Hey you, Merry Christmas


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Hey you, Merry Christmas

  1. 1. Hey you...
  2. 2. You... Who suddenly found himself alone (a) while everyone else went out to celebrate,
  3. 3. You... will not get this from anyone because it is far from loved ones, or because these loved ones have gone to another level,
  4. 4. You... where the only gifts they could give were those whose little letters that you got in the mail,
  5. 5. man or woman that lives alone in a forgotten corner, without inviting them to the big party, You...
  6. 6. You... which affect only come from this small screen and just today, to the small screen is empty because everyone is reunited with family members, and the more you crank the key to receive e-mails, can only read that there is no new message,
  7. 7. You... received hundreds of virtual Christmas cards, all in “undisclosed” but none meant especially for you,
  8. 8. You... that due to illness had to stay at home
  9. 9. You... separate or separated, widow, unmarried or single women for whom these days of family parties become a grip and a knot in the heart,
  10. 10. You... trying in vain to distract yourself on TV or running the rooms chat trying to find a soul friend who is similarly situated,
  11. 11. You... whose children preferred enjoy Christmas with friends,
  12. 12. You... that for some reason (no matter what), today is very sad
  13. 13. I just wanted to say that I thought of you today, I thought in your case, I considered her loneliness, I understood his longing and nostalgia.
  14. 14. I put all the duties and come here now only to leave a huge hug full of warmth, even if sent by e-mail. It's the best I can, because in fact I would embrace it (a) personally, full of tenderness and understanding.
  15. 15. Mentally I'll be praying for an angel of the Lord be entrusted to brighten up your Christmas Eve promoting, perhaps, a happy surprise, an unexpected phone call, an unscheduled visit, the gift you always wanted to get ... who knows!.
  16. 16. And even if nothing special happens, your loneliness, anxiety or sadness become a deep sense of Peace and that another party is made there in your heart: a party of two – ANIVERSARIANTE YOU AND JESUS CHRIST! Will be the best of all parties!
  17. 17. You know ... JESUS CHRIST loves YOU and I had to come here to tell you this.
  18. 18. Have a Merry Christmas. And a New Year filled with happiness GOD BLESS ALWAYS Format: Wesley Simões (Brazil) Text: Hey you, Merry Christmas Music: Instrumental - Ernesto Cortazar Contact: [email_address] Web site: www.evangelismoemslides.com.br