19th century timelineby: Ashley Williams
1850                 1862                 1864                    1864                1866              1869             1...
1876                     1886                1887                           1890                  1890The battle of little...
1890                        1890                          Grandfather clause:A aThe Wounded          situation in which an...
1890                  1890                 1890               1892                    1894                  1896Jim crow l...
1897                                 1900sRagtime :an originalmusical genre which          Vaudervile:aenjoyed its peak   ...
1893                    1894                            1916                        Boilerplate toiled inMechanical Marvel...
19th century timeline
19th century timeline
19th century timeline
19th century timeline
19th century timeline
19th century timeline
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19th century timeline


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19th century timeline

  1. 1. 19th century timelineby: Ashley Williams
  2. 2. 1850 1862 1864 1864 1866 1869 1876 Credit mobilier: a Buffalo TranscontinBessemer homestead act: Sand creek Telephone:in construction soldiers: entalprocess:first law enacted in massacre:1864, when March 1876.1 company formed originally railroad:inexpensive 1862, provided a 700-man force of That first patent in 1864 by members of railroad lineindustrial process 160 acres in the Colorado Territory by Bell was the owners of the the u.s. 10th linking the for the mass- west to any militia attacked and master patent of union pacific calvary Atlanticproduction of citizen or destroyed a village of the telephone, railroad, who reingnment pacificsteel from intended citizen. friendly Cheyenne from which used to skim off of the usa coasts of themolten pig iron and Arapaho other patents profits to army u.s. in 1869. The process is encamped in for electric themselves.named after its southeastern Colorado telephoneinventor, Territory,3 killing devices andHenry Bessemer and mutilating an features flowed., who took out a estimated 70–163 2patent on the Indians, about two-process in thirds of whom were1855. women and children.
  3. 3. 1876 1886 1887 1890 1890The battle of little big The Ghost Dance Literacy test: Haymarket Dawes act: lawhorn, also known as was a refers to the afffair:aftermaCusters Last Stand enacted in 1887, new religious movement government th of a bombingand, by the intended to which was practice of testingNative Americans that took place incorporated into “Americanize” the literacy ofinvolved, as the Battle of at a labor numerous native Americans potential citizensthe Greasy Grass , was demonstration Native Americanan armed engagement by distributing belief systems. at the federal on Tuesdaybetween combined forces of reservation land to According to the level, andLakota, May 4, 1886, individual owners prophet Jack Wilson ( potential voters atNorthern Cheyenne and at Haymarket Wewokas teachings,Arapaho tribes, against Square3 in proper practice of the the state level.the 7th Cavalry Regiment Chicago. It dance would reuniteof the United States Army began as a the living with the. spirits of the dead and peaceful rally bring peace, in support of prosperity, and unity workers to native peoples striking for an throughout the region eight-hour day.
  4. 4. 1890 1890 Grandfather clause:A aThe Wounded situation in which an oldKnee Massacre rule continues to apply to some existing situations,occurred on while a new rule willDecember 29, apply to all future1890,4 near situations. Frequently, the exemption is limited; itWounded Knee may extend for a setCreek (Lakota: period of time, or it mayČhaŋkpé Ópi be lost under certain circumstances. ForWakpála) on the example, aLakota "grandfathered powerPine Ridge Indian Reservation be exempt plant" might from new, more restrictive in South Dakota, pollution laws, but those rules would apply if plantUSA were expanded
  5. 5. 1890 1890 1890 1892 1894 1896Jim crow laws:They The Omaha Pullman Plessy vs. fergusona Ghost Sherman antitrustmandated de jure Platform was strike:nationwide landmark dance:a act:prohibits certainracial segregation in all the party conflict between the United States Supreme business activities that new religious movementpublic facilities in program new decision in the which was reduce competition inSouthern states of the adopted at the American Railway Union jurisprudence of the incorporate the marketplace, andformer Confederacy, formative (ARU) and railroads United States, d into requires thewith, starting in 1890, a convention of that occurred in the upholding the numerous United States federal"separate but equal" the United States in summer constitutionality of government to Native Americanstatus for Populist (or Peoples) Party shut down 1894. It state laws requiring belief investigate and pursueAfrican Americans. held in much of the nations racial segregation in trusts, companies, and systems . Omaha, Nebraska freight and passenger public facilities under organizations suspected on July 4, 1892. the doctrine of " traffic west of Detroit. of being in violation. separate but equal."1
  6. 6. 1897 1900sRagtime :an originalmusical genre which Vaudervile:aenjoyed its peak theatrical genre ofpopularity between variety entertainment1897 and 1918.2 Its popular in the Northmain characteristic trait America, England,is its syncopated, or Australia and New"ragged," rhythm.2 It Zealand from thebegan as dance music early 1880s until thein the red-light districts early 1930s.of African Americancommunities in St. Louisand New Orleans yearsbefore being publishedas popular sheet musicfor piano. http://www.bigredhair.com/boilerplate/intro.html
  7. 7. http://www.bigredhair.com/boilerplate/intro.html
  8. 8. 1893 1894 1916 Boilerplate toiled inMechanical Marvel the service of men Boilerplate servedBoilerplate was by assisting in admirably in a seriesunveiled at the 1893 Professor Campion’s of conflicts includingColumbian voyage to the South the Spanish-Exposition by American War, the Pole aboard theinventor Professor Euterpe. The Japanese-RussianArchibald Campion expedition was the War, and World Warto “resolve the first (and last) robot- I.conflicts of nations assisted voyage towithout the deaths of the South Pole.men.” http://www.bigredhair.com/boilerplate/intro.html