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This is a test template for a WebQuest

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Web questtemplate20061013

  1. 1. Title of LessonIntroduction A WebQuest for Xth GradeTask (Put Subject Here)ResourcesProcess Designed by – Your name & email addressEvaluationConclusion EDTL 680 – Information Literacy for TeachingStandards and Learning – Summer 2005Citations Based on a template from The WebQuest PageTeacher Notes
  2. 2. IntroductionO This sets the stage for subsequent learning activities. It should also pique student’s interest in the project.O A short paragraph is sufficient
  3. 3. TaskO Describe the overall task of the project. What do you expect to be the outcome of the project? Is there an essential “research” question?O How will students work in groups? What types of roles will students be assuming?O Longer paragraph – or 2 short paragraphs
  4. 4. ResourcesO Include a list of all tangible materials needed and electronic resources to be consulted.O This is a list – not a paragraph
  5. 5. ProcessO Include step-by-step instructions with leading questions and embedded web links to complete the task.O Indicate how groups are chosen and fully describe individual roles.O How does the process lead the students to a concluding product or experience?O Make sure the final outcome is obvious and fully developed.O How long should the WebQuest take to complete?O Probably the longest written part; more than one slide may be needed.
  6. 6. EvaluationO Include a rubric that students can consult.O Use the rubric to evaluate student work.O Use clear and concise language that is aligned in some way to selected standards.O Rubric content should be applicable by others – not just your classroom.O Use a chart or scale.
  7. 7. ConclusionO Congratulate the students on what they have accomplished.O Restate intended outcomes ina conversational, upbeat writing style.O A short paragraph is all that is needed.
  8. 8. StandardsO Include the following standards (The number will vary depending on your WebQuest. More than one slide may be needed)O Ohio Academic Content Standards – specific content area i.e. Math, Language Arts.O Guidelines for Effective School Library Media Programs in OhioO Ohio Academic Content Standards for Technology
  9. 9. Teacher NotesO Include things a teacher may need to know to be successful implementing the WebQuest.O Include an additional lesson if applicable.
  10. 10. CitationsO Important: This is a list of citations to the use of copyrighted materials.O Cite all print, non-print, graphics, backgrounds, websites, etc. that are inserted into your WebQuest.O Use APAO Templates from PowerPoint do not need to be cited because they come from the software application.