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  1. 1. ArthropodsComplete Metamorphosis  Most insects develop through the four stages of complete metamorphosis— egg, larva, pupa, and adult.
  2. 2. Arthropods Incomplete Metamorphosis Insects that undergo incomplete metamorphosis hatchfrom eggs as nymphs. After several molts,young nymphs become winged adults.
  3. 3. Introduction to Animals Animal Body Plans - Symmetry Similarity or balance among body structures of organisms  Asymmetry  Radial symmetry  Bilateral symmetry
  4. 4. AsymmetryIrregular in shape and has nobalance in its body structuresSponge has no tissuesAnimals w/tissues have eitherradial or bilateral symmetry
  5. 5. Radial Symmetry Can be divided along any plane (central axis) into equal halves Example - Jellyfish
  6. 6. Bilateral SymmetryAnimal can be divided into mirrorimage halves only along one planethrough the central axis.
  7. 7. Succession in Ecosystems
  8. 8. Succession-a series of changes in acommunity in which newpopulations of organismsgradually replace existingonesThere are 2 types ofsuccessionPrimary SuccessionSecondary Succession
  9. 9. Primary succession-colonization of new sites bycommunities of organisms –takes place on bare rock(no soil present)
  10. 10. Primary succession-• New bare rock comes from 2 sources: 1. volcanic lava flow cools and forms rock
  11. 11. Primary succession-• 2. Glaciers retreat and expose rock
  12. 12. Pioneer organisms-the first organisms tocolonize a new site• Ex: lichens are the first to colonize lava rocks• Help create soil by secreting acids that help to break down rock• As Pioneer organisms die, their materials make up the first stage of soil
  13. 13. Primary Succession-Rock
  14. 14. Climax community-a stable, mature communitythat undergoes little or nosuccession
  15. 15. Climax community-Ex: In most of Tennessee,the climax community wouldbe a deciduous oak–hickoryforest
  16. 16. Primary succession-
  17. 17. Secondarysuccession-sequence of communitychanges that takes placewhen a community isdisrupted by naturaldisaster or human actions –takes place on existing soil
  18. 18. Secondarysuccession-Ex: • A fire levels portions of a forest
  19. 19. Secondarysuccession-Ex: A farmer plows his field
  20. 20. Secondary succession-
  21. 21. Secondary succession-