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A5 susan hazan_plenarypresentation


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2014 EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

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A5 susan hazan_plenarypresentation

  1. 1. Networking Sessions
  2. 2. Jerusalem First Station 1892 In the heart of Jerusalem, between the Old City and the city center, and between the historic neighborhoods of the German Colony and Yemin Moshe, lies the first train station of Jerusalem, built in 1892 and serving as the city’s main transport route until 1998, when it was closed altogether to train traffic, and left abandoned and neglected.
  3. 3. Jerusalem First Station 1892 Segway Tours: For details and reservations: 02-6480334 Segway tour Monday Nov 10, at 18:00. The guided tours include an hour and a half of enjoyment on the “triangle route”: The First Station and the Train Tracks, Yemin Moshe and Mishkenot Sha’ananim, and the Old City. The tour includes a tour guide, protective gear, insurance, hot or cold drink, and a place to store your personal items during the tour. Hybrid Bicycle Tours: For details and reservations: 02-6480334 All routes are circular – the bikes operate through a rental system with a user friendly navigation application which includes explanations about all of the attractions on you’ll pass on the ride. Choice of routes: 1. Old City, City Center, and Nachlaot 2. “Encircle Jerusalem” tour
  4. 4. Jerusalem First Station 1892 Where to Eat Meat and Eat. A quality Kosher meat restaurant serving modren cuisine focusing on creative combinations of meat and fresh breads Station 9 ia an Asian restaurant with an authentic modern kitchen. Adom is a veteran Jerusalem culinary institution and fusion restaurant specializing in sea food and fresh fish, Italian and French chef dishes and a rich, respectable wine selection. Kitchen Station offers a menu featuring specialty dishes from around the world with a focus on Mediterranean food. Fresh Kitchen is a chain of cafés based around a modern kitchen which fuses life style, health, and freshness. Landwer Café serves Italian-Mediterranean style food, updated seasonally throughout the year, and takes inspiration from the most classy, respected, contemporary restaurants around the world. Vaniglia prides itself on fresh, quality ingredients and top-notch service. re:bar offers a wide variety of filling and healthy drinks, shakes and yogurts.
  5. 5. Big Bambú | 5,000 Arms to Hold You - Doug + Mike Starn Art Garden in The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  6. 6. Big Bambú 5,000 Arms to Hold You - Doug + Mike Starn In the Art Garden in The Israel Museum Jerusalem Send us your selfies