Stepping out of the library: Use of iPads for Patient Care


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Stepping out of the library: Use of iPads for Patient Care

  1. 1. Emily Vardell, MLSYanira “Jenny” Garcia-Barcena, MSLS May 20, 2012
  2. 2. Initial ProcessObtained fundingCreated initial surveyCompleted IRB trainingSuccessfully submitted project through IRB approvalCreated list of librarian-approved appsDownloaded selected apps onto one iPadPromoted project at Physicians’ Cafeteria and Hospital Cafeteria
  3. 3. Marketing Our Project
  4. 4. Identifying Apps
  5. 5. Which apps?• iPhone/Droid: • iPad: – AHRQ ePSS – Cochrane Library – Calder Library Mobile Site – Isabel – CardioMath Tool – MedlinePlus – Micromedex – Pillbox – Epocrates – LactMed – Medscape – MedlinePlus Mobile – Shots 2012 – Vision Test
  6. 6. Promotional Materials Handouts Poster Survey Consent Form iPad
  7. 7. iPad Medical apps Links toProductivity PubMedapps And library homepage
  8. 8. iPadStandardAppleapps
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Physicians’ Cafeteria
  11. 11. Observations• You never know who you are going to meet!• Our first visitor was the new CEO of the hospital.
  12. 12. Observations • Wear your badge where it is visible so that they do not think you are selling something.
  13. 13. Observations• Are physicians interested in borrowing iPads?• Will any iPad do?
  14. 14. Resistance• “I already have an iPad.”• “I’m a surgeon.”• “No, I don’t want it, because I’ll lose it.”• “No, I’ll get attached to it and then I’ll be sad.”• “We already know everything.”
  15. 15. Hospital Cafeteria
  16. 16. Observations• Stark differences between physicians and nurses• Need to create a message specific to each group• Determine how to find a captive audience
  17. 17. Where did we collect the most surveys?Total numberof surveys: 46
  18. 18. Emails
  19. 19. Survey• What resources (websites, databases, etc) do you use for patient care?• Have you used an iPad before?  Yes ___ No ___• If you had an iPad, how would you use it to improve patient care?• If you are interested in participating in our study and potentially being selected to borrow an iPad for a three month trial, please include your name and email address below. Please see the consent form for details.  Name:  Email:
  20. 20. What resources (websites, databases, etc) do you use for patient care?3025201510 5 0 Epocrates Medscape PubMed UpToDate Google electronic journal association Other medical record sites/apps sites/apps
  21. 21. Other?
  22. 22. iPad Use Our study ITG survey of 600 physiciansHave you Do you haveused an iPad an iPad orbefore? tablet device?
  23. 23. If you had an iPad, how would you use it to improve patient care?
  24. 24. If you had an iPad, how would you use it to improve patient care? 1. electronic medical records
  25. 25. If you had an iPad, how would you use it to improve patient care? • It would allow me to look things up while in a patient’s room… It would also allow me to pull up images for patients to view… • I think using an iPad in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery would be helpful in using some of the imaging software to help inform patients during pre-operative and post-operative evaluation. • show neuro patients images of the brain • demonstrate videos to patients
  26. 26. If you had an iPad, how would you use it to improve patient care? • quicker access to help with diagnosis, medical orders, and literature searches • dosage • film review • diagnostic assessment criteria • would be able to conduct search in the room with patient instead of needing to look up data later on and then contact patient with it
  27. 27. If you had an iPad, how would you use it to improve patient care? In summary…  Electronic medical records  Patient demonstrations  Clinical decision support tools products-and-miss-steve-09201271/
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Next StepsDownload recommended apps on to four iPadsProcess each iPad with a library barcodeSelect first four participantsRequest that selected participants fill out liability statementAdminister monthly surveys to evaluate how participants are using iPads to improve patient care
  30. 30. What is the iCloud?• Access what you have downloaded on any of your devices• “iCloud stores your music, photos, docume nts, and more and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices”• icloud/
  31. 31. iCloud 21 3
  32. 32. iCloud
  33. 33. iCloud
  34. 34. iCloud
  35. 35. Accessories
  36. 36. Selected ParticipantsEmergency Department PhysicianHospitalist/Palliative CarePlastic Surgery ResidentUrology Professor
  37. 37. First Response-----Original Message----- To: Vardell, Emily Subject: RE: UMH Librarians have selected you to borrow an iPad for a three-month periodSounds great!Where do I go to pick up the iPad and check it out?
  38. 38. Liability Statement
  39. 39. Monthly Usage Survey• How are you using the iPad to improve clinical care?• What resources are most useful to you?• What have you downloaded to the iPad?• What would you like to download to the iPad?• What surprised you about using the iPad?
  40. 40. Acknowledgements • Mary Moore, PhD • Peter Raposo • JoAnn Van Schaik • David Goolabsingh • NN/LM • Steve Machuca Southeastern • Bruno Rodriguez Atlantic Region • Edward Vinson • National Library of • Brenda Linares Medicine • Kimberly Loper • Elaine RobinsonThis project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from theNational Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Department of Healthand Human Services, under Contract No. HHS-N-276-2011-00004-C with theUniversity of Maryland Baltimore.