Skype 2021: The Next 9 Years


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Skype is 9 Years' Old in August 2012. What do the next nine look like? Predictions, roadmaps, and a little fun.

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Skype 2021: The Next 9 Years

  1. Wednesday, 29 August 2012 is Skypes 9th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Skype! 1
  2. 29 August 20129 More Years of Skype 2
  3. New High: 47 Million Concurrent Users 2013Skype for XBox Rocks Skype in 50% of Xboxes ship with Kynect. Browsers Games have Skype teamspeak. WebRTC slows Players Skype. desktop downloads, boosts usageBing sells Skypeclick-to-call ads Skype comes Highest sales conversion rates of any ad format. Skype with Windows hires 100 for buildout. Twice as many people keep Skype running 3
  4. 500K Teachers in community 2014 Skype for Google Glasses Skype for iBans First generation Augmented Reality Chat Skype Rooms Layed Off SharePoint cloud telco workers conferencing for protest at Skype HQ teams, customers Zynga players Skype for Kindle talk and play Amazon Prime includes Skype powers casual gaming, Skype Premium outstrips Skype’s XBox chat 4
  5. 14K Apps for SkypeKit Cloud 2015Skypecasts RebornCompetes with YouTube Live, Hangouts and AppleSiri for Skype, Skype for CarsHands-free Skyping; Assistant; 3rd Party Bot StoreSmallBiz PremiumHosted telephony for 3 Million Small Companies B uy s Apple dds to 1K pyrightype Big Colock Sk at Skype TokBox, a DevCon Sues To B nsfers iChat F ile Tra 5
  6. 100K Apps for Skype Cloud 2016 Audit:Skype for Gigabit 19% of "4K" HD Resolution Skype accoun in Group Broadcasts President are botts Clinton skypes s Congress from peace talksSign In With Skype Log in to millions of sites with Go ogle+ & e your Skype credentials ube Liv YouT Now Chat l Globa 6
  7. New High: 100 Million Concurrent Users 2017 Skype Wins MS Mobile phones, Enterprise telephony, Brand Infighting all IM and Mail get Skype lovemarks ing" m Bask rando " ing for hookups) (B sex Anonymous ships torrent Skype allenges d Skype lie ch y bran of Skype detector sm urf user evidence 3D directory Augmented admitted for use in court Reality Emoji for Skype 7
  8. $6 Billion Revenue 2018Skype Prime Resurfaces Registry reserves Skype Get paid for your time in Skype sessions. names for Hire someone for live services. newborns Partners with 300 labor markets. BallmerPay With Skype Retires Microsoft vs. PayPal More Calling Minutes fromSkype returns to CES Skype mobile than Desktops TVs, Cars, Home Security, Wearables 8
  9. Half of All TVs come with Skype & Webcam 2019 Skype & Nuance Add Live Machine Translation to Skype Calls 11 Languages at Launch 100 Million Office Workers have Never Used a Desk w in s M b id p e Phone 1.2Mret Sky ¥ c Se n Auction Skype settles otico harity Em r C patent suit for fo $500 Million 9
  10. 1 Billion Active Users 2020 Russia Revokes Skype Ban, Taxes Tony Bates Internet CEO of MSFT Skype hires Putin’s widow and Pussy Riot survivors as spokespeople Manned Mars Skype mission Skypes home sponsors Olympic Skypes Tencent fencing headcam QQ Partnership video Pays Off Skype QQ serves 50% of Chinese Internet 10
  11. Skype at 18 Parties like its 2012 2021 • 1.1 Billion Active Users • 50% of Calls With Live Machine Translation • 100 Million Augmented Reality Users • Africa is Skypes #1 Market • China #2 Market • 150 Million Concurrent Sessions • $1 Billion Cloud Platform Services • $2 Billion Office Communication • $3 Billion Premium Consumer • $5 Billion Advertising & Live CRM 11
  12. Whats a Dollar?? 2112 "Skype" Trivial Pursuit 2100 Telepathy Edition answer to “What did the Koreas use to negotiate the 2032 Olympic Games that led to unification?” 12
  13. 20129 More Years of Skype 13
  14. 2012 Phil @evanwolf @skypejournal skype:evanwolf +1-510-444-8234 14