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H03 david haskiya_music_channel


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The Music Channel, Europeana Sounds, David Haskiya, Europeana Foundation

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H03 david haskiya_music_channel

  1. 1. The Europeana Music Collections Discover the music collections of Europe! David Haskiya | EVA/MINERVA, Jerusalem, 2015-11-09 Danse de trois faunes et trois bacchantes, Hieronymus Hopfer, Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon , Public Domain
  2. 2. Outline of my talk • An introduction to Europeana Collections • An explanation of what thematic collections are • A more in-depth presentation of the Europeana Music Collections • Target audience and personas • Content overview • Demo • Launch timeline and future developments • How to get involved Europeana Music Collections CC BY-SA
  3. 3. Personas Segmented by needs, behaviour and themes of interest Europeana Music Collections CC BY-SA
  4. 4. Europeana Collections • Updated design and branding • Improved media facets to find and download content that meet specific technical quality criteria (combinable with copyright) • Thematic collections capability added (Music being the first of them!) • Introduction of browse functionalities • Aim is to meld discovery, curated exhibitions, blog posts and, later, user contributions into one coherent user experience What is it? How does it differ from the current portal? Europeana Music Collections CC BY-SA
  5. 5. Thematic Collections • Subsets of high-quality thematic content matching a theme with their own curated landing pages that make them into “mini-portals” of their own • To make the Europeana platform into an active publication platform for our partners and to allow for more focused targeting of audiences • To begin with 4 - 6. If they work well between 12 -18 by 2020. • First 4 will be on the themes of 1. Music 2. Art History 3. Fashion and 4. Newspapers. What are they? Why are you creating them? How many will be created? Europeana Music Collections CC BY-SA
  6. 6. Europeana Music Collections CC BY-SA
  7. 7. Europeana Music Collections CC BY-SA
  8. 8. The Music Collections • Music recordings. Mostly classical music and folk music. • Sheet music (printed and manuscripts) and libretti • Images - prints, paintings, photographs, etc. - of musical instruments, composers, performers and performances • Books and other texts about the history of music, composers and performers (small amounts) • Newsreels and other moving image recordings (minimal amounts) • NOTE: Only records with direct media links will be featured in the thematic collections Europeana Music Collections CC BY-SA
  9. 9. Let’s do a live demo! (What could go wrong?) Link is National Library of France, Public Domain Agence de presse Mondial Photo-Presse, Tournoi royal de motos à Londres : changement d'une roue de side-car en marche
  10. 10. Launch timeline • August - public Alpha • Mid-December, Beta release • February 2016 - 1.0 release • Further releases throughout 2016 • A larger release every 3-4 months • Monthly smaller releases Milestones Sainte Cécile chantant les louanges de Dieu, Etienne Picart, Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon, Public Domain Europeana Music Collections CC BY-SA
  11. 11. Future developments • Improved CMS • Improved exhibitions • User annotations and collections • Improved search (entity & content based) • Browse by entities (people, subjects, places) • More HQ content needed! Europeana Music Collections CC BY-SA Mary Garden dans le rôle de Mélisande dans "Pelléas et Mélisande" de Claude Debussy / d'après un cliché Berger (1904), National Library of France, Public Domain
  12. 12. Get involved! • Share: provide (music related) data. Direct links to media a must! • Curate: Blog posts, Exhibitions, SoundCloud and other social media • Collaborate: Help manage and curate the music collections • Contact for the Music Collections: Richard Ranft, British Library (richard. ranft at, Europeana Music Collections CC BY-SA
  13. 13. 09 November 2015 The Music Lesson, Louis Moritz, 1808, Rijksmuseum , Public Domain
  14. 14. Joys and sorrows... • Joy: So much wonderful music! • Sorrow: But very much of it locked-in by copyright and we have no fair use laws to compensate. And we lack video recordings almost entirely. We also have too little sheet music. • Joy: Such variety of genres and resource types • Sorrow: But we have no massively multi-lingual vocabulary for them • Joy: Sound recording quality is high • Sorrow: But many are in formats unsuitable for both the web and preservation • Joy: There are huge crowdsourced resources like the Petrucci Library • Sorrow: But we have no policy on if we can harvest them. GLAM-sector wariness towards crowdsourced content an issue. Europeana Music Collections CC BY-SA