environments and products that reflect experiences, style and spirit•  Dedicated to enhancing health and wellness on environmental, social, and emotional levels. designs for better health, wealth and life
  3. 3. Carole’s Philosophy•  Create simple/comfortable living and work environments to engage positive energy flow and help empower people to achieve personal and professional aspirations.•  Carole’s earth-conscious philosophy combines practicality and sensuality with comfort. She balances her projects with structure and flow that are more than visual.•  Change Your Colors. Change Your Life.•  Inspire clients with the concept of an evolution rather than a revolution in how to nurture themselves on every level. designs for better health, wealth and life
  4. 4. Carole’s Credentials•  ASID, Accredited Associate Member•  American Center for Design, Member•  Association for International Color Directions•  Color Marketing Group•  Fashion Institute of Technology•  International Interior Design Association•  New York School of Interior Design•  Screen Actors Guilddesigns for better health, wealth and life
  5. 5. Past Projects•  Private Residences and Commercial Work in New York City, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Ontario, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, and London•  CBS Studios, New York•  Condé Nast, New York•  Lenox Hill Hospital Recovery Room, New York•  Long Island Guggenheim Estate•  Louise Hay Center for Living, New York designs for better health, wealth and life
  6. 6. Past Projects•  Manufacturer Hanover Bank Corporate Residences•  Merrill Lynch Executive Offices, Hong Kong•  Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, Florida•  Nissho – Iwai, Japan, Hong Kong•  Paramount Studios, California•  Sony of Japan•  Neiman Marcus, Dallas•  Origins, New York designs for better health, wealth and life
  7. 7. Carole Shashona ServicesColor U Energy® Reduce stress, regain harmony and balance through our design and personal consultation services. We create nurturing environments for our clients while helping them to become less stressed, healthier, and revitalized. designs for better health, wealth and life
  8. 8. Carole Shashona ServicesColor U Energy® Our Color “U” Energy services are named after color prisms, each one touching on a unique aspect of self. Yellow Prism Dusting Discovery Blue Prism Enlightenment Analysis Green Prism Health & Prosperity Red Prism Love & Passion Purple Prism Body Communication designs for better health, wealth and life
  9. 9. Carole Shashona ServicesAlternative Interior Design•  An organized strategy to manage the interaction of color, function, aroma, and form as well as to offer clientele an exciting formula for a multitude of design environments.•  Enhance health and wellness in ways that pervade all aspects of emotional, social, and environmental functions.•  Our design process is based on the emotional and spiritual needs of each client – not just the latest design trend. designs for better health, wealth and life
  10. 10. Carole Shashona ServicesAlternative Interior Design Cleanse Cleanse your home (and soul) of negative energy, then restore the truly nurturing environment that will help empower you and your family. –  The first step to creating a warm, nurturing, and empowering environment is to analyze your home to determine what adjustments should be made. Carole will provide you recommendations for adding, deleting, and arranging furnishings to help empower the home.   designs for better health, wealth and life
  11. 11. Carole Shashona ServicesAlternative Interior Design Purify Carole will show you how to adjust the “attitude” of the home by focusing each room’s function, mood, and color –  Develop furniture plan and provide color coordination with energy alignment –  Blueprint development –  Lighting plan with specifications and purchasing –  Create a design color and mood board –  Develop and purchase soft furnishings and accessories –  Design rooms for both intimate or non-intimate functions –  Help you develop a personal style to support your needs as well as accommodate multiple functions for spatial design –  Provide furniture, color, and scent coordination with art and accessories. designs for better health, wealth and life
  12. 12. Carole Shashona ServicesAlternative Interior Design Empowerment The final package of services is offered to help our clients become empowered and radiate strength, confidence, and love. –  Cohesive secondary design board –  Color and placement coordination of purchased furnishings and accessories –  Coordination with contractors and trade personnel –  Additional lighting plans  –  Phone consultations –  Floral placement for interiors –  Garden recommendations and placement –  Set up and stock catering kitchen designs for better health, wealth and life
  13. 13. Interior Design Samples designs for better health, wealth and life
  14. 14. Carole Shashona ServicesCommercial Design•  We create environments to calm the work place while stimulating the senses, thus fulfilling the human necessity for a less stressful and more productive environment.•  Our design services integrate the needs of your work force with the requirements of your corporation to create a stimulating, communicative, and uniquely productive workplace. designs for better health, wealth and life
  15. 15. Carole Shashona ServicesCommercial Design Services Include Consultation analysis Measuring and blueprint creation Onsite consultations Green Design (Sweet Potato®) Environments* Inspiration boards Room renderings Electrical design Lighting plans Art collection Accessories Elevation detail boards/plans Coordination with other trades Phone consultations *Available upon request designs for better health, wealth and life
  16. 16. Commercial Design Samples designs for better health, wealth and life
  17. 17. Carole Shashona ServicesFashion Consultation•  Guide you in developing a wardrobe that will match your personal style and balance your energy to help empower you and bring you more confidence.•  Carole has guided and inspired many executives, celebrities, and “fashionistas” in selecting the right wardrobe for a special occasion, important meeting, or simply everyday use.•  Carole Shashona is a regular wardrobe consultant for the CBS shows Big Brother and The Talk. designs for better health, wealth and life
  18. 18. Recognition & Awards•  American Society of Interior Designers (A.S.I.D.) – New York City Showcase•  Asia Society Home Design Award•  Baron’s “Who’s Who in Interior Design,” Featured Designer•  Baron’s “Who’s Who in the Pacific Rim,” Featured Designer•  Cerebral Palsy Foundation Home Tour, Featured Designer•  Designer Showcases Castles on the Sound – L.I. Heritage designs for better health, wealth and life
  19. 19. Celebrity Clients & EndorsementsJulie ChenSusan SarandonFlorence HendersonJoan RiversSheryl Crow*Oprah MagazineIlleana DouglasAnnette BeningPaige Rense*Wears bracelets designs for better health, wealth and life
  20. 20. Thank you. Love & Light.designs for better health, wealth and life