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Portability Is A Rose


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Data Portability Policy Metaphors. Rough ideas for the DataPortability Project EULA/ToS Task Force.

What are the Portability parts of a service’s End User License or Terms of Service?

What data portability promises do we* expect from Internet sites and services?

(We* the people, tribes, families, organizations, and societies)

How best to organize and explain those expectations?

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Portability Is A Rose

  1. 1. Portability is a Rose Data Portability Policy Metaphors Rough ideas for the DataPortability Project EULA/ToS Task Force By Phil Wolff
  2. 2. What are the  What data portability Portability parts of a promises do we* expect service’s End from Internet sites and User License services? or Terms of  We* the people, tribes, Service? families, organizations, and societies  How best to organize and explain those expectations?
  3. 3. Metaphors  4 frames build on  Social existing cultural  Psychological structures and  Legal human experiences  Political
  4. 4. What’s a meta  Portability is for?  Our relationship  Life cycles  The new privacy policy a universal disclosure standard  Identity’s Creative Commons license  simpler policies unleash social activity  Net Neutrality  consumer and citizen protection principles rebalance power
  5. 5. “I'm looking for metaphor elements that make portability easier to understand, to argue for, and to stir people up and connect emotionally.”
  6. 6. 1. Portability is a Relationship Fall in Love - Make it Work - Break Up Well
  7. 7. A relationship 1. Open Arms in three stages 2. Ever Fresh 3. Graceful Exit start sustain end time
  8. 8. Open Arms  Emotion  Beginnings, welcome, curiosity, fun, discovery  Actions  Move in with all of your things  Learn everything about each other  Payoffs  Better understood relationship  Services do more with more info
  9. 9. Open Arms We are full of hope when we start, digging deep to learn about each other, exploring ways to work together, developing trust, making promises. We want some quick joy, validating further investment and engagement.
  10. 10. Open Arms “When you come to our site, bring all of yourself. We'll help you put it to use in our context. We'll make it easy to come. We'll keep it safe. We'll respect ownership as you see it. “What you add while you are here will join your collection and be portable in turn.”
  11. 11. Ever Fresh  Emotion  Comfort, Trust, Familiarity, Getting Things Done  Actions  Keep the relationship going  Keep up with my onlife when I’m not at your site  Keep the rest of my onlife informed of what we do together  Resolve problems together  Payoffs  Update once, Enjoy everywhere
  12. 12. Ever Fresh “We will consume and share your onlife with other services and you. So everywhere you go, you have all of yourself, as appropriate. As we change, we'll let you know.”
  13. 13. Graceful  Emotion  Fear, anxiety, concern, anger Exit  Actions  Notice, Redress, Recovery  Migrate and download my onlife  Completeness: all my digital debris: stuff, friends, conversations  Payoffs  Confidence earlier in the relationship  Continue your onlife without disruption
  14. 14. Graceful  All relationships finish. Exit With a little forethought it can be less painful, leaving us with good memories and the ability to move on with our lives.  Graceful Exit is your online prenuptial agreement.
  15. 15. Graceful Six elements to minimize the damage of forced eviction. Exit 1. Intervene quickly. 2. Prevent by building exit strategies into products from the start. 3. Commit by building Graceful Exit into EULAs and TOSs. 4. Insure to spread risk and fund prevention and remediation. 5. Advocate for consumers and netizens. 6. Enforce through legal means.
  16. 16. Relationship  Pros metaphor  Time stages Pros & Cons  Human contexts, not technical or legal ones  Emotional overlay  Prior art from other kinds of relationships  Cons  Corny A little Cosmo Quiz
  17. 17. 2. Portability is the new Privacy
  18. 18. Portability  Both P’s were triggered by is the new explosive growth of people Privacy using the web  Framed problems, solutions and opportunities  Universal de facto adoption took five years
  19. 19. The Privacy  Well understood structure Policy is  what data we keep well  what we do with it known  how we protect it  and what you can do
  20. 20. The Privacy  Peer pressure to have a Policy in privacy policy action  Privacy is a trustmark  Disclosure more important than specific pledges  Pledges varies by industry, jurisdiction, risk  Link from every home page
  21. 21. The  Needs a clear, Portability understandable structure Policy  Disclosure first
  22. 22. Privacy  Pros Metaphor  Established, Proven Pros & Cons  Workflow for creating policies is understood  Cons  Looks like work  Comes from risk avoidance more than opportunity seizure
  23. 23. 3. Portability is Identity’s Creative Commons
  24. 24. Identity’s  Creative Commons simplified CC license intellectual property licensing  Focus  Most common uses  Most common concerns  Three yes/no questions, eight combinations  Iconography for visual quick read
  25. 25. Identity’s  Can the DPP do for social CC license data portability what CC did for intellectual property?  What are the most common uses? Most common concerns?  Can we reduce them to a handful of binary questions?
  26. 26. Portability as  Pros CC License  Highly effective within some Metaphor communities Pros & Cons  Objective symbolism  Cons  Applied to a fairly static domain (intellectual property) instead of a rapidly changing one (social media)  Strong, famous evangelists behind launch and first five years
  27. 27. 4. Portability is Net Neutrality consumer and citizen protection principles rebalance power
  28. 28. Portability  Net Neutrality was framed as as Net  Consumer protection  Civil liberty / Democracy 2.0 Neutrality  Consumer protection  ISPs exercisingmonopoly power to control what you see and say, to make more money  Freedom  ISPs shouldn’t be allowed to interfere with speech or action
  29. 29. Portability  Standing up for the average as person Consumer  Get back control over your Power online communication and information and relationships
  30. 30. Portability  Freedom to come and go as a Civil without your onlife held Liberty hostage by a site  Meaningful freedom to  Assemble  Speak  Due process  Seek meaningful redress
  31. 31. Portability as  Pros Net Neutrality  Defines right and wrong Metaphor Pros & Cons  Emotional ties to powers, liberties, freedoms  David v. Goliath  Cons  Confrontational
  32. 32. Picking the Best of Metaphors for a Portability Policy Finding the Rose
  33. 33. What can  Our relationship  Life cycles Portability  Emotional connection Policies take  The new privacy policy from each of  Disclosure standards these  Ease of Generation metaphors?  Identity’s Creative Commons license  Find the right dimensions  Committed evangelists  Net Neutrality  Acknowledge power is out of balance  Rights and Freedoms are easily understood  Consumer protection makes proponents look virtuous, opponents look evil
  34. 34. See also:      Google groups  LinkedIn
  35. 35. About me  Phil Wolff sits on the DataPortability Project Steering Action Group  Contact info: evanwolf on twitter and Skype. +1-510-444-8234  Disclaimer: my thoughts, not necessarily those of the DPP (