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Easy Instruction: Research Guides


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Easy Instruction: Research Guides

  1. 1. Easy Instruction Research Guides
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  3. 3. It’s late…
  4. 4. You’re looking for research materials for your paper or project.
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  6. 6. Where do you start?
  7. 7. Relax! Help is available 24/7 from the Evans Library!
  8. 8. Evans Library Research Guides Created by librarians Organized by Subject and Course Provides guidance for the best resources and contact information on your Information Advocate
  9. 9. EvansLibrarySubject and Course Guides • Specific resources pertaining to your subject or course organized by: • Reference Sources • Books & eBooks • Articles & Databases • Journals • Internet Sites • Citing Sources • Theses and Dissertations • And more…
  10. 10. Let’s take a closer look!
  11. 11. From the library website, you have several ways to access Research Guides.
  12. 12. From here, you can use the drop-down list or browse the entire list.
  13. 13. You have several options to browse. Let’s look at the Aeronautics and Aviation Research Guide!
  14. 14. The Home page is a starting point and also introduces you to your Information Advocate!
  15. 15. Reference Sources contains information on encyclopedias, dictionaries and other sources both in print as well as electronic format.
  16. 16. Books & eBooks highlight searching, reading or borrowing options.
  17. 17. Articles & Databases provides links to key scholarly resources for your subject.
  18. 18. The Journals page discusses how to find access options for journals, conference papers, newspapers, and trade magazines.
  19. 19. Internet Sources contains carefully evaluated web sources for your subject.
  20. 20. Theses & Dissertations offers guidance on accessing items from Florida Tech and other academic institutions.
  21. 21. Citing Sources discusses ways for you to organize your research sources as well as information on citation styles. Links to other helpful research guides may also be found. Here we see the Data Management Research Guide.
  22. 22. Questions?