News questionnaire results


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A2 Media Studies

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News questionnaire results

  1. 1. A2 Media Studies – Roy Evans
  2. 2. Q1) What is your gender?
  3. 3. Q2) What is your age bracket?
  4. 4. Q3) Do you read newspapers?
  5. 5. Q4) What is the section you most lookfor in a newspaper?
  6. 6. Q5) Where are you most likely to lookfor your local news?
  7. 7. Q6) What is the most eye-catchingfeature of a billboard poster?
  8. 8. Q7) What attracts you most to read anews article online?
  9. 9. Q8) What age category do you mostexpect to read a newspaper?
  10. 10. What does this show – Target Audience?Whilst the results of the questionnaire suggests that local newspapersare currently aimed at over 30’s, this should probably be my targetaudience.However, the results show an open market for a youthful localnewspaper and therefore this, along with other information gainedfrom the questionnaire, lead me to believe that the correct targetaudience for my newspaper is 16 – 30.I believe this because my main questionnaire audience was 15 – 18 and19 – 25 years olds. This shows that I now have knowledge of whattypes of newspaper they would prefer or like to read and whatcontents there should be inside.Not only this, but I believe a strong connection between my main task,the newspaper, alongside my ancillary tasks, namely billboard posterand website, will be successful.
  11. 11. Main Task - NewspaperFor my main task, the first two pages of a newspaper, this shows that Ineed to implement a more youthful attraction, such as images andmore of a connection to the online market. This is shown through theanswers gained to questions 5, 6 and 7 which suggests my intendedaudience prefer online for their news and also that images arefundamental to attracting them.I also believe that an eye catching logo or title will help draw my targetaudience into my newspaper. This therefore leads me to believe a logoand one main image on the front of my newspaper along with sometext will be the perfect, basic start to building the front cover of mynewspaper.All in all, I believe a more youthful approach to traditional news storieswill be the best way to go to create a successful newspaper, perhapswith more connection to the online age than any current local ornational newspaper holds.
  12. 12. Ancillary Task #1 – Billboard Poster For my first ancillary task, I believe that an eye-catching main image is themost successful way to go to effectively anchor my main task, thenewspaper. From question 6 it is clear to state that an image is the mosteye-catching aspect of a billboard in terms of my target audience. This shows that for my billboard poster, I should be aiming for one largeimage that will appeal to a more youthful audience alongside a smallamount of text that anchors the image to full efficiency. Initial ideas would be to anchor the idea I have had for page 2 of my localnewspaper, the widely discussed topic of youth unemployment. I feel thatperhaps a youth unemployment story, whilst not the most attractiveimages, would be idea for both newspaper and billboard poster. I believe this because perhaps 3 youthful characters, 2 male and 1 female,wearing contrasting clothing, seemingly leaning against a wall would be themost ideal approach to a billboard poster. Seemingly anchored by text, thiswould be a great, eye-catching billboard poster for my target audience.
  13. 13. Ancillary Task #2 – Online WebsiteFor my second ancillary task, the online website detailing twohyperlinked pages, I believe that the homepage and then a news page,connected to the first page of my newspaper, will be the best, initialway to go to be successful in linking all 3 of my tasks together.The reason I believe the most successful way to go is by linking all 3tasks together is that it will have a more youthful minded approachwith the online world connecting to more traditional types of spreadingnews stories.I believe that this connection between newspapers and online newswebsites, that is fairly non-existent in the current popular local andnational newspapers, is key to making my newspaper effectively targetmy initial audience. It will also give the whole concept a professionalfeel that it was always my aim to do.