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e-Valuation Financial Services Corporate Profile May 2011


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Founded in the year 2000, e-Valuation is the leading company valuation services firm.
e-Valuation, the leading company valuation firm that has revolutionized the procedures and systems employed for valuing businesses, using the Internet as the communication channel with its clients.

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e-Valuation Financial Services Corporate Profile May 2011

  1. 1. Strictly Private and Confidential CORPORATE PRESENTATION May 2011 New York Miami London Madrid 14 Wall Street, 20th Floor 1221 Brickell Avenue - Suite 900 One Canada Square, 29th Floor C/ José Ortega y Gasset 42, 5º New York City, New York 10005 Miami, Florida 33131 Canary Wharf, London E14 5DY 28006 Madrid United States of America United States of America United Kingdom España
  2. 2. Strictly Private and Confidential INDEX Page 1 Company Presentation 3 2 Main Services Offered by e-Valuation 4 3 Company Valuations 5 4 Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services 6 5 Economic-Financial Analysis 7 6 Business and Financial Consulting 8 7 Contact Details 9 Appendix E-Valution’s References 11
  3. 3. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 1. Company Presentation  e-Valuation is a financial consulting firm and specialized in advisory services for both the public and the private sector offering:  Company Valuations  Advice on Mergers and Acquisitions  Economic-Financial Analysis  Business and Financial Consulting  Since it was set up in November 2000, by a team of experts sourced from international investment banks, e-Valuation has rendered its services to a wide range of clients: from companies with a turnover of less than €1 million, to corporations invoicing over €500 million; from start-up companies to firms which have been in the market for over 80 years, in both the services and the manufacturing industries.  e-Valuation is staffed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in investment banking, who have been involved in corporate transactions (acquisitions, sales and mergers), from all sectors of the economy, for an aggregate value of over €2 billion.  Furthermore, e-Valuation’s operations are entirely independent from banks, investment funds and public organizations. This enables us to provide independent financial advice, uninfluenced by external interests.  e-Valuation holds an ISO 9001 Certification in Company Valuation Consultancy Services, Devising Valuation Multiples, and Corporate Finance, as well as the Chamber Trust - Seal, the trust mark granted by Madrid’s Chamber of Commerce. 3
  4. 4. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 2. Main Services Offered by e-Valuation  Among the financial advisory services offered by e-Valuation, the most relevant are the following: 1. Company Valuations  e-Valuation is a company valuation specialist which has valued more than 700 companies since 2000. 2. Merger’s and Acquisitions Advisory Services  e-Valuation provides value-added advice on strategic decisions towards mergers, acquisition and sale’s processes as well as on capital increases. e-Valuation focuses on Spain – based companies. 3. Economic-Financial Analysis  e-Valuation analyzes the evolution of a company’s financial statements for a particular period of time and then identifies problems, offering at the same time recommendations to solve them. 4. Business and Financial Consulting  e-Valuation develops on a regular basis, strategic and financial consulting projects for its clients 4
  5. 5. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 3. Company Valuations  A financial valuation is a service aimed at providing a quantitative value of a company. It is essential in very varied and diverse situations, such as the sale of a portion of the company to a third party, capital increases, the inheritance of a family business, the acquisition of other companies, a merger process, etc.  e-Valuation’s valuation reports are wrote in order for anyone, regardless of its profile, to understand the hypothesis used and how they affect the valuation result.  e-Valuation bases its valuations on the three most commonly accepted and extended methodologies in the investment banking sector which are used in a complementary way, more precisely:  Discounted Cash Flows  Comparable listed companies’ Valuation Multiples  Comparable Transaction ‘s Multiples  e-Valuation holds an ISO 9001 Certification in Corporate Finances Advisory Services and Companies’ Valuation Services 5
  6. 6. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 4. Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services  e-Valuation offers a personalized advisory service during a company’s entire sale or acquisition process, including, among others, the following activities:  Analysis of the company’s situation and its different alternatives (total or partial sale, acquisition of a minority or majority stake, etc.) in order to take the correct approach towards the entire process.  Creation of the company´s business plan, which involves building its financial projections for the following 5 years.  Preparation of the company’s sales materials, including a customized valuation of the latter.  Search, identification and contact with potential buyers or investors, depending on each particular case.  Business Plan, Sales Memorandum and Valuation Results’ Defense before third parties.  Advising clients during negotiations with other parties.  Coordination with other consultants involved in the process (lawyers, auditors, etc).  Closing the deal 6
  7. 7. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 5. Economic-Financial Analysis  An Economic - Financial Analysis is a common diagnostic tool employed to determine a companys soundness.  It is based on comparing different variables of a company’s profit and loss statement and balance sheet, in order to calculate liquidity ratios, its level of activity, productivity, financial balance, solvency and profitability.  Once those indicators are calculated, e-Valuation analyzes them and puts them into context, something which allows the identification of the problems that the company is facing.  After identifying and analyzing the company’s particular problems e-Valuation suggests different possibilities that the company could accomplish in order to improve its situation. 7
  8. 8. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 6. Business and Financial Consulting  As well as company valuation services, e-Valuation offers personalized consulting services on diverse financial issues. e-Valuation counts with a great expertise in this area given that it has developed projects for companies in practically all sectors since 2000.  e-Valuation offers the following specialized consulting services:  Business Consulting: e-Valuation collaborates with its clients in the creation of their business plans, aiming at encouraging the growth of the business, solving operative problems, adapting the staff to market situations and improving the costs-control efficiency.  Financial Consulting: The structure of the financial statements can significantly affect the operative activities of the company, its investments and its capacity to face adverse situations. e-Valuation helps its clients to adapt their financial strategy to the particular environment in which they work.  Viability Plans: A viability plan aims at analyzing the economic profitability expected for a particular project in the future, a working company, a new investment, or a business project.  Sectorial Studies: e-Valuation’s team is very experienced in competitors’ sectorial analysis and critical factors of success in the market. This way, we can help our clients can prepare to face their future challenges in the most effective way. 8
  9. 9. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 8. Contact Details e-Valuation Financial Services e-Valuation Financial Services C/ José Ortega y Gasset, 42 28006 Madrid - Spain Tel. +34 91 781 78 17 Fax. + 34 91 781 77 56 e-mail: New York Miami London Madrid 14 Wall Street, 20th Floor 1221 Brickell Avenue - Suite 900 One Canada Square, 29th Floor C/ José Ortega y Gasset 42, 5º New York City, New York 10005 Miami, Florida 33131 Canary Wharf, London E14 5DY 28006 Madrid United States of America United States of America United Kingdom España 9
  10. 10. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION Appendix e-Valuation References 2011 - 2010  Design, Manufacture and Distribution of wooden furniture  Logistics  Services to Companies and Private Clients  Health  Building Industry and Materials  Education and Professional Training  Food and Beverage  Engineering and Machinery  Food and Beverage  Services to Companies and Private Clients  Ecological and Recycling NOTE: For confidentiality reasons customers´ name is not mentioned. 10
  11. 11. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION Appendix e-Valuation References 2010  Installation and Maintenance of  Metallurgy and Manufacturing of  Health and House care refractory coverings Metal Products  Distribution of Building Machinery  Online Satisfaction Surveys  Building Industry  Online Marketing  Consulting and Consultancy  Software, Pharmaceutical Industry  Automobile Industry and  Leisure and Entertainment  Consulting, Intermediation and Components Financing of renewable energy  Teaching and Training  Graphic Arts and Content Production projects Academies and other Teaching  Telecommunications Engineering  Chemistry Centers specializing in the water sector  Pharmaceutical Industry  Green Energy specializing in generic drugs  Modular Building Industry  Electric Car  Building Industry and Materials  Food & Beverage  Food Ingredients  Mortgage Management  Automobile Industry and Components  Food & Beverage  Geriatric Centers  Commercialization of olive oil  Engineering and Machinery  Manufacturing of Irrigation Systems  Human Resources Outsourcing  Leisure and Entertainment  Textile , Clothing, Leather and Shoe  Occupational Risk Prevention  Metallurgy and Manufacturing of Industry  Video Club Chain Metal Products NOTE: For confidentiality reasons customers´ name is not mentioned. 11
  12. 12. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION Appendix e-Valuation References 2009  Customized luxury travel agency  Comprehensive debt recovery  Tax, legal, management and  IT  Fast-food and coffee-shops for the financial and services administration consulting  Health center  Photovoltaic solar power sectors services.  Tax and accounting consulting production (solar-powered fruit  Pre-school, primary and  Consulting services firm and vegetable farms) secondary school  Manufacturing and handling of  Veterinary laboratory  Retail vehicle distribution  Engineering projects air-filters  Distribution and sales of ceramic (dealers)  Manufacture and sale of paper  Cleaning and maintenance paving and tiling  Hotel and Catering industry for corrugated cardboard. services  Metal foundry and manufacturer  Design, manufacture, sales and  Home care services  Telecommunications services of street furniture installation of community  Consultants distributor  Insurance brokers seating and chairs  Procedures management and  Comprehensive project  Financial consulting firm  Interior design record processing development and management and infrastructure  Civil engineering and  Kindergarten and day care  Property development and construction company center construction development.  Distribution and sales of door  Road freight transport  IT hardware and infrastructure  Corporate and municipal  Manufacturer of automation consulting and technical automation equipment  Corporate finance and systems management consulting assistance  Content production  Domestic and international  American elementary and high  Drinking establishments  Design, manufacture and fuel school supply for industrial sites transport services company  Design, manufacture and fuel specializing in full logistics.  Television content production supply for industrial sites  Cleaning and maintenance services  Tax, legal, management and  Quality control, trials, testing administration consulting and analysis of materials used  Building-related services and infrastructure maintenance services for all kinds of constructions  Building and contracting  Software and IT services  Distributor of company telecommunications services  Transformation of agricultural raw materials  Drinking establishments  Interior design  Entertainment content  Primary transformation and  Temporary employment and production of other metals recruitment companies production  Content distribution  Various types of machinery for  Wholesale distribution of raw construction and contracting materials  Construction, repairs and conservation of buildings.  Consulting  Consultants NOTE: For confidentiality reasons customers´ name is not mentioned. 12
  13. 13. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION Appendix e-Valuation References 2008  General financial consulting  Cultural Centers  Social network in the service provider  Sale and manufacturing of audiovisual industry  Service stations household textiles  New advertising channel  Sale of marble and granite  Gaming company based on virtual mobile  Sale and transformation of  Publishers of sports and leisure operator and client calibrated mechanical goods magazines classification  Sale of technology applications  Manufacturing of ergonometric  Water treatment specialist and services information terminals  Cultural Center  Office interiors  School of music  Thermal installations  Manufacturing and assembly of  Development of financial  Labor, tax consultants, etc. railway elements models for renewable energy  ERP solutions for SMEs.  Suppliers of formwork and firms  Promotional material logistics scaffolding  Sports activities and services  Insurance company  Forestry plantations in South  Manufacturers of security specializing in motorcycles America. software for Linux environments  Web portal of financial  Manufacturer of homeopathic  Road freight transport information remedies  Waste recycling plants  Powerline internet  Vehicle sales  Preparation of biosensors for  Unmanned crane rentals for  Sale of IT equipment and human and environmental the construction industry hardware health  Airplane repairs and  Creation of online advertising maintenance NOTE: For confidentiality reasons customers´ name is not mentioned. 13
  14. 14. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION Appendix e-Valuation References 2007  Company providing consulting  Small boutique hotel in eco-  Company devoted to services, technical assistance and tourism region implementing photovoltaic IT auditing, as well as computer  Manufacturing and distribution of solar-power systems and electronic information cheeses with official designation  Consultants specializing in processing of origin providing corporations with  Manufacturing and sales of light  Holiday car rentals, without financial, management and childcare products driver business development support  Wholesale personal protection  Manufacturing of large metal services equipment and other tanks for cargo transport  Vehicle dealer in the Madrid occupational safety products  Firm organizing horse riding trips Region  Real estate development and  Basic pet care services  Specialist environmental building company consultants  Design, development and  Wholesale industrial chemical operation of ICT e-business  Firm that provides corporations products systems linking companies and with financial, management and  Real estate developer on the east logistics information services. business development support coast of Spain services  Manufacturer of DVD and VHS  Mineral water distribution vending machines  Specialized training courses for company various public authorities and  Production of wine made from  Car rental company, without institutions tropical fruit driver  Firm specializing in identifying  Household staff employment  Web multi-space for theme new values for olives and olive agency horizontal portals oil.  Nationwide real estate developer  Nationwide real estate developer NOTE: For confidentiality reasons customers´ name is not mentioned. 14
  15. 15. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION Appendix e-Valuation References 2007  Recycling of plant waste to  Sale of computer products  Comprehensive health service for produce wood fiber  Livestock abattoir and primary the elderly  Vehicle dealer butchers  Manufacturer of tanks for the  Event planners and organizers  Manufacture of plastic polymer distribution of diesel fuel  Sale and distribution of steel trays for bakeries  Environmental inspections piping  Manufacturing and distribution of  Analysis of food products  Aluminum profile extraction energy drinks  Rental of electrical generators  Sale and repair of IT equipment  Professional services for the and air conditioning units and hardware design, construction, set-up,  Manufacturing and distribution of  Truck and heavy machinery operation and management of corrugated cardboard dealer spas  Manufacturing of ergonometric  Cafeteria service for senior  Manufacturing and sale of information terminals citizens children’s clothing  Network of learning academies  Management software for billing  Repair, maintenance and sale of  Service provider spare parts for gas heaters and control  Data protection consultants central heating boilers  Commercial services, web page  Distribution of measurement and design, advertising campaigns  Software manufacturer precision optical items  Engineering services for on-site  Events organizer and hostess  Sale of databases quality control, geotechnical and agency  e-learning services building pathology studies.  Marketing consulting  Textile promotions  Road freight transport  Advertising agency  Service stations  Tax and accounting consultants  Comprehensive debt recovery  Hospital services  Tax and accounting consultants  Manufacturer of metal products  On-line service provider  Manufacturer of dental prostheses  Engineering consulting  Insurance brokers NOTE: For confidentiality reasons customers´ name is not mentioned. 15
  16. 16. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION Appendix e-Valuation References 2006  Nationwide chain of catering  Development of IT solutions for  Printing and binding company  Provider of corporate and private businesses logistics fleets and, in  Company operating in the services  Group of car dealers of several particular, taxi-fleet metal alloy industry  Sale of IT material and makes in Andalusia. management.  Distribution of industrial development of customized  Implementation of IT  Provider of engineering supplies software infrastructures and solutions consulting services related to  Manufacturer of  Publishers of free publications  Manufacturing and distribution of the solar energy sector prefabricated houses with local advertising wood and aluminum-and-wood  Installation and supply of  Winery that produces and  Nationwide chain of opticians windows passive fire protection safety sells a wide range of wines  Coal mining  Supplier of TV extras and systems  Builders of housing in Latin  Comprehensive corporate audiences  Manufacturing and sale of American countries consultants  Film, advertising and television asphalt mix and major works for the public and private sector  Company that implements IT  Distribution of electrical production and post-production network, materials to installers  Manufacturing and maintenance  Real estate agency network telecommunications, cable  Clinic specializing in cosmetic, of lifts for specific construction  Mortgage brokers and other and fiber optics plastic and reconstructive niche. financial services infrastructures surgery  Preparation of financial reports  Retail sale of furniture and  Company managing a hotel  Technology firm specializing in for administrative concession of household items with multi-adventure the development of management sports facilities in the Madrid  Manufacturing of modular activities in the Castilla IT platforms districts of Salamanca, Villaverde, panels for the construction region  Firm specializing in a range of Moratalaz, Vicálvaro, Carabanchel industry  Corporate cleaning services services for the real estate and Chamberí  Management of own-brand  Market research for a industry  Distribution of medical equipment business centers wellbeing clinic  Distribution of top-end sanitation and supplies for biotechnology  Production of medium- to high-  products to mass merchants research laboratories end wines with official  Tax, labor and accounting  Promoter of a horizontal web  Manufacturer and distributor of designation of origin consultants portal offering personal online cardboard for packaging  Nationwide insurance brokers services  Creating complete solutions  Manufacturer of homeopathic  Rural holiday homes in the in the Telecommunications remedies Castilla-León region, market  Translation, localization and specializing in gastronomy  Manufacturing of wooden layout of technical documents,  Consultancy specializing in moldings software and websites. corporate data protection  Nationwide chain of three optical  Sale of industrial software stores  Electric lighting maintenance NOTE: For confidentiality reasons customers´ name is not mentioned. 16
  17. 17. Strictly Private and Confidential MAY 2011 CORPORATE PRESENTATION Appendix e-Valuation References 2003 - 2005  Promotional Marketing  Audio and Video  Entertainment company  Mortgage broker  TV and Internet content  Telesales  Medical center  Building Materials  Construction machinery rental  Opticians  Training centers  Therapeutic bandages  Technology consultants  Real Estate  Manufacturing of aluminum  Household and electro-  Geriatric services  Car dealer  Electrical installations and pneumatic appliances  Telecommunications  Automotive Industry retail  Engineering and quality  Distribution  Fuel distribution  Media and Consulting consultants  Fresh concrete  Printing machinery  Wireless  Construction works topography  Oil  Furniture  Financing company  Publishers of collectibles  Distribution  Production, promotion and  Machinery and electrical  Industrial vehicles  School furniture distribution of musical records materials  Gas station  Various machinery  Technology consultants  Stationery products  Silicones Silam  Distribution of meat products  Outsourcing for banks  Lifestyle Manager  Plastic materials and products (Hermanos Manjón, S.C.P.)  Farming machinery  Management of centers for  CRM: The Bit Bang Network  the elderly  Cosmetics Toys  Real estate developer  Management Software  Electronic sound components  Shoe manufacturers  Car dealer  Event organizers  Web portal  Import of Electronics  Pharmaceutical company  Telecommunications  Electrical engines  Consultancy: Make a Team  Transport of perishable goods  Children’s clothing  Temporary employment  Hotel  Sale and rental of machinery  Online travel agency  Language school  Manufacturer of electrical  Real estate panels  Concrete and mortar  Celebrations  Sale and rental of construction  Web solutions machinery  Restaurant  Software  Moving company  Accountants  Financial consultants  Dairy industry - Monteverde,  Furniture  Business asset reports  Concrete S.A.   Logistics MDL  Technology consultants:  Accessories and spare parts IT   Restaurant Knowgate  Multimedia Education Theme park   Opticians  Textiles: Anade  Renewable Energy Schools   Engineering and quality  Technology: Idecnet, S.L.  Reinforced concrete Temporary employment consultants   IT applications  Boilermakers and metallurgy Construction machinery  Opticians   Laboratory  Restaurant DNA conservation center  Engineering and quality  Risk capital consultants NOTE: For confidentiality reasons customers´ name is not mentioned. 17