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How to Print at Florida Tech


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Learn how to print using the Evans Library computers, and how to add Panther Cash to your FIT ID online with credit or debit card or at the library using the CVST machine.

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How to Print at Florida Tech

  1. 1. How to Print You’ll need two things: Evans Library 6/1/2017 OR
  2. 2. Panther ID Cards Florida Tech ID Card provides the following services: •Student ID Card •Meal Plan Card •Panther Cash Debit Card •Library Card •Lab Printing Card •Electronic door access when provided •Clemente Center for Sports and Recreation access
  3. 3. Panther Cash Panther Cash is a debit account program where you may pre-deposit funds into your account, allowing payment for numerous campus services including the purchase of: •All items at the bookstore •Full meals or light snacks at any of the dining facilities •Beverages and snacks from selected vending machines •Photocopies from copy machines in the library •Print jobs in the library and academic computing labs •Laundry facility use in the residence halls •Special services at the Health Center Funds deposited into Panther Cash are always available. There are NO administrative charges and the money is only spent when you use your card.
  4. 4. How to add Panther Cash with cash This machine is located on the 1st floor of the library in the room next to the elevator
  5. 5. How to add Panther Cash with credit or debit card
  6. 6. You will need the student’s ID # Panther cash may be deposited in amounts as small as $1.00 (choose ‘other’ under amount)
  7. 7. • Print as you normally would, selecting ‘Secure_Print’ as the printer. • Go to the printer – all printers on campus will receive the print job, so you may go to any public printer. Printing from a school computer
  8. 8. At the printer
  9. 9. • The print queue should come up when you swipe in. • Select your print job – a selected print job will turn a lighter shade of blue. • Verify the cost and color properties of the print job. You may change the color properties under ‘options’. • ‘Print and keep’ allows the job to stay on the list to be printed again. ‘Print and delete’ prints the job and removes it from the list. • Funds will be deducted from your account automatically • Log out when you are done printing
  10. 10. Happy Printing!