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A4 dov winer_plenarypresentation


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2014 EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

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A4 dov winer_plenarypresentation

  1. 1. Opening Plenary Dov Winer Coordinator MINERVA Israel The 11th Jerusalem EVA/Minerva International Conference on Digitisation of Culture
  2. 2. Partners
  3. 3. Minerva Israel
  4. 4. Harvard Judaica 50
  5. 5. 50 Years of Harvard Judaica
  6. 6. Judaica Linked Data
  7. 7. Establishing a Jewish Knowledge Grid Joint project proposal:  Named Entity Recognition in the text of the articles in the journals of the Jewish Studies collection of JSTOR  Names of persons, organizations, locations, expressions of times, events  Linking the names to the entries in relevant vocabularies and Encyclopedias  Linking back the entries in the Encyclopedias and vocabularies to relevant articles in JSTOR Jewish Studies journals.
  8. 8. MISSING:  Yad Vashem Jewish Place Names  VIAF National Library of Israel  IMAGINE from the Israel Museum Jerusalem  Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World Online (BRILL)  Encyclopedia Judaica Online (GALE)
  9. 9. Judaica Europeana Vocabularies Who? What? When? Where?
  10. 10. Thank you!