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  1. 1. Portugal<br />
  2. 2. Brazil had many agricultural goods such as tobacco, cachaca, and cotton but the most important good was sugarcane which Portugal shipped to Europe<br />The sugarcane cycle took place from the 1530’s to the 1700’s<br />The Portuguese shipped many slaves from Africa to do their cultivating for them in Brazil<br />Portugal traded cachaca and shells for slaves in Africa<br />Sugarcane<br />
  3. 3. Gold was first found in Brazil in the early 1800’s which became the main economic activity of colonial Brazil<br />In Portugal gold was mainly used to buy goods such as textiles and weapons from countries like England<br />Gold extraction was mostly done by slaves and because of this the king would melt all gold into bars and also sent over armies to overlook the process<br />The gold production slowed down toward the end of the 18th century<br />Gold Cycle<br />