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Film Poster Research


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Research into professional film posters, to help shape the way in which my own film poster will look.

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Film Poster Research

  1. 1. Connor Evans
  2. 2. The title is repeated here to ensure that it can be read by everyone, as the title is not as clear above. This may be something I should recreate if my title is not completely clear elsewhere. The poster’s use of editing makes the characters and the main body of text ‘NOW YOU SEE ME’ become part of an optical illusion which fits into the film’s theme of illusions. Although this is a clever feature of the magazine, I feel that this would be hard to achieve within my own film poster. The poster features all of the main cast in order to show off the talent in the film. There are big stars in the movie, that they are bringing attention to by putting in the poster, regardless of the importance of their character. As my film does not feature any big names, this is not something I will need to employ, however it is a common feature to have at least of the actors on the poster. Here is the important information often found in the credits of a film, and in the trailer (such as the still I created and edited into my film trailer). This holds details such as stars, production companies, writer, director e.t.c. The date is included on the poster in bigger, bolder writing, in order to bring attention to it. This is a common feature of posters that I will need to use in my own poster
  3. 3. This poster does not have a fit image, and instead shows white background behind the silhouette figure. Although the silhouette works in creating an ominous feel and showing the thriller genre, I feel that I wouldn’t want a huge section of white, considering my film has a darker feel to it. This poster singles out it’s big star in two ways. One of which is the name of the star written above the film title, and the second is an image of the star. I would consider doing this, as it adds to the poster, and brings attention to the star, an important aspect of a film that can draw in audiences. The poster makes use of social media and internet resources at the bottom of the poster. This has become more and more common in trailers and is something that I think will be useful when creating my own poster. Although there will not be social media sites for the Travis film – such as Twitter and Facebook – I could include these on the poster regardless. The film’s tagline ‘NO ONE BELIEVES HER. NOTHING WILL STOP HER’, is drawn attention to by fitting a white background into the image for the text to be placed into. I feel that a concise tagline can add to the image I want to create with my poster. Instead of a set date, this poster has ‘COMING SOON’ in a bold, red font that is again, slightly bigger than the typical ‘credits’ section. This draws attention to it, and gets the audience excited for the film. However, because I decided on a date in my film trailer, I would want to include the date on my poster.
  4. 4. This film poster fits in with it’s theme of family through creating the poster as if it is a family portrait. You can see how this is done through the border around the poster, with the picture of the stars in the centre. The director’s previous work is mentioned on the front of the poster. After some research, I found out that Oldboy is also a mystery-thriller film, like Stoker. Oldboy did well both critically, and in the box office, earning around $14 million. This would help to promote Stoker, but is not something I would include as my previous work – the AS film opening – does not fit with the style of my Travis film trailer. It is mentioned that the film was part of the official selection for Sundance Film Festival 2013, showing it is a noteworthy film. This would be helpful in promoting that film and mention of a film festival on my poster would help to show my understanding of this. The poster is not particularly thriller- like, however, the image in the centre contains a hint of the genre. It is subtle, possibly going unnoticed at first, which adds to the psychological element of the film, something that I may want to consider in the process of creating my own film poster. Mia Wasikowsa’s character has blood on her hands.
  5. 5. This poster has a much more simplistic style to it. The promotion around the film is highly secretive by withholding a lot of information, so this simplistic style adds to the mystery element of this thriller film. The film tries to engage it’s potential audience by having a tagline question ‘WHO IS SALT?’ This question is repeated through the website URL, ‘WHOISSALT.COM’. ‘Summer 2010’ is used, withholding the date, and adding to the simplistic and secretive style. This is something that I may want to consider as I had ‘THIS SUMMER’ appear on screen in my film trailer. However, I feel that this trailer does not meet typical conventions, and I want to show an understanding for conventions in my poster. Angelina Jolie, as a big Hollywood star, is able to bring in audiences to a film before that audience knows anything else about the film. The promotion relies heavily upon this, including her name, and face, therefore seeming to answer the question ‘WHO IS SALT?’ However, this question is explored in the film.
  6. 6. After reviewing and analysing the four posters, I feel that I have a clearer image in mind in regards to what I want my own film poster to look like. I liked the first poster, Now You See Me, but felt that it was a little plain in it’s presentation, and not as interesting as the other three. The dull greys also made it unappealing to me. I feel that I will take less inspiration from this poster than the other three. The second poster, Gone, brought attention to it’s star, which I feel I may want to do with my own film poster. However, the white background does not fit in with the dark style of my film trailer, and therefore my poster. The use of social media to promote the film is a modern promotional technique that is becoming more and more popular, and is something I want to include in my own film poster. Stoker’s poster used a lot of trailer conventions that I really liked, such as the tagline, the mention of director, and the links to Sundance Film Festival. I feel that in particular, I plan to use links to a festival and/or critic to showcase my film, Travis, as a noteworthy psychological thriller. The final poster, for the thriller film Salt, was my favourite of the four film posters. It had a very simplistic style, not including many poster conventions. Although I would not want my poster to be as bare as the Salt poster, I do want it to look presentable, bringing attention to star, and to not be cluttered with text.