Science and Nature and Cited Reference Searching


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Use Evans Library resources to find articles from Science and Nature, and analyze cited references using Science Citation Index.

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Science and Nature and Cited Reference Searching

  1. 1. OCN 1010 Special Assignments: Library Resources
  2. 2. Assignment #1: Find peer-reviewed articles from Science or Nature. Since you already know the journal title, use A-Z Journals.
  3. 3. Science!
  4. 4. Check dates and choose a source. Our Science Magazine database access is from 1997 – present.
  5. 5. stock.xchng You can browse the current issue, or perform an Advanced search to fine-tune results easily.
  6. 6. Limit to the Science journal, enter your keyword/s, and scroll down…
  7. 7. Searching Articles Only and choosing Original Research limits results to peer-reviewed research articles.
  8. 8. One result – you might need to revise keywords to expand your search. This article is just fine…
  9. 9. Citation information – check formatting requirements. Save the PDF! References are usually on the last page.
  10. 10. Nature!
  11. 11. Check dates and choose a source. The Nature Journal Archive database covers 2006 to the present.
  12. 12. stock.xchng Browse issues or enter a keyword for a more specific search.
  13. 13. Remember Evans Library holdings are from 2006 to the present. Select Research and limit by Publication Date for full-text access. Click the title to view the PDF and citation information.
  14. 14. Receipt and acceptance dates are a clue to peer- review. Download the PDF.
  15. 15. This database offers a couple of PDF viewing options. readcube gives extra information at a glance.
  16. 16. Citation information – check formatting requirements.
  17. 17. stock.xchng Assignment #1: Make sure your article is peer-reviewed. Title - very detailed, usually a summary of the article's contents, most likely contains technical terms Authors - include credentials (university affiliation) and email addresses Abstract - brief summary of the article and its problems, findings, and conclusions that lets you know quickly if the article is useful to your research Introduction - presents the thesis and goals of the research, and sometimes a literature review Publication information - sometimes a citation to the published article is included, sometimes just the journal title, and sometimes no publication information at all Data - charts, graphs, and equations are included to help explain scientific research Article text - often highly technical, and may be broken into subheadings such as Argument, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and Further Study Conclusion - a summary of the results of the research References - citations for the articles referenced within the paper, excellent for additional research on the article's topic
  18. 18. stock.xchng Assignment #2: List number of citations for article 4 in 2007, in total and by month. This assignment requires you to do two things: 1. Find full-text articles referenced within the bibliographies of your Assignment #1 article and two others. • Journal titles are typically italicized in citations. • If the journal title is abbreviated, use CAS Source Index to find the full title. • If you know the journal title, begin at A-Z Journals. • Repeat the process that you used to find Article #1. 2. Analyze citation information for article #4 using Science Citation Index.
  19. 19. Science Citation Index!
  20. 20. Science Citation Index is a Web of Knowledge database.
  21. 21. We are doing a Cited Reference Search.
  22. 22. Enter the information that you have – article title, author, date, etc. and choose the search field. Pay attention to instructions.
  23. 23. stock.xchng Select article/s, and finish search.
  24. 24. 42 articles have cited this source article. Create Citation Report.
  25. 25. Citations by year Limit dates to see times cited in a particular year. 42 overall
  26. 26. 2 citations in 2007.
  27. 27. Citations by month.
  28. 28. Questions? Rob Sippel Evans Library – 123 321-674-7585