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A04bis susan hazan_museum_israel


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Dr. Susan Hazan, Co-Chair EVA/Minerva 2015
Come and visit the Israel Museum Jerusalem

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A04bis susan hazan_museum_israel

  1. 1. Come visit The Israel Museum
  2. 2. Twilight over Berlin Masterworks from the Nationalgalerie, 1905–1945
  3. 3. Twilight over Berlin Masterworks from the Nationalgalerie, 1905–1945 The beginning of the 20th century saw an artistic flourishing in Germany embodied in the works of the great Expressionists, and later in that of the innovative artists of the Weimar Republic. The Nazi regime sought to put an end to this artistic activity – branding it “degenerate art” – and many of the artists had to flee Germany, creating an avant- garde exiled community whose influence also reached pre-State Israel. Marking 50 years of German-Israeli diplomatic relations, the exhibition displays masterpieces from the Nationalgalerie by Kirchner, Nolde, Schmidt-Rottluff, Dix, Kandinsky, Klee, and Beckmann, among others.
  4. 4. we the people New in Contemporary Art
  5. 5. we the people New in Contemporary Art A new exhibition of international art exploring the collective’s role in society, the empowering of the individual, and the aggregation of a communal “we.” Paintings, sculpture, photography, and video works touch on subjects such as immigration, religion, and nationality, allowing for historical reflection and critical discussion. The exhibition takes its name from one of its central works, We the People by Vietnamese artist Danh Vo, a 1:1 reproduction of the Statue of Liberty in 300 pieces ‫־‬ four of which are displayed here.
  6. 6. Dürer and Friends German Renaissance Prints Prints by Albrecht Dürer (Nuremberg, 1471–1528), ranging from early to mature works, are the focus of this exhibition. The artist’s brilliant originality, consummate technique, and intellectual scope made him one of the most influential artists of the German Renaissance.
  7. 7. Man Ray – Human Equations
  8. 8. Man Ray – Human Equations After fleeing Paris for Hollywood in the late 1940s, Man Ray created “Shakespearean Equations,” a series of paintings he considered to be the pinnacle of his creative oeuvre. These paintings were inspired by his own innovative photographs of three-dimensional mathematical objects, and they are displayed for the first time in Israel, together with the photographs and the original plaster, wood, papier-mache, and string models from the Institut Henri Poincare in Paris.
  9. 9. A Brief History of Humankind from the Collections of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  10. 10. An odyssey into the evolution of humankind, from prehistory to modern times. Inspired by Yuval Noah Harari’s bestselling book, the exhibition presents pivotal objects that illuminate the unfolding of civilization – from the first signs of the use of fire some 800,000 years ago and the first human-made tools, through the earliest evidence of the agricultural revolution, the invention of writing, and the earliest coins, up to Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity and the revolution it caused in our worldview. A Brief History of Humankind from the Collections of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  11. 11. Come visit The Israel Museum