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Easter Paper Folding Demo PowerPoint Show


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Easter Paper Folding Demo PowerPoint Show

  1. 1. EASTER PAPER FOLDING Demonstration
  2. 2.  Show the class a blank piece of paper. Say: What is Easter really all about? Is it about bunnies…chicks… eggs…chocolate candy?
  3. 3.  As you are talking, fold a top corner of the paper down as shown.
  4. 4. www.creative-sunday-school-ideas.comThen fold thecorner down.other top
  5. 5.  Your paper should now resemble the shape of a house.
  6. 6.  Say: Is Easter about being at home with your family? Is it about sitting around the dinner table eating a delicious Easter dinner together?
  7. 7.  As you discuss, fold the “house” in half.
  8. 8.  Now fold over one side of the folded “house” as shown.
  9. 9.  Then turn the “house” over and fold over the other side.
  10. 10.  Your paper should now look like this:
  11. 11.  Hold your paper like an airplane. Discuss: Is Easter about taking a trip to visit family or friends who live far away? Is it about flying to some warm place for spring break?
  12. 12.  While you continue to discuss, fold down the wings on the “airplane” and cut a strip about an inch in from the wings’ folded edges.
  13. 13.  Unfold the largest piece of paper and show your class the cross. Say: Easter is about the cross! It’s about Jesus dying for our sins. But the really good news we celebrate on Easter is that He didn’t stay dead!
  14. 14. Unfold the remaining pieces of paper and arrange them so they spell “life.” Say: Jesus rose from the dead. And because He lives, we too can have eternal life!