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H4 yoram shamir_digitalization_captionspowerpoint


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2014 EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

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H4 yoram shamir_digitalization_captionspowerpoint

  1. 1. Holon + Captions for Power Point 1. This is from the homepage of the website “” Despite the fact that I’m known as “the son of the Shamir Brothers”, I’ll tell you that my father is on the right-hand side. 2. The new logo of the Central Zionist Archives – reflecting no Zionist values whatsoever 3. A Shamir poster for a public organization– The Histadrut General Federation of Labor 4. A Shamir poster for a private company –a manufacturers of Hadar juices 5. The Shenkar College of Engineering and Design 6. The Tireless Negotiator 7. Examples of Shamir advertisements : Don’t Despair – smoke Knesset 6 8. I selected some humoristic advertisements: End-of-the-Season Sale at O.B.G. 9. And another ad: Ce DE Chocolate 10. The topic of this session: The Israeli Cartoon Museum 11. Honore Daumier, Pygmalion 1824 12. Shlomo Cohen, Independence Day 2009. In place of an olive branch – a barbecue skewer 13. Ya’akov Horowitz, at the tractor garage of Kibbutz Beit Hashita 14. Widener Library at Harvard 15. Fridel Stern – self-portrait
  2. 2. 16. Zeev (Yaakov Farkash) – self-portrait 17. Cartoon of Joseph Ross protesting the “White Paper” of the British Regime in the Land of Israel, 1939 18. Shmulik Levenvirth of Dantec hauls the first carton of the Joseph Ross collection 19. From the upcoming exhibition of Joseph Ross “Confronting the British Lion – With a Pencil Alone” 20. A direct link to the Online Book Shop – A book on the topic of the Illegal Immigration