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Meet Tim Eburne

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Personal Resume

  1. 1. Personal Résumé Tim Eburne Cell: 082 067
  2. 2. Personal SummaryCurrently based in Somerset West, Cape Town, I am a well-established, mature and professional individual with a friendly andcompassionate disposition. I feel I can combine my passion for trainingand development plus my deep understanding of how people learn withmy innate organizational and self-management skills to make a valuableand lasting contribution. I am well established as a facilitator/trainer inthe corporate arena, am mature, in that I am in my mid- 50’s and haveseen my two delightful sons into their own working life; professional, inthat I have led a successful 15 year career in education, followed by afruitful 10 year period in the corporate training and facilitation world;and, motivated, as I have a tremendous amount to offer in the field ofprofessional development and personal effectiveness, plus managementdevelopment, consulting skills, and presentation skills . I have a passion fortechnology and all that it achieves and can achieve – I’m always looking fornew and innovative ways of using the power of technology.
  3. 3. Key Skills Areas• Training & Facilitation• Management Consulting• Course Development• Education• Communication• Writing – Business / Creative• Presentations• Personal Development & Effectiveness
  4. 4. Facilitation Expertise I have focussed on highly customised learning solutions, tailored to client context and inherent challenges, to achieve critical company, department and personal outcomes. Learning solutions have had significant impact on building competency towards improved business and personal results. Learning solutions include the following :• Personal Power• Relationship Management• Customer Service• Sales Effectiveness• Leadership Development• Interpersonal Skills• Performance & Time Management• Change Management
  5. 5. Clients – Corporate & Organizations Training, facilitation, and learning interventions to the following corporates and organizations:• Absa – Avaf, Platinum Bank, Retentions, Pvt Bank, Home Loans• Nedbank• Standard Bank• Stanbic• Deloittes• Hans Merensky• Bytes SA• Discovery Health• Trinesoft Technologies• Rainbow Chickens
  6. 6. Clients – Schools, Colleges & UniversitiesWorkplace Readiness Knowledge & Skills:• Parklands College WORKPLACE READINESS Current Modules : Personal Branding, Personality Styles, Relationship Management, Time & Stress Management, Performance Management Young South Africans, attempting to enter the world of work, more often than not, do so on the strength of their qualifications, rather than on the superior power of their own inherent personal qualities and strengths. My aim is to share my understanding of workplace requirements with those preparing to enter the dynamic, ever- changing reality of the workplace.
  7. 7. Overview of Facilitation• PERSONAL POWER • RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT• Time management • Sustainable int & ext partnerships• Stress management • Key account management• Meeting management • Consulting skills• Personal branding • Understanding personality• SALES EFFECTIVENESS • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT• Selling through • From technical specialist to relationships manager• Experiential practice • Performance management – through realistic scenarios growing people’s potential• CUSTOMER SERVICE • ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE• Service as a sales strategy • Cultural fluency• Aligning to a client focused • Teambuilding service culture • Corporate values & branding • Change management
  8. 8. Recommendations“While my time with Tim was a mere two days of inter-personal/personality diagnostic andinterpretation training, I learned a lot. I can attest to his professionalism and efficiency, as well asthe usefulness of his vast knowledge when it comes to interpreting his client and giving them thecorrect and necessary information/criticism without breaking them down. His work with me hashad a marked impression on my business life.” Wikus Kriel – Trinesoft Technologies. May 18, 2012“Tim and I have worked together on a number of occasions. Two large projects stand out inparticular. Both involved the transference of (life) skills and knowledge to large groups ofparticipants seeking to make themselves more attractive to potential employers. Tim showed anincredible ability to build strong and trusting working relationships with these participants. Suchwas his insight into their specific needs and concerns that he was able (more effectively than therest of us) to engage with them at a level that best ensured that the new knowledge would stickand that the new skills would be successfully applied. He is an extremely conscientious andtalented facilitator who sets high performance standards for himself and others.” Steve Woods, TheAchievement Network. April 30, 2012“Tim was my Lecturer in a leadership course I did at Bytes Technology group, outsourced toPowerhouse. I found him to be well versed in the course material and was able to capture anaudience, making the training come to life. His story telling was a true inspiration (one of theaspects of the course). Tim was able to connect with each learner on a one to one basis, even whileaddressing the entire class. I would recommend him as a trainer any time.” MikeTruter, Coronation. May 22, 2012
  9. 9. Career Details• 1980 – Teacher – Highbury Boys, KZN• 1981 to 1983 – Area Manager for Markham, Jhb• 1984 to 1989 – Property Consultant, Basil Evans Estates, Scottburgh, KZN• 1990 to 1993 – Teacher – St Peter’s Prep, Bryanston, Jhb• 1994 to 1997 – Deputy Head at Uplands Prep, Whiteriver, Mpumulanga• 1998 to 1999 – Acting Deputy Head – Merchiston Prep, PMB, KZN• 2000 – Teacher – St Piran’s, Berkshire, UK• 2001 to present – Facilitation & training on contract basis for The Consultant Powerhouse, Rivonia, Jhb – Plus freelance private facilitator to corporates / organizations / individuals; and facilitator of Workplace Readiness to South Africa’s matrics, varsity and college leavers
  10. 10. Final WordI have spent my whole life in the pursuit of helpingothers to uncover their inherent strengths andrecognize their competitive edge in order to makethem appreciate themselves more. Firstly in the field ofeducation, then, over the last ten years as a personalcoach and facilitator, I have accompanied many whohave been stuck in the “mundane,” showing them thatone can enhance one’s significance and standing bybuilding a personal, portable portfolio which isrecognized and read by everyone they meet: amessage of strength, competence and confidence.