Power, Freedom And Money


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Skype, Apple, and the Carriers. Thoughts from CTIA Wireless 2009 in Las Vegas. By Phil Wolff, Skype Journal

Power, Freedom And Money

  1. Power, Freedom and Money Skype, Apple, and the Carriers April 2009 – Skype Journal Phil Wolff, @evanwolf
  2. It sounds innocent enough.
  3. Apple says iPhone is a computer that looks like a phone.
  4. Carrier says: no Skype?
  5. Apple says: we'll write a little no-VoIP clause in the developer contract, don't worry, AT&T.
  6. Time passes
  7. iPhone becomes a game changing success
  8. More time passes
  9. Skype launches their iPhone app
  10. Millions of people squeal with glee
  11. Millions of people squeal with glee and download
  12. Skype tops iTunes app store charts worldwide
  13. And then they try to Skype
  14. And then they try to Skype while walking around or driving
  15. And can't.
  16. Not allowed.
  17. Skype says: Look at Apple, they forced us.
  18. Apple says: Look at AT&T, they forced us.
  19. AT&T says: It's our service. take it or leave it.
  20. Citizens ask: What is the difference between a PC and a mobile phone?
  21. Why is it evil for ISPs like AT&T and Deutsche Telekom to control my PC experience?
  22. ISPs for PCs shall not control What I see
  23. ISPs for PCs shall not control What I say
  24. ISPs for PCs shall not control What software I use
  25. ISPs for PCs shall not control What gear I use
  26. Because that would be wrong
  27. Why can they say quot;noquot; when I do the same thing on my mobile?
  28. Even on a mobile computer?
  29. Why does my freedom end there?
  30. And what can I do about it?
  31. Skype picks fights
  32. David v. Goliath et al fights
  33. 2007
  34. Skype petitions the US Federal Communications
  35. The Carterfone decision let you plug any phone into the wall of your home (just don’t harm the phone system)
  36. “Mobile Carterfone:” FCC would force mobile carriers to permit consumers to use any device on a network
  37. Skype says: “Mobile Carterfone” will improve: customer choice, competition, innovation
  38. Carriers fight Skype’s six page letter with a multimillion dollar lobbying, astroturfing, and PR campaign
  39. Outcome: The FCC doesn’t act.
  40. 2008
  41. The big US mobile operators say they are open and getting more open
  42. Mobile operators swear allegiance to all things open, so the FCC and the American people should be happy
  43. Skype writes the FCC, details their lies and distortions
  44. Outcome: Egg on carrier faces Lots of industry press No mainstream notice Carriers still behave badly
  45. 2009
  46. Skype for iPhone launches
  47. Skype points out AT&T blocks mobile Skype calling
  48. AT&T forced to justify anticompetitive, anti-consumer, anti-Skype practices
  49. 2006, 2007, 2008 Skype argues US government must act.
  50. Force meaningful consumer choice
  51. Protect civil liberties
  52. Lower barriers to competition
  53. Open access to wireless networks
  54. Let Skypers Skype
  55. Outcome: We'll see
  56. Is Skype picking good fights to fight?
  57. How loud will people shout for the freedom to Skype away from Wi-Fi?
  58. Will consumer pull sway carriers to permit Skype?
  59. Or will citizen activism regulate open access?