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Itec 2014 - Session 1 (Blended Learning


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Our 1st session from ITEC 2014. Overviews different models for blended learning, as well as strategies to blend content, assessments, and collaboration.

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Itec 2014 - Session 1 (Blended Learning

  1. 1. BLENDED LEARNING In Your Classroom ITEC – Oct 13, 2014 Evan Abbey –
  2. 2. Prisoners of Time “Traditional schools make time the constant and learning the variable. This is exactly backwards of how it needs to be. New models of education should make learning the constant, and time the variable.”
  3. 3. What is Blended Learning?
  4. 4. Blended Learning: Spectrum of Definitions Face-To-Face Rotational Online Lab 2-Day Model Model Online Place to Access Files & Links Digital Dropbox Self-Guided Lessons Classroom Discussion Board Flex Model Flipped Classroom Model Fully Online Supplemental Model Replacement Model Emporium Model
  5. 5. Where to start?
  6. 6. In groups… which of the components of a classroom should be face-to-face, and which should be online? Quizzes Course Introduction/Expectations Project Presentations Announcements Teacher to Student Communication Student to Teacher Communication Multimedia Content Written Content Lab Work Student Discussions Collaborative Group Work Preparing for Tests, Homework Help Q & A Sessions Internet Research
  7. 7. Typical Starting Point Face-To-Face Online Quizzes Written Content Course Introduction/Expectations Project Presentations Announcements *Teacher to Student Communication *Student to Teacher Communication Multimedia Content Collaborative Group Work Student Discussions Lab Work Preparing for Tests, Homework Help Q & A Sessions Internet Research
  8. 8. A Blended Learning Platform
  9. 9.
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Statewide eCurriculum •Algebra 1 •English 1 •US History Modules •Physical Science •Chinese 1 & 2 •Spanish 1 & 2 •Paleobiology •Big History Project •Reading for College Success •Math- Preferential Voting •Global Citizenship •STEM: Up in Hot Air •Digital Citizenship (5th-6th grade) •Cyber Bullying Unit •Student Orientation to Online Learning Contributed eCurriculum •Publications •Honors English 11 •Contemporary Lit •Speech •Agronomy, Farm Marketing •Health & Life Management •Music 6, 7, 8 •Multi-media •Cycles-Matter •Chemistry
  12. 12. Blending Your Content
  13. 13. What is Flipping Your Classroom?
  14. 14. Blending Your Assessment
  15. 15. Rethink Assessment
  16. 16. How would you assess these online? • Oral speaking ability • Compare and contrast two different historical eras • Writing mechanics • Determining common characteristics of different elements of the periodic table • Graphing inequalities • Physical athletic agility & endurance • Vocal singing ability – Podcasts, Screencast demonstrations, Skype – Inspiration Web, Wiki, Interactive Webquest – Drafts via Google Docs, Select-response quizzes – Online simulations, Student writing, Online venn diagram, Videos of student conducted labs – Homework via Geogebra, SCRIBLINK – Polar Fitness Monitors, Proctored Exams, iPod+Nike, Online journal – Record in Audacity, Garageband, or live performance in Skype
  17. 17. Blending Your Collaboration
  18. 18. Professional Development
  19. 19. • Intro to the Online Learner • Technology for Online Instruction • Instructional Design • Facilitation • Assessment, Feedback & Evaluation • NEW! Teaching in a Blended Classroom
  20. 20. Program Director Evan Abbey – Instructional Designer Peggy Steinbronn Instructional Designer Denise Krefting • Provides free content & e-curriculum • Helps build your own infrastructure • Provides professional development (MOLLIE/OLLIE) • Helps with local vision