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Easy Instruction: Scholarly Articles in Summon


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How to find the best scholarly articles using Summon -- It's a great place to start!

Published in: Education, Technology
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Easy Instruction: Scholarly Articles in Summon

  1. 1. Scholarly Journals Trade Publications News, Opinion, and Popular Magazines Examples Science; Nature; Proceedings of the IEEE; Journal of Social Psychology Business & Commercial Aviation; Computerworld; Ocean News & Technology Consumer Reports; National Geographic; Time; Vogue Purpose To report the results of original research or experimentation to the scholarly community To describe issues, products, news and trends for a specific trades or profession To inform or entertain Authors Researchers or scholars; credentials are given Practitioners or educators within the trade, staff and freelance authors Journalists, staff and freelance authors Audience Scholars, professionals, or students interested in the field of study Members of a specific trade, profession, industry, or organization; trade jargon is often used General public Sources Sources are cited for full research articles and bibliographies are included. Sources are sometimes cited, but usually not. Sources are sometimes cited, but usually not. Articles from scholarly journals are often required references for student research papers and projects. Below are guidelines to distinguish scholarly journals from other kinds of periodicals:
  2. 2. Conference Proceedings Data Sets Newspaper Articles Theses and Dissertations Technical Reports Government Documents Digital Collections Scholarly Journal Articles Books Databases SUMMON
  3. 3. The number of times an article is cited by others indicates its importance. Use these facets to narrow your search to fewer results. Use these facets to narrow or broaden your search as needed. Summon suggests individual databases to search for your topic.
  4. 4. Summon is the best way to find an article if you already know the title. Place quotes around a title phrase.