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School mystery final_2 - czech

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School mystery final_2 - czech

  1. 1. • It has been introduced in our school in the academic year 2010/2011. S(cool) Mystery
  2. 2. • In our school it is valid for students 6th-9th grade (11 to 15 years old)
  3. 3. • They are used for communication between parents and teachers – for example parents can write a letter of apology.
  4. 4. • We need a password to get in. • Family needs instructions for the program to use it.
  5. 5. • We get marks and notes from the teachers in them. • From 1 for very good work to 5 for very bad work
  6. 6. • There are also possible complications in using them: poor network, broken computer.
  7. 7. • They are better then the paper ones we used before • Thanks to them we save trees.
  8. 8. The answer is: Electronic student‘s book