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  • There are not as many mentors as potential clientsThat’s because, experience tells us that not everyone should be in business and some will not take it any further than tonight.Or maybe, some will decide now is not the right time – you can do this at any time – you’re always welcome back!So, we will break down in to two’s – one client:one mentor – for 20 minutesIf you are waiting, grab a coffee or a soft drink and get to know someone else – we’re all here with the same aim.
  • You are already here!We hope that you are enjoying yourself
  • This period, which costs £50, allows you reflect on your initial enthusiasm and check out the TFB Hallmarks process, and get to know your Mentor.At the end of these sessions you are invited to present your “idea” to a group of Mentors who will give honest feedback.You want to take things forward.You can indicate a preference as to the person you would like to be your mentor – may not be possible.Now YOU do the research; using your Workbook – which you will given later (to stop you reading it now!)The mentor will NOT do the work for you – if you cannot find the time or the energy; don’t even think about starting the business for real.You will meet fortnightly for approx 2 hours (telephone calls and e-mail in between as agreed between you)It may take 2 to 4 months, it may take longer depending on the complexity of your idea and the amount of work you need to do to get things straight and know what money and resources you will need. We will discuss the fee that we think is appropriate (remember – Mentors do this voluntarily and we are a charity)This period will also allow you and your Mentor to agree a sensible basis for paying. Some business ideas are complex, require extended time, and project significant financial returns. Others are simple and more basic. If you are not happy with the proposal, you can always walk away with no hard feelings.TFB is a charitable business, our Mentors are all volunteers, but do need to cover costs.
  • You have a basic planYour Mentor believes in you.Are you up for it?This is YOUR call; no-one else’s.If you don’t believe in it – don’t even think about it.Now, you get the chance, with your Mentor to present your idea to others to get their feedback.This is not Dragons’ Den, we don’t have money to invest.But, at the end of the day, it is YOUR call
  • This is where the rubber hits the road. Now it’s not just an idea, but a worked out plan.You are NOT on your own.You become an Friend of The Family BusinessWe have worked out an appropriate basis for payment that fits your business idea.It all leads up to….The “Gulp” moment.It has to be your call, whether to launch.You will have worked for some time with your mentor, you will know a lot,But it has to be your call.If you need start up capital, we have access to two social lending organisations for small scale loans,Berks Credit Union – Community Savings and LoansFredericks FoundationBut you may need more than they advance; we will do our best to find introductions.
  • You’re going ahead.RememberDuring the whole process, you will have access to Family Business events and a network of people who can help with specific parts of your business plan.No promises of success, but you will know that you are part of a community, all committed to making things work.
  • TFB Client Process Taster Presentation

    1. 1. It’s all about you
    2. 2. Have an idea?Or an unfulfilled passion?Working as a single operator trader?In business, but could do with help?What’s the idea?And how does it drive you?
    3. 3. Come to a Taster Where you will explore the person you are the idea that you have Meet potential mentors Decide whether to take it furtherTASTER
    4. 4. 3/4 sessions with a Mentor to explore your idea, check you want to go forward, and agree a basis.TASTER TESTING
    5. 5. ? Review An opportunity to present your idea, with your Mentor, to a group of othersTASTER TESTING
    6. 6. Working “one to one” with your mentor Clarify the business idea Research the market Develop a Business Plan ? Launch? It’s your call PLANNINGTASTER TESTING PHASE
    7. 7. Making it happen with your mentor’s advice and a community of support PLANNING LAUNCH &TASTER TESTING PHASE OPERATING