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La Vanguardia - Editors Lab Projects


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Published in: Technology
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La Vanguardia - Editors Lab Projects

  1. 1. #editorsLab Barcelona, 14 March 2014
  2. 2. Election  Coverage   Before  ask  what  the  medias  can  do,     ask  what  the  medias  have  done  
  3. 3. Surveys   Surveys  and  opinion  polls   allows  us  to  analyze   trends.     Surveys  are  expensive   and  focused  on  a  very   limited  audience.    
  4. 4. Election  day   We  add  graphics  and   maps  in  our  websites.   We  know  that.   Let’s  try  other  things!     http://resultados-­‐elecciones-­‐  
  5. 5. What’s  Electoral  Trending?   We  want  to  cover  an  election  with  the  tools  and   techniques  of  our  days.   We  don’t  want  to  be  focused  in  the  election  day  but   also  in  the  weeks  and  months  before.   We  discard  the  scrutiny  of  live  data,  which  is  already   offered  by  public  administrations  and  journals.  
  6. 6. Debate  in  real  time   Today  we  have  thousands  of  open  debates  on  the   Net  that  allow  us  to  capture  the  public  sentiment  of  a   much  larger  number  of  users.   We  want  to  listen  to  the  electoral  debate  taking  place   on  the  networks  like  twitter  in  real  time.   We  want  to  process  this  huge  amount  of  data  and   estimate  the  sentiment  associated  with  a  political   party  or  a  political  leader.  
  7. 7. Sentiment  analysis  algorithms  
  8. 8. It’s  a  tool  to  better  understand  the  real  time  sentiment  of  our  society   related  to  politics  and  hot  topics.     Electoral  Trending  
  9. 9. Public  sentiment   •   We  capture  the  conversations  (real  stream)   •   We  select  the  conversations  concerning        politics  and  discard  the  rest   •   We  analyze  that  conversations   •   We  classify  (positive,  negative,  neutral)   •   We  show  in  charts  easy  to  understand    
  10. 10. Try  yourself   •   The  user  can  create  new  charts  based  on          his  interests.   •   Adding  topics,  filtering  by  date,        geography…   •   It’s  easy  to  do.  And  there  is  a  large  number        of  combinations.      
  11. 11. Choose  and  combine   See  the  timeline   sentiment   Discover  related  topics  
  12. 12. Editorial  opinions   Journalists  from  La  Vanguardia  will  comment  this  charts.   The  statistics  must  be  put  in  context.  Should  be  analyzed.   When  there  is  a  change  of  a  trend  we  must  explain  the  reasons   of  that  changing.  That’s  the  job  our  journalists  can  do.  
  13. 13. Your  sentiment   We  also  want  to  ask  our  users  about  three  concepts  and   we  will  store  the  data  daily.     A  chart  shows  this  sentiment  about:      •    Unemployment    •    The  economy    •    Politics  
  14. 14. Content   •   Livestream  comment        of  the  users   •   Analysis  and  opinions        from  journalists   Conclusions  1/3  
  15. 15. Design  and  Usability   •   Responsive  design   •   Easy  to  use   Conclusions  2/3  
  16. 16. Technology   Conclusions  3/3  
  17. 17. Electoral  Trending   Is  it  realistic?   Yes.  We  have  a  beta  version  running  and  we  would  like  to  publish   soon.       Ensure  Scalability   This  project  could  be  hosted  in  a  cloud  platform.   In  the  future  this  tool  will  grow  up,  analyzing  more  and  more   tweets,  making  the  algorithms  more  accurate.  
  18. 18. Electoral  Trending   Why  this  project?     It’s  a  tool  to  better  understand  the  real  time  sentiment   of  our  society  related  to  politics  and  hot  topics.     For  La  Vanguardia  this  tool  could  also  be  used  for  other   subjects  like  sports,  arts  or  business  sections.  
  19. 19.   Thanks! :-) #editorsLab Natalia, Jordi & Jordi