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Elvis presley english


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Elvis presley english

  1. 1. Elvis Aaron PresleyKing of Rock & Roll
  2. 2. Previous KnowledgeWhat do we already know about Elvis Presley?When did he live?What kinds of music did he play?Why is he known as “The King of Rock & Roll”?
  3. 3. Elvis: The Early Years• Born on January 8th1935• Grew up living in poverty• Often teased in school for stuttering forbeing quiet, stuttering, and was oftencalled a mama’s boy.• At 10 years old Elvis took 2ndplace at the Mississippi andAlabama State fair in a singing contest• At 11 years old Elvis received his first guitar for hisbirthday. (That guitar cost $7.90)• Elvis grew up singing gospel music in church, whichhe also sang toward the end of his life.
  4. 4. Elvis: The Early Years (continued)• Elvis was said to never go anywhere without his guitar• Elvis could not read music, he was a self-taughtguitar player who played by ear.• After graduating High School hecontinued to live at home, drove atruck for work, and played the guitar.• Elvis did his first recording when hewas 18 years old. It cost $3.98, andit was a gift for his mother.
  5. 5. Musical Influences• Elvis loved music and listened to whatever he could.• The main styles of music that Elvis listened to were:1. Gospel2. Country3. Blues4. R & B
  6. 6. The Rise of the King of Rock & RollElvis combined twoStyles of music in hisearly career thatbecame known asRockabilly.Those two styles were:Country and Rhythm and Blues
  7. 7. • Rockabilly was not readily accepted since it was ablending of both “white” and “black” music.The Rise of the King of Rock & Roll• As a result of this new style of music and new style ofperformance, many radio stations didn’t want to play thisElvis out of fear of backlash from their listeners.• The previously shy Elvis, was becoming more and more confidenton stage, and his live shows were unlike anything people has everseen before. There was nothing to compare it to.•Rockabilly: an uptempo fusion of country and rhythm and blueswith a strong back beat.
  8. 8. “People watching the show were astounded and shocked, both bythe ferocity of his performance, and the crowd’s reaction to it....Roy Orbison saw Presley for the first time in Odessa, Texas:His energy was incredible, his instinct was just amazing....I just didn’tknow what to make of it. There was just no reference point in the cultureto compare it. He’s the new rage, said a Louisiana radio executive....Sings hillbilly in R&B time. Can you figure that out.He wears pink pants and a black coat."The Rise of the King of Rock & Roll
  9. 9. The Rise of the King of Rock & RollPeople would practically riotAt Elvis concerts. He wouldplay “You Aint Nothin’ ButA Hound Dog”, and peoplejust reacted VERY strongly.The result of this brand newstyle and performance was thatElvis was an IMMEDIATE hit.
  10. 10. Elvis: The Later YearsAs Elvis got older, his shows becamemore and more extravagant. He soonbecame very well known for his veryflashy jumpsuits, huge sunglasses, andfull backup bands.
  11. 11. Elvis: The Later YearsAs Elvis became older, his popularitydid decrease. However, he still couldmaintain an amazing following.He gained quite a lot of weight.His musical style mellowed out.He became increasingly privateAs Elvis Aged:Elvis’ Death is attributed to two things:• He had an enlarged heart.• Drug Use
  12. 12. Famous Elvis Songs“All Shook Up” “Teddy Bear”“Jailhouse Rock”“Hound Dog”“Heartbreak Hotel” “Blue Sued Shoes”
  13. 13. The Statistics of Elvis• Elvis has sold over 1,000,000,000 Record Units worldwide!!!(all of those zeros add up to 1 BILLION!)• “Elvis has had no less than 149 songs to appear on Billboard’sHot 100 Pop Chart in America. Of these, 114 were in the topforty, 40 were in the top ten, and 18 went to number one. Hisnumber one singles spent a total of 80 weeks at number one. Hehas also had over 90 charted albums with ten of them reachingnumber one. These figures are only for the pop charts, and onlyin America. He was also a leading artist in the Americancountry, R&B, and gospel fields, and his chart success in othercountries was substantial.”
  14. 14. The Statistics of Elvis• Graceland, Elvis’ home, attracts more than 600,000 visitors!!
  15. 15. Elvis Aaron Presley1935-1977
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