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JenniferEvans2015 St.ClairCountyRESA
Writing Workshop Implementation Guide
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JenniferEvans2015 St.ClairCountyRESA
studentsin productive
while I am workingwith
individualsor ...
JenniferEvans2015 St.ClairCountyRESA
Lesson Management:
 My goal is to providefast-
paced,lively engaging
lessonswith all...
JenniferEvans2015 St.ClairCountyRESA
Teaching Strategies:
 My goal is to teach
intensively in every partof
the writing le...
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Write well writing workshop implementation guide


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Write well writing workshop implementation guide

  1. 1. JenniferEvans2015 St.ClairCountyRESA Writing Workshop Implementation Guide Tasks Not Started Unacceptable In Progress Approaching Acceptable Achieved Acceptable Version Achieved with Fidelity Gold Standard Implement Writing Workshop and prepare Materials:  My goal is to haveall necessary materials fora Writer’s Workshop.  My goal is to usethe WriteWell curriculum.  My goal is to be organized and prepared.  My goal is to have materialsaccessible for use during the lesson. My books,examplesand othermaterialsare at a beginningpointinterms of acquisitionand organization. I have heardabout WriteWell . I have attendeda workshopaboutWriter’s Workshop. I have attendeda workshopaboutthe WriteWell curriculum. I have a collectionof mentortexts,butitis minimal andnotadequate for the needsof myclass. I have some other materials,buttheyare not yetorganized. I knowaboutkeeping writer’snotebooks,butI am not usingthemyet. I am beginningtouse WriteWell lessons and have implementedatleast one unitof study. I use the pre and post assessmentsinWriteWell but am notconfidentin usingthe rubricsto score the papers. I have a good amountof mentortextsandI am using them. I have an easel,white board,etc. and am using themto model. I am usingwriter’s notebooksandkeeping records. I am usingWriteWell lessons,butIskiparound and do notdo all of the lessons. I use the pre and post assessmentsinWriteWell and understandhowtouse the rubrics toscore them and identifyareasof need. I use a predictable structure for Writer’sWorkshopto implementthe instructional and assessment componentsof the WriteWell curriculumto informinstructionresulting instudentachievement. I provide highqualityWriter’s Workshopeverydayduring writinginstruction. I use the instructional and assessmentcomponentsof the WriteWell curriculumandother formative assessments effectively resultinginhighlevelsof student achievement. A well-organizedcollectionof mentortextsexistsandisbeing used. I have a meetingareaand an area forguidedwritingwith easel,white board, anchor charts, well asrelevant centeractivitiesestablished. My studentsknowhowto use notebooks,share andconfer. I have a well-organized,usable record keepingsystemthat guidesinstruction. I use WriteWell/Writing Workshopwithfidelity. Management:  My goal is to highly engage I have not yetestablished a systemforindependent writing. I have begunto teach studentshowtoengage in independentwritingand My systemforindependent writingiswell established and I am conferringwith My classroomis well managed duringthe entire writingblock. Studentsare engagedin
  2. 2. JenniferEvans2015 St.ClairCountyRESA studentsin productive reading/writingactivities while I am workingwith individualsor groups.  My goal is to highly engage studentsin productive reading/writingactivities while I am conferringwith individuals.  My goal is to create a positive literacy environment.  My goal is to develop appropriate routines and procedures. Studentsneedagreatdeal of attentionandIcannot workproductivelywith small groups or confer withindividual students. Studentsconstantly interruptme. buildstamina,butthe routinesare notyet established. I am beginningto establishaschedule that will allowforindependent, relevantworkwhile I teachsmall groupsand workwithindividuals but resultsare usually unproductive andstudents continue tointerruptme. I am beginningtoteach WriteWell mini-lessons focusingonwriting. individuals. Studentsare usingwriter’s notebooksandlogs,andI am workingwithgroups and/orconferringona regularbasis. Studentsare able to work independentlymostof the time andbe successful. I am rarelyinterrupted. independentwriting. Relevantactivitiesare completed and learningistransferred. Studentsare able to work completelyindependentlywhile I workwithregularguided writing groupsand conferwith individuals. Iam never interrupted. Grouping:  My goal is to formsmall groupsof studentswho are similar in their developmentof a writing process.  I also use datatoidentify particularneedsand interests forfocusedguided writing groups and independentconferring. I am justbeginningto observe students’ writing behaviorsandtothink aboutforminggroups. I have not identifiedother waysthat I use to group students. UsuallyI teachthe whole class. I have not started conferringwithstudents. I don’treallyknowhowto formgroups correctly. I have formedandmet withsome needs/interest/skillbased groupswhenI notice that there issomethingthat studentsneedtolearn orI lookat assessmentdata. I knowhow toapplysome assessmentmeasuresand have tentativelyformed some level orskill-based groups. I do thisinconsistently. I am workingoncorrectly identifystudentneed. I continue tomeetwith needs/interest/skillbased groupson a regularbasis, usingrelevantdatato determine groupings. I am keepingregular recordsof writingbehaviors but I don’talwaysuse this data accuratelyto guide my instruction. I conferwithstudentsona daily;howeverIamstill conferringaboutthe “writingassignment”and not the “writer.” Everystudentinmy classis servedwithsmall group/independentinstruction. Studentsknowhowto share and improve theirwriting. Groups meetregularly,and strategies/skillstaughtare based on assessment. Appropriate goalsare selectedto meetthe needsof the writer. Learningtransferstoother situations andinstructional steps move the studentstohigher levelsof proficiency. I conferwithat least3-5 students dailyandthe conferencesresult inincreasedstudentproductivity or qualitywork.
  3. 3. JenniferEvans2015 St.ClairCountyRESA Lesson Management:  My goal is to providefast- paced,lively engaging lessonswith all componentsworking togethereffectively.  My goal is to ensure learning objectivesare evidentto the students.  My goal is providetimely, relevant,positivefeedback to all students.  My goal is to provide studentswithample opportunitiestopractice.  My goal is to provide studentswithvisualaids to help scaffoldinstruction. I have not yet implementedanyof the componentsof writing workshop(Minilesson including:connecting, teaching,engaging, linking,andsharing). I provide minimal relevant feedbackinatimely manner. I do notconferwith students. Studentsdonot write everyday. I limitwritingactivitiesto independentwork. I have begunto introduce writingminilessonsto students,howeverthey are nottimely. I use the WriteWell mini- lessonsasa guide,butam not yetcomfortable in makingthe lessonsmy own. I do some components of writingworkshop (Minilessonincluding: connecting,teaching, engaging,linking,and sharing). I am learningaboutthe proceduresforwriting workshopandconferring. I provide some feedback as neededtostudents. Studentswrite daily,but not always foran appropriate amountof time. I have startedwriting notebooksbutdonot use themdaily. I assign a lotof writingand am goodat giving directions;howeverIneed to improve mywriting instruction. I can teach minilessonsand provide relevantactivities for studentstodoas I break intogroups and confer. I provide timelyfeedback to all students. I do all componentsof writingworkshop (Minilessonincluding: connecting,teaching, engaging,linking,and sharing). Sometimesmylessonsare too shortor too long. I am able to personalize the WriteWell mini-lessons to meetthe needsof my classroom. Most studentsknowwhat to do and are able to do whatis necessaryduring workshop. Sharingand conferringtake place mostdays and the classroomisa safe place to do this. My studentsandIuse our writer’snotebooksand write daily topractice and implementlearning. Ample time isprovidedfor studentstobrainstorm, generate andexplore ideas. My lessoniswell-timed, smoothlymanagedandincludes appropriate minilessonincluding successful implementationof all componentsof writingworkshop (Minilessonincluding: connecting,teaching,engaging, linking,andsharing) integrated withwritinginstruction and feedbacktoall students. Centeractivitiesare relevant, at appropriate levels,andbasedon need. Studentsare transferringlearning to all contentareas. All studentsknowwhattodo and are successful duringworkshop. Sharingand conferringtake place dailyina safe environment. Dailywriter’snotebookuse, practice and writingtime allow teacher/studentstoimplement consistentlywhatislearnedas theybecome more proficient writers. Ample time isprovidedforall studentstobrainstorm,generate and explore ideas using techniquesthatmotivate studentstowrite foraudiences beyondthe classroom.
  4. 4. JenniferEvans2015 St.ClairCountyRESA Teaching Strategies:  My goal is to teach intensively in every partof the writing lesson in order to expand my students’ ability to usebackground knowledge,accessanduse information,thinkbeyonda text,makeconnections, maintain phrased,fluent writing, think aboutthe text in critical waysand apply whatthey learn aboutauthor’s craft through mentortextin their own writing.  My goal is to successfully implementfluent,relevant mini-lessonsbasedon students’ writing behaviors.  My goal is to successfully implementall components of a writing workshop.  My goal is to provide explicit, scaffold instruction.  My goal is to utilize the gradualreleasemodel for instruction.  My goal is to accommodate all studentneedswitha MTSS(Multi-TieredSystem of Support. I am justbeginningto understandstrategiesand to observe students’ writingbehaviors. I do notaccommodate individualstudents’needs. I’mnot sure what to do whenI observe abehavior. I am able to findevidence of strategiesasIobserve studentwriting. I supporttheir developmentof strategies by providingsupportbut do notset goalsat appropriate levels. I have not yetdevelopedexpert teachingskills. I am not alwaysaccurate withselectingappropriate strategiesbasedonthe needsof students. My studentsshare their thinkingbutare not yet effectiveinlisteningor helpingothers. My students getoff task easily attimes. There are systemsinplace to assessandre-teachin orderto accommodate students’needs,butthese systemsare rarelyused. I observe studentwriting behaviorcontinuouslyand am able to findexamples and powerful teaching pointstobring to their attention. I am observingthe impact of myintroduction, interactions,andteaching and am workingonexplicit instructionandmodeling. I keeprecordsto helpguide my instructionbutam inconsistent. My studentsshare their thinkingandcan help supporteach otherintheir writingdevelopment,but theyare inconsistentand sometimesineffective. I have begunto incorporate some differentiation into initial instruction. My decisionsandinteractionsare well-timedandpowerfulin illustratingprocessingstrategies for students. My decisionsallowstudentsto use what theyknowtoprocess writing. I am aware of and teachfor a wide range of processing strategies, andIsee evidence that studentsare takingonthese strategiesforthemselves. My studentslistenwell andcan share theirthinkingtosupport each otherconsistentlyand effectively. I differentiateforall studentsto meetstudentneedssothatthey are successful ontheirfirst attempts. I assess,teach,andmonitorthe learningof studentsona daily basisand use data to guide my instruction. I provide interventionsto targetedstudentsdaily. I provide systematicinstructionin embeddedspellingandgrammar by usingmentortextandstudent workto guide instruction.