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analysis of music video clip V pour Verites by Kery Arkana (French Artist)

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Keny arkana

  1. 1. Keny Arkana – V Pour Vérités Music video Analysis
  2. 2. The video starts with a news broadcast that engages the audience withoccurring events related to the lyrics of the song. This is probably thefirst time an artist decided to start their videos in this way, which ispretty clever nevertheless. The use of this scene is very effective as theaudience will not expect the following events (shown below) to happenon a well known and secure news broadcast.
  3. 3. A cross cut to an unexpected scene occurs which confuses theaudience but also leads them to think that something is about tohappen. The over the shoulder camera shot suggests a plot and thecomputer screens saying “system connected” reinforces that idea.The green screens with white writing is a stereotype of computerhackers and therefore suggest the hack of the news broadcast.
  4. 4. This scene shows the distortion of the news broadcast which is beingtaken over by an unknown group of individuals. This scene concludesthe previous build up of events which suggested the possibility of an actof hacking. This engages the audience even more as they are confusedon what is happening.
  5. 5. This is the first shot after the take over of the news broadcast. It is also thestart of the song and shows a group of people wearing hoodies and scarfswhich is a stereotypical representation of a gang, hoodies or chavs. Butthis stereotype is nonetheless challenged by the use of formality in theirlanguage, for example, the artist starts talking to the audience by saying“Ladies and gentleman, excuse us for this inconvenience”. The use of“Ladies and gentleman” is also similar to the way the news presenterstarted the live news which could imply a parallel sort of news broadcastby the group of individual.
  6. 6. This shot shows the confused news presenter askingwhat is happening as it seams to be a live broadcast. Atechnician from the set is trying to explain what isgoing on, although his facial expression suggests thathe is also confused. It appear that the news is back liveafter having regained the connection.
  7. 7. Preferred and oppositional readings are shownthroughout this clip. This scene shows the audiencewatching the broadcasted live news. They seem veryhappy and enthusiastic about the taking over of thenews broadcast, which implies that they agree withwhat the “terrorists” (what the group of individual isbeing called by the news presenter) are saying ortalking about. This audience seem to be in their mid20.
  8. 8. This shot shows the news broadcast losing the signal again.The effects previously used for the same purpose are usedagain. This scene shows that the group of individual will notgive up and will carry on giving their message to “thepeople” (the audience). The news presenter apologized tothe audience saying that they were encountering technicaldifficulties. Those words are immediately reused by thegroup of individuals in the next scene.
  9. 9. This scene is when this group of individual regainedconnection to the live broadcast and use the words said bythe news presenter in their favor. “they don’t want us to talkto you” is straight forward and the ‘you’ is the audienceshown in the video clip and the audience watching the videoclip. This suggests that they are determined to do whateverthey can to talk to the audience.
  10. 10. This music video contains footages of previousevents related to the topic of the song. They wereshown briefly between different scenes and theyseemed more like flashes as they were like quicktransitions.
  11. 11. As previously said, this video clip shows both preferred and oppositionalreadings. This scene shows an old couple peacefully watching the newswhen the broadcast was taken over by the so called “terrorists”. Thecouple’s reaction to what the group of individual was saying was rathernegative and it is clearly shown in their action; they were trying to changethe channel or even turn off the TV but couldn’t which showsdetermination from the artist to give their message to everyone watchingTV. This couple also follows the stereotypes of an old couple which are:very simple life style (shown by the simple house decorations), stuck intheir olden days and thinking they know everything and they are right.
  12. 12. This scene shows the news broadcast set. Thenews presenter and his guest seem to be lost onthe occurring events and seem to try to find outmore about what is currently going on. On theother hand, the camera man seem to have gainedinterest in what the “terrorists” are saying.
  13. 13. This scene shows the police officer back on live TV after havingregained connection. This shot is slightly taken at a low anglewhich shows he is still in power although not as much asexpected. He said that they were victims of a malicious hackingand that they were doing their best to regain full connection andtrack the “terrorists” down. This is perhaps to hide something orto prevent the group of individuals to reveal the truth about thegovernment (topic of the song), and to get the audience to jointhem and do something with the society against the government.
  14. 14. This scene takes right after the police officer’s brief little announcement.The artist starts back by saying “Hey, I haven’t finished.” which shows thatthey were cut off before they could finish what they had to say, which onlymeans that they really want to say what they have to say withoutinterruption. This makes the audience want to listen more and maybeagree with them as they might think why they would go through so muchtrouble if it wasn’t for something important? The artist is also lookingstraight at the camera which makes it look like they are looking in theaudience’s eyes and this has a bigger impact on what the audience mightthink.
  15. 15. This shot shows the computer screen showing“100%”. That means that the “terrorist” havegained full access to the connection and can nowgo on without being interrupted and/or trackeddown by the police and therefore finish what theyhave started.
  16. 16. Now that they have gained full connection and arecertain that they can not be tracked or located, theartists decides to show her face as she is not scared toshow who she is. Her facial expression shows angerand contempt, perhaps because of the truth revealedabout the government the audience so that they couldin turn feel and understand how bad it is.
  17. 17. This shot shows the whole group with their fists inthe air to show power and unity. This will incite theaudience to think in their favor and therefore dosomething positive about it all. The light shiningupon their faces makes them seem more powerfuland in control of the situation.
  18. 18. In this scene the technicians tells the news reporter tosay that everything that was said by the group ofindividual were lies. The news presenter also says thatthe group is extremely dangerous and that theyshouldn’t listen to them. And he ends by saying“everything you just heard is naturally strict lies” witha smile on his face suggesting fear and unsafeness.