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I03 dantec audio_digitization_kol_israel


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The process of digitization of Kol Israel audio collection - DANTEC

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I03 dantec audio_digitization_kol_israel

  1. 1. KOL ISRAEL AUDIO DIGITIZATION Dantec Ltd Nov 2015 1
  2. 2. KOL ISRAEL AUDIO COLLECTION Digitization of the “Current events” 1 year long project Digitize an approximate amount of 40’000 reels Reels stored on shelves Each reel has a code that leads to its data (content) Not all data is actually typed. Some is typed on paper 2
  3. 3. CONTROL SYSTEM  Create an efficient control SW  Location  Status  Comments (Mostly technical – reel condition) Bar code (included the program original code and content) Relevant content only
  4. 4. THE MAIN CHALLENGES A lot of valuable very old material – most could not be directly digitized Content data and information is not fully ‘digitized’ Time frame
  5. 5. THE PROCESS 5 RH Gathered (700-1000 reels) Sent to Dantec Received @ Dantec Hydration process (24 hrs to a week) Digitization QA: Internal QA (verify content by listening) QA: Sent digital copy for quality assurance Sent to Rashut Hashidur and backup Stored and registered complete
  6. 6. THE PROCESS CONT. At least 3 batches present at Dantec  Hydration and readyniess for digitization  Actual digitization  QA (internal and external) 6 Received @ Dantec Hydration process Digitization QA Sent out
  7. 7. QUALITATIVE DATA  Created a DB that connected existing data of all relevant the broadcast items • Including broadcast date and broadcast content • Excel data from Rashut Hashidur • Scanned paper-typed content - OCR • Connected to the URNs produced at Harvards’ post loading to the Harvard Database Repository System  Created an orderly and full information when loading to Aleph 7
  8. 8.  Output formats.Reservation format (WAVE) converted to:  MP2 for Rashut hashidur (non standard – used a special convertor)  MP3 - copy at Harvard  Approx. 40K reels which represent approx. 30,000 broadcast hrs.  Project finished after 11 intensive months.  Is being loaded to the Harvard Information system these days. 8
  9. 9. KOL ISRAEL AUDIO DIGITIZATION ‫תודה‬ Thank you