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C2 schenkolewski tractinski_interpares


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Assaf Tractinsky PhD, Project Knowledge Manager, State Archives Israel
Research issues in InterPARES Trust
InterPARES Trust (ITrust 2013-2018) is a multi-national, interdisciplinary research project exploring issues concerning digital records and data entrusted to the Internet.
Dr. Silvia Schenkolewski-Kroll, Department of Information Science Bar-Ilan University
Advances in the Israeli Research for InterPARES Trust over the last Year
Presenting the Google Analytics as tool as study for users behavior as parameter to archival appraisal of the different sections of the site.
2016 EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

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C2 schenkolewski tractinski_interpares

  1. 1. Research issues in the InterPARES Trust Project Silvia Schenkolewski-Kroll, PhD, Department of Information Science, Bar Ilan University Assaf Tractinsky PhD, Israel State Archives Eva/ Minerva Jerusalem, 9th November 2016
  2. 2. InterPARES Trust – 2013-2018 • Funding – Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Partnership Grant – University of British Columbia's Vice President Research, the Dean of Arts, and the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies Partners • Partners: 70+ universities and organizations, national and international, public and private and more than 300 researchers • From various continents: from North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Australasia and Asia Director: Prof. Luciana Duranti, British Columbia University, Canada
  3. 3. Research Domains, Cross Domains and Research Teams • Five Research Domains – Infrastructure, Security, Access, Legal, Control – Control: Focuses on the management of digital material in online environments. It addresses such issues as: authenticity, reliability, and accuracy of data; integrity of metadata; chain of custody; retention and disposition; transfer and acquisition; intellectual control and access controls. • Five Research Cross Domains – Resources, Terminology, Policy, Social/Societal Issues, Education • Research Teams – North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Australasia, Asia and Transnational
  4. 4. InterPARES Trust (2013-2018) Purpose: To create theories and methodologies in order to develop international and local policy, procedures, regulations, standards and laws, with the purpose of ensuring public confidence in the digital records found on the internet
  5. 5. The Work Environment of InterPARES TRUST • Storage and Accessibility in the Internet and Cloud Environments ‒ Creation and access to records by people and organizations ‒ Storing enormous amounts of data ‒ An environment that is not very secure • Questions ‒ Can the information be trusted? ‒ How and where is it stored? ‒ Who has legal control and authority over it? ‒ Who has access to it, and until when? ‒ How secure is the information? ‒ Is its privacy guaranteed?
  6. 6. Selected Research Topics • Trust Definition • Preservation as a Service for Trust (PaaST) • Open government, Open data, privacy, and government e-service • Cloud Computing Contracts Checklist
  7. 7. Definition of TRUST by InterPARES Trust: “Confidence of one party in another, based on alignment of value systems with respect to specific actions or benefits, and involving a relationship of voluntary vulnerability, dependence and reliance, based on risk assessment” Jenny Bunn/ Lluís-Esteve Casellas
  8. 8. Selected Topics of Research - Preservation as a Service for Trust (PaaST) - (NA12) • Proposal: – Preserving digital information assets using services provided over the Internet – To define requirements for Preservation as a Service satisfying archival objectives, passing from PaaS to PaaST • Entrusting digital data objects designated for long-term preservation to one or more cloud service providers, • Retrieving those objects - identical to those transferred to the provider • Knowing any differences between the submitted and the retrieved objects with sufficient accuracy and precision to be able to judge whether they are suitable for any intended use Kenneth Thibodeau
  9. 9. Selected Topics of Research - Preservation as a Service for Trust (PaaST) - (NA12) • Aims – Set of functional requirements for preservation in the cloud – PaaST, as a preservation standard, will be complementary to the Object Management Group (OMG) RMS specification. – OMG (1989) is an international, open membership, not-for- profit technology standards consortium. – Some OMG standards: Unified Modeling Language, Business Process Model and Notation, Common Object Request Broker Architecture, Knowledge Discovery Metamodel, Model Driven Architecture, Records Management Services Kenneth Thibodeau
  10. 10. Selected Topics of Research - The Role of the Records Manager in an Open Government Environment in the UK (EU03) • Proposal: – Examining the role of the records manager in an open government environment • Methods: – Interviews, surveys, literature reviews, case study at a County Council • Findings: – RM involvement in early stages of choosing: • Which data to publish, • Ensuring security of personal data • Well-established RM procedures and policies needed • Time and lack of resources are barriers Jessica Page, Andrew Flinn, Elizabeth Shepherd, UCL
  11. 11. Selected Topics of Research - Cloud Computing Contracts Checklist (NA14) • Proposal: – Effectiveness of cloud service contracts in addressing trust in records and the needs of records professionals • Methods • Literature review • Analysis of service contracts of 15 cloud service providers Jessica Bushey, Marie Demoulin, Elissa How, Robert McLelland
  12. 12. Selected Topics of Research - Cloud Computing Contracts Checklist (NA14) • Findings – A checklist (Canadian, US, and European jurisdictions) – Helping organizations to evaluate their existing contracts or negotiate new contracts – Areas for consideration: • Data ownership, availability, retrieval and use, data storage and preservation, retention and disposition, security, confidentiality, privacy, data location and cross- border data flows, and end of service or contract termination Jessica Bushey, Marie Demoulin, Elissa How, Robert McLelland
  13. 13. Summary ‫של‬ ‫יותר‬ ‫רחב‬ ‫מגוון‬ ‫מתוך‬ ‫מחקרים‬ ‫של‬ ‫דוגמאות‬ ‫מספר‬ ‫ראינו‬‫פרוייקט‬‫האינטרפארס‬.‫הנושאים‬ ‫מרכזיים‬ ‫הם‬ ‫הללו‬ ‫במחקרים‬ ‫הנדונים‬‫לפרוייקט‬‫המונח‬ ‫הבנת‬ ‫כגון‬Trust,‫אובייקטים‬ ‫שימור‬ ‫דיגטלים‬‫הזמין‬ ‫הממשל‬ ‫בסביבת‬ ‫רשומות‬ ‫וניהול‬. ‫של‬ ‫זה‬ ‫בשלב‬‫הפרוייקט‬,‫ביצוע‬ ‫של‬ ‫השנייה‬ ‫במחצית‬ ‫כעת‬ ‫הנמצא‬,‫שילוב‬ ‫היא‬ ‫הגדולה‬ ‫המשימה‬ ‫לאתגרים‬ ‫העונה‬ ‫כוללני‬ ‫מחקר‬ ‫לעיצוב‬ ‫השונות‬ ‫האזוריות‬ ‫בקבוצות‬ ‫הנרכש‬ ‫הידע‬‫שהאינטרפארס‬ ‫לעצמו‬ ‫הציב‬ ‫טרסט‬. We have seen several examples of research out of the variety of subjects addressed by the Interpares project. These examples are central subjects for the project, such as: understanding the concept of trust, preservation of digital objects and record management in an environment of open government We are now at the halfway stage in the project. The main challenge now is to integrate the knowledge acquired by the various local working groups, in order to shape the overall research findings to meet the aims of Interpares Trust
  14. 14. ‫רבה‬ ‫תודה‬