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The Sun - Editors Lab Lagos

  2. 2. The Problems  Inability of the electoral body to deliver accurate results and ensure that the candidate that commands the right support of the people wins the election.  A candidate who does not have the support of the masses, carries the day and this cast doubts on the credibility of the process.  Under- age voting
  3. 3. Issues arising from problems  Electorates losing hope in the system which had literally place power on the hands of a few.  Credible voters sit at home on election day watching television or doing other things not related to election, believing that their votes won’t count.  Electoral violence occasioned by disagreements on released results
  4. 4. The norm  It belief that in any objective political arrangement, election through the ballot should be recognized as the only credible barometer to determine power equation.
  5. 5. The required change  With the spread of the internet and mobile phones, people are getting wiser and are now being sensitized on the need to protect their votes.  The best way to protect their vote is not through violence, but by just applying the use of their phones and alert the relevant authorities, particularly the general public, through Facebook postings, Youtube uploads, sms and other social networks.  Their posting that gets directly to ELECTION NIGERIA LIVE, assist in creating awareness and alerting the public on this like ballot box snatching and corrupt electoral officers
  6. 6. The website (Prototype)
  7. 7. Content  Content for the website will be generated by the people themselves; remember the website thrives on citizen journalism, making the people the reporters during the elections  Reports from the people, even though they are fed directly are sieve and ensure they do not violates the rules especially as it concerns election monitoring
  8. 8. Site features  The site is interactive  Allows users to post stories, pictures and videos directly  As the post come in, the high points will scroll by the side continuously  On the orange bar that ran across the site, the thumbnail of pictures posted at place  Videos are linked to Youtube for easy access  Comments section and links to Facebook, Twitter and other social network pages  Live video feeds from reporters on the field  National, regional electoral maps to analyze results as the results trickle in.  Tallies of vote results by candidate, state, region and party  Bio and miscellaneous information on candidates
  9. 9. Benefit to users and editors  Help the newsroom keep watch on situation in the field and present accurate report of events.  Assist election monitors know what has happened in other areas.  Help legitimate voters safeguard their votes and make sure it counts  Serves as whistle blower against corrupt electoral officers  Play the watchdog role against election “riggers” and politicians.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION  We believe that this system if applied will reduced electoral malpractices, safe guard voters ballot, ensure the right candidates (that are the choice of the people) and ultimately restore voters confidence in the entire process.
  11. 11. Thank you