Easy Instruction: eBooks


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Learn how and why using eBooks for research is a great idea.

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Easy Instruction: eBooks

  1. 1. Easy Instruction – E-BOOKS Ann Sepri Evans Library Lobby July 16 @ 1:00 and July 17 @ 6:00
  2. 2. What are e-books? E-books, or electronic books, are books that have been digitized or born digital and therefore readable online. The Evans Library provides access to thousands of e- books via the Library website. We purchase or subscribe to e-book packages as well as individual titles. Some e- books are reference resources, searched for specific facts; some are textbooks; all can be valuable resources for assignments, reports, research, and general interest. Your TRACKS user name and password are required for access to these online resources.
  3. 3. How do I read an e-book? Most of our e-books are PDFs and readable through your browser. Many allow printing and downloading of pages or chapters for offline reading or transfer to e-book readers and mobile devices. Some allow downloading of entire books.
  4. 4. How can I find e-books and locate the information I need? A good place to begin is the A to Z e-Books link in the left column on the Library homepage.
  5. 5. From this page you have several options: • If you know the title or online ISBN of an e-book you would like to access, you can enter your search in the search box; • you may browse our list alphabetically; • you may browse our list by broad subject; • or, you may click on a database and then browse the titles or search the full-text for your topic. A full-text search will take you to chapters or pages that correspond with your interest.
  6. 6. Other options for finding e-books in the Evans Library collection are: performing a SUMMON search
  7. 7. • searching the Catalog (searches metadata only – author, title, subject)
  8. 8. • browsing the Research Guide in your areas of interest. You will find that all electronic resources will be linked.
  9. 9. Demo – SUMMON search
  10. 10. Demo - Catalog search
  11. 11. • Click on SpringerLink
  12. 12. Other sources for e-books In addition to e-books that are purchased or subscribed to by the Evans Library, we all have free access to e-books that are in the public domain, free of copyright restrictions, or published as open access books. Examples of book collections available for free access on the Internet are: • HathiTrust • Google Books • Project Gutenberg • Biodiversity Heritage Library Your public library is also a great place to borrow e-books.
  13. 13. View our tutorial on finding books and eBooks